My Friends

Shayla: She is also very hyper and funny she is very active and fun to be with!!! 

Cassy: She is also very hyper  active and fun to be around!!!!

Britney: She is funny and sometimes shy and she is very active.!!!!

Ella: She is very hyper, she is active, she is from England, and she knows how to make you laugh and she is funny!!!

Kara: Well she is always hyper and she knows how to make everyone laugh!!!

Brooke: She moved to Texas she is hyper and funny!!!

Mairs: She is fun to be around and she is from Newfoundland!!!



I have blue eyes and red hair. I play softball, volleyball and basketball. My favourite sport is softball. I am very active most of the time but I can be lazy sometimes. I am about 5 foot 3 inches. My nicknames are Red and Kay. I go to Pilot Butte school our Logo is a bear or a bear paw. My favourite wild animal is a tiger. I have a dog her name is Kola and she is a border coli/ black lab/ blue heeler. One of my favourite movies is the ring.

The Grudge is awesome.. My Favourite food is pizza Cesar salad and strawberries. My favourite band/ singer is McFly, Busted, Billy Talent, and Green Day. 

And sponge bob is the best. My birthday is April 25th. I am 12 just about 13.