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North Pakistan Articles

The list of articles

  • Hindko language website lauched
  • International Mother Tongue Day Celebrated
  • Frontier Language Institute's website launched
  • Wild plants of Kalam valley, Swat
  • Tone and Song in Kalam Kohistani (Gawri)
  • The Badeshi People in Bishigram & Tirat valley, Swat
  • A first look at Kundal Shahi language, Azad Kashmir
  • Gawri dialect survey in Dir Kohistan
  • Ushoji language survey, Bishigram valley
  • Gawri (Kohistani) language of Kalam & Dir Kohistan
  • Indus Kohistan, facts file
  • Tonal features in the languages of northern Pakistan
  • Linguistic diversity in Pakistan and its preservation.
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