Meet our Family

Welcome to our home page. Let me introduce you, we are Jim and Katrina, please meet our children, JB, Jessica and Joshua.

The thing that make our family a success is that our lives are centered around Jesus. We try to live our separate and collective lives in a way that glorifies Him. Some of the ways that we home school, our chosen 4-H clubs Puppy Love & Friends and Home Grown Kids. With Puppy Love & Friends we do pet therapy, taking our pets, our rabbit and guinea pigs with us to visit elderly folks in nursing homes. It's wonderful to see the joy that these people get from holding or petting or just seeing the animals, and how that joy is compounded because children are bringing the animals. Of course we also go to our church to be fed and empowered every Sunday.

Some of the things that interest us and/or make life "interesting" are dealing with ADD/ADHD. We have a Christian support group that has been extremely helpful. We also enjoy doing crafts and gardening and various other things.

Some things we'd like to learn more about are living a more Godly life, living within our means and making those means go as far as possible. And of course more about home schooling!

This site is under continual construction. Please check back to see how we grow.

Love in Him,

Jim, Katrina, JB, Jessica and Joshua

We are so proud and excited to announce we have won Award Nets "Most Prestigious Award" An award given to sites that uphold families. Thank you for this award!

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