My papers in Conservation and Theoretical Ecology - Kay Neich

My papers in Conservation
Theoretical Ecology

(still in progress)

~ Was it only ever a bunch of platitudes?


Go to a Message for Potential Employers in the Future - originally written to put my mind at rest whilst still studying



Regressive : Skip to a simpler approach as to underlying reasons why "independence" began to leave me cold and my much-loved studies came to an absurd stand still

Just visit "integral" for softer stuff now more solidly reinstated

Or divert to more pretext - Out from being swamped with crip dogma involving sexuality, cultural idealism involving theism, and then back to a territory I understand. It's written for my own satisfaction, and probably never is endured by others long enough to reach the more reasoned end [alternatively, the notes provide excerpts]

All the same material can be visited via either of these two categorically selected indices given below -

Embedded with "Postsecularism" : An alternative route into regaining rationality

Inordinate Words : What I've been trying to say...

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