. .The Red Mage. .

The Red Mage

Character Names: Uskie, the Red Mage

Good or Evil: Good

Age / Birthday: 18

Physical Appearance: He is about 5'11" and is dressed in loose crimson red robes that cover all of his body. His face is hidden behind a full mask and he wears crimson gloves.

Personality: He doesn't talk much but when he does not many people understand him. He has trouble expressing his true feelings and the chaos inside of himself is raging.

History: He is from long ago. No one truly knows his age. He was the one who created the Ginzuishou in the first place: he gifted it to Queen Theia Caerleon's family as a gift. He had foreseen in the future that her family would have great use for an item such as this. But even her family barely knew much about him. He had been before Theia's grandparents. No one knows for sure his true identity, but the Caerleon royal family knows that he is a friend and will help them when he is around.

Strengths: Magic, History (he lived through it)

Weaknesses: Showing his feelings

Hobbies: Creating things of magic, reading, helping the innocent

Favorite Color: Red

Likes / Dislikes: The Caerleon royal family, his art, objects of beauty / Evil forces, those who corrupt and pervert magic

Weapon (if one): Wizard's Key (red battle staff)

Attacks: He uses different types of magic to attack and also to defend himself and others.

Fuku (outfit description): Red robes with a full face mask and a red, wide brimmed hat (wizard style).