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Akhwan property dealer Kalam, Swat

your ultimate business guide in Kalam valley

Abdul Ali, Main bazaar, Kalam, Swat, NWFP, Pakistan
Phone: +92-946-830488 and +92-946-830277
E-mail: kalam_488@yahoo.com

  • Sale and purchase of property. We deal in different kinds of properties e.g. hotels, shops, houses and land. We would provide our investors with highly profitable deals. Our aim is to serve our investors anywhere. Hotels, houses, and commercial and residential land available for sale. It is not a difficult job to have your own home in Kalam. You can get your own home in “Switzerland of the East”, Kalam at reasonable price. Enjoy holidays in villas here. We will welcome the investors in field of hotelling as it is now growing an enormous profitable industry of Pakistan.

  • We also provide land measurement facility.

  • Property transferring service: your newly purchased estate will be transferred on your name on the spot.

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