. .Princess Uzume. .

Princess Uzume

Character Name(s): Princess Uzume, "Ama"

Good or Evil: Good

Age / Birthday: 21 / August 1

Physical Appearance: Tall; long black hair falling around her shoulders in waves; brilliant red eyes.

Personality: She seems to be sophisticated, resereved, but she is actually a brilliant combat commander and a very spirited leader.

History: Uzume is a runaway Princess of the Earth, currently living on the Moon. When she was little, she was always being called "Princess" or "My Lady," and she grew tired of it. She didn't want to be a Princess, while her true dream was to become a Knight. When she ran away from home, she masqueraded as a boy and went under harsh training. She eventually became a Knight, but her true identity was quickly compromised. Then she left for the Moon, and is continuing to live there in secret. She is the ancestor of Prince Endymion.

Strengths: Fighting, leadership, knows some magic, hard to outwit

Weaknesses: having her true identity revealed could crush her

Hobbies: fencing, reading, studing simple magic spells, politics, martial arts, becoming a stronger fighter, gardening, bird-watching

Favorite Color: forest green

Likes/Dislikes: Friends, nature / enemies, pig-headed men

Weapon (if one): Ki (sword with the Gold Crystal on the handle)


Earthly Forces
Creates a mini-hurricane that vaporizes a weak demonic enemy, more or less youma.

Golden Rose!
Gold energy shoots through the sword, vaporizes a stronger demonic enemy.

She also uses the sword in physical combat

Forest green dress; in combat she wears a white body suit, and a green skirt, with leather boots.