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  Last Updated: Dec. 28th, 2006

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What's new to this site:

  New York City picture gallery completed

Added a few of the pictures from my recent excursion to Florida

I have a short list of recordings that I have added to this site and they can be accessed here.  They are part of a "basement recordings" project that my band mate and I are putting together.  We play a bunch of cover tunes and we have one original that we're working on as well.  Click on the link above and select the file you want to listen to from the folder provided.  Enjoy!

Iron Maiden Concert is on for Monday October 16, 2006 (the Monday after Thanksgiving).  The tickets are on the refrigerator and our engines are revved for that experience.

Good luck to my friends in Florida whom are getting their first experience at living through a hurricane season there.  Yeah, I'm envious that the weather is always warm and pleasurable there, but at least we don't get hurricanes here in Ontario.  I know they'll be laughing at us when the snow starts to fall here.


New York City     Florida

Random Picture(s):

Another favourite from the 2005 Toronto International Auto Show


This is the Christmas Tree at the TD Centre (Bay St. & King St.) in downtown Toronto.  I snapped this shot prior to a Toronto Raptors game in December 2005.  Incidentally, it's the tree used in the Telus commercial.