. .Ryoko Jikuu. .

Ryoko Jikuu

Character Name(s): Ryoko Jikuu (ryoh koh jih ku)

Good or Evil: Good, but...

Age / Birthday: 15 / June 1

Physical Appearance: Pretty. 5"4' Ryoko wears her hair in two braided buns at the base of her neck. Resemble ram's horns. Identical to her twin sister Keiko.

Personality: Keiko and Ryoko are extremely unpredictable, unreliable, and just plain moody. They have a long record of showing up at akward times (or, in some rather rare cases, when her presence is actually required). This unpredictability in their personalities, however, is balanced out by her predictably strong powers (at least when doubled up with her sister's). They will fight for what they think is right, which may not neccesarily agree with that of the 'good guys'. On the other hand, it is highly unlikely that they'll fight for the 'bad-guys' either. Ryoko, when compared to her sister, is more level-headed and tends to think things out more before making rash decisions. As well, she's slightly more quiet.

History: Ryoko and Keiko were both born in Caerleon, in a village by the Sea of Serenity. At the ages of 10, it was found out that they possesed very strong powers. And so, despite their lack of experience, it was decided that they should take over the role of time guardians. But by the age of 15, however, after doing such a horrible job guarding the Gates (they hardly had the patience to stand around guarding, even if it was their job), they were sent back to Caerleon, leaving the time gates for good. After that, they moved back to Caerleon, and simply traveled the countryside. They engaged the Order in combat on several occasions, but never made any true commitments to the Light. This was not overlooked by the enemy however: she and her sister were slain by Krisatos, Lord of Flies, during his year-annual holiday, the Night of Long Knives.

Strengths: Very good fighter, random

Weaknesses: Separation from sister, needs a reason to fight

Hobbies: None

Favorite Color: None

Practical jokes, arguing with sister/
Tranquility; people w/extreme personalities (super good/ super evil)

Weapon (if one): None

All of their attacks are random ones, and are not elemental based. So, when attacking, they're never quite sure what their attack is going to be. =)

Single Attacks: Entropy Wing, Destiny Topic

Double Attacks (much stronger than single): Gemini Star, Ultimate End