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Trekking, Hiking, mountinearing and camping in North Pakistan

Trekking, Hiking, mountaineering and camping in North Pakistan


Northern areas of Pakistan are famous for their beautiful mountains, glaciers, valleys, and blue lakes and pastures. Our experience guides can bring you to these unbelievable and unforgettable places in any season. They are very friendly and having a vast experience of dealing with foreigners and local groups and individuals. Some of them have the experience of 20 to 40 years in this field.


We have some of our program if anyone want they can contact us. For the time being I am giving the tour programs for Kalam valley and vicinity.


1.     Kalam to Chitral- through Mahodand valley, one can reach to Shandur and or to Laspur  via Andarap Lake.

2.     Kalam to Thal- through Utrore can reach to Thal in one day and the go through Kumrat valley to Chitral.

3.     Kalam to Kandia valley (Indus Kohistan)- through three valleys of Kalam. First from Shahoo valley, then from Chorat valley and third from Paloga valley.

4.     One can visit the hundreds of summer pastures and lakes in Kalam Tehsil with our guides.


Our full list of destination in Kalam valley you can see in this following page Destinations of Kalam

For more details contact us. mailto: kcs_kalam@yahoo.com