All about me

My name is Kayli Semere and I am 13 years old. My birthday is on June  Ninth 1991. My favorite colors are black, pink, and purple. I love to play sports, sports I play are: Ringette, soft ball, volleyball, basket ball, and I would like to play football next year and I an doing wrestling in High schol. I have an older brother named Taylor, and a younger brother named Jordi. I am currently in grade eight and hope to graduate and continue grade nine at greenal high school. I love my friends and family. I don't have the most friends in the world, but I would rather have fewer good friends than tons of crappy friends. Shandell, Sam , Kim, Carlie, Brittney, Tessa, Tiana, Alana H, Alana , Alana,  Aliena, Tasha, and and Lizzy. I love my friends with all my heart and would be lost withouolt them.

My favorite quote is... well I have a few favorite quotes but I will only put down my favorite one: Bige!!! Bige is a made up word that Brittney and I made up, Bige can mean anything in the world.

All about this site.

This site is all about my school work in: La, and computers. This site also has hyper links and all about me. This was mostly meant for school work.