Enter: Kurt Cobain

~Enter: Kurt Cobain~

Thanks to D'armo-Kan for this collage

Hey Everybody, Whats Up?

I haven't worked on this site for about 7 months now. I started it in the summer of 2001 and its almost the summer of 2002 now. This doesn't mean that my appreciation for Nirvana's music has faultered. No, all it means is that I became to lazy to maintain this site.

I do have some good news about this site. I am planning on remodeling it using Dreamweaver 6.0, and tossing out all the old and buggy code. For some of you people who have seen it, it wasn't in great shape. Some people reported problems of the chat room not working and text being covered with the black background, etc. I believe some of the content was also unoriginal. Some of it is good and informative and original, but alot of it was useless.

I promise that I wil do my best to keep the good old content, but bring in some new and fresh material. Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Send them to: Kcobainshrine@yahoo.com.

I would also like to thank the 3,000+ visitors who came to this site, google for listing me, and all of you who chose to e-mail me or send me an IM. If you would like to see the "old" site, click here.

Jon Vick