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This is Tanya and Joan, and myself

Hello, my name is Allan better known as "CACTUS " and I have a beautiful wife named Joan. We have 2 sons, a daughter, My sons names are Allan Jr. and Shannon, and my beautiful daughter's name is Tanya. (she looks like her mother) **smiling**...... I'm in the paint contracting business and my wife is a dental assistant. Allan Jr. runs my business and my other son, Shannon, works for the county and drives our sprint car. My daughter, Tanya, is a senior at the University of Texas. We live about 40 miles outside of Houston, Texas in a very small town. My hobbies are ham radio (my call sign is KB5NHY), any kind of racing, **grin**, surfing the internet, a little golf and some fishing when we get the chance. We have raced boats for 12 years, a few drag cars, and now we are into Cowboy Action Shooting, and having a blast !! **smiling** Ok, that is enough about me and my family, just come on in and kick your boots off and hope you enjoy some of

my links..73's

This is our Home in Waller Texas...

This Music is dedicated in Memory of " KA5VKB " Mr. Jimmy Holmes !!

Here are some pictures of some of my toys that I thought you might enjoy!


Here is my ole Yellow Freightliner , That i haul oil field eqpt. She is like me, had many miles put on her ..smiling

"Click Here to see My Ham Shack and Audio Rack.."

"Click Here to see Cowboy Action Shooting"

"Click Here to see Brazos Valley Desperadoes Cowboy Action Shooting"

"Click Here to see My Karaoke Jukebox Recording Trailer"

Here is some Fine Rides..

Mini Outlaw Sprint Car

Yes, I did boat race too!

I just loved my ole' Harley!

"Click Here to see a Close Friend of mine"

"Click Here to see pictures of a few ham friends of mine"

Here are some of my favorite links on the web!

Nascar Online

Auto Trader

Amateur Radio Classifieds

Shooters (Guns)

Gun Classifieds

A Few of my friends Homepages

<Billy Andrews KJ5LQ Home Page

Click Here to see " Guitars And Cadillacs"

" Don't criticize what you don't understand son,

cause you never walked in that mans shoes "

"yall come on back real soon!",,,Thanks for stoppin by!..73's...

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