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Name: Mrs. Kaye Morris
My name is Kaye Morris and here is my story.
I was born in a hospital in Dalllas and given up for adoption at birth. The Lord graciously gave me two very loving and devoted parents to raise me in an upper middle class christian household. I have led a very wonderful live. In high school I had a best friend Jennifer, who we have been life long friends. Through her I met one of her four brother's John who was enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. We met my sophomore year in high school. We were instantly attracted to each other and we called and wrote letters for 3 years before I saw him again.I went on to college at University of North Texas in Denton, where I thought I would be an art major. I found I had more business sence and went general studies. Not really knowing a direction other than I was maddly in love with a coastie, I quit college after a year and half and moved to Florida. John and I married in Panama City, FL in April of 1990. His grandparents, John and Helen Klingensmith were our witnesses and best couple at our courthouse wedding.

We were stationed all along the Gulf of Mexico the next 14 yrs. John P. Morris was an engineer or Machinery Tech.for the CG. He later became a Marine Safety Inspector. John's tour of duties included: USCGC Boutwell in Seatle, WA. '83-'86 (before our marriage), Station Panama City, FL.'87-'91(maintained 41s and did drug and law enforcement), Station Port Isabelle, TX. '91-'92, Station Grand Isle, LA.'92-'94, USCGC Key Biscayne in Corpus Christi '94-'97, MSO Tampa, FL (1997- 2000) and MSO Corpus Christ, TX.(2000-2004). John retired from the Coast Guard, September 2004 with 21 yrs of service as a Chief Petty Officer. In May of 1993 we gave birth to our darling daughter, Jaclyn. In November 1995 we gave birth to our precious son, Patrick. After John's retirement we moved to East Texas where my parent's resided. We rented a house around the corner from them for a year. I got my dream job as a high school secretary. John found a great job with Air Rover, Inc. but they had lay offs two weeks after he started. He was blessed to find a maintenance position at ALL SAINT's school in Tyler where he worked for a year. A job offer with the Andrew's Center of Tyler came in and offered a company truck, better benefits and higher pay. John left All Saint's and went to work for the Andrew's Center in August of 2005. In April of 2005 we stumbled upon a dream home and property within our budget and bought our first home. It is a brick three bedroom, two bath with large windows and deck that over looks 3 acres of East Texas Woodland. It also came with a garage apartment that we have set up for visitors and turned the garage into a laundry room and work room. We look forward to the next several years of remodeling all the rooms upstairs and decorating it in our own styles. We live out on that back deck.

This April 2009 John and I will have been married 19 yrs. Our kids are ages 15 and 12. We are very happy and there is life after the Coast Guard but we do miss the comradary of the military. We are deeply involved in Girl and Boy Scouting, Key Club, Kiwanis, the schools and our church. I must say it has been an adventure and a wonderful life. We hope to keep it exciting. I am glad I can share my story with you. (updated 07/28/08)