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Indus Kohistani

220,000 (1993). Indus Kohistan District on the western bank of the Indus River. Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Northwestern zone, Dardic, Kohistani. Dialects: INDUS (MANI, SEO, PATTAN, JIJAL), DUBER-KANDIA (MANZARI, KHILI). A separate language from nearby varieties (Bateri, Chilisso, Gowro, Shina, Torwali, Kalami). Lexical similarity among dialects is 90%. The names ‘Mani’ and ‘Manzari’ are not used by speakers for the dialects, but refer to legendary brothers whose descendants settled in the two dialect areas. 70% lexical similarity with Chilisso, 61% with Gowro, 58% with Bateri, 49% with Shina, 28% with Kalami and Torwali.

Source: www.ethnologue.com

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