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Real Name Keanu Charles Reeves
Date of Birth September 2, 1964 (That makes him 42)
Sign Virgo
Place of birth Beirut, Lebanon
Grew up in Austrailia, Hawaii, New York, and Toronto
Mom Patricia (a costume designer and former showgirl)
Dad Samuel Nowlin Reeves (a geologist - and yes we've all read the stories about how Keanu hasn't seen him in years, especially after Dad spent time in jail, following drug charges)
Stepdads Paul Aaron, Robert Miller, and Jack Bond
Siblings Kim (1 year younger) & Karina (12 years younger)
Marital Status apparently single. Keanu is very secrective about dating.
Children According to Mr Showbiz, Keanu and his (late)former girlfriend, Jennifer (Syme) lost their baby, Ava Archer, on Chirstmas Eve. We're really sorry Keanu. :( -- (from Rolling Stone 9/00: [About fatherhood] "I miss it.")
Ethnic Background Chinese, Hawaiian, English
Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Eye color brown
Hair color dark brown
Shoe size 13
Right/Left handed left handed (though plays the bass right handed)
Education "Autodidactic" - high school dropout
Schools Jesse Ketchum Public School, De La Salle College and the Toronto School for the Performing Arts
Hobbies hockey, his motorcycles, ballroom dancing, chess, horseback riding, surfing, & playing bass (i.e. his band Dogstar)
Pets none
Home don't ask... [In the 9/'00 issue of Rolling Stone, Keanu talks about the bedroom he has in his sister Kim's house, and is supposedly looking for a new place.]
Car/Vehicle 1996 black Porsche, 1974 Norton Combat Commando 850 motorcycle & a 1972 Commando 750.
First/Infamous Vehicle (they all seem to have an early car that they talk about) 1969 122 Volvo - British racing green (the car that he traveled to Hollywood in)
First/Interesting Jobs landscaping, managing a spaghetti restauarant, tree cutter & ice skate sharpener (Keanu's first acting job was "dancing in a Coca Cola commercial)"
Favorite Books/Authors "Shakespeare, but also Thomas Mann, Dostoevsky, Oriana Fallaci, Arthur Rimbaud, Stephen Hawking, Denis Diderot, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, Stanislavsky and Jack Kerouac"
Favorite Music/Bands John Coltrane, Ramones, Exploited, Joy Division, Clash, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Lync, Robert Johnson. Favorite Albums of his youth (pre 16): Beatles "Abbey Road"; Vivaldi "Four Seasons"; Stevie Wonder "Innervisions; Otis Redding "Greatest Hits". (taken from the Official Dogstan Page)
Favorite Movie/Actors ?
Favorite Food Burgers, Coke, & beer
Interesting Factoids name means: "cool breeze over mountains" - (in a baby book we found it just said "Hawaiian - breeze" - does this mean the name is picking up in popularity?)
His name is pronounced "Key-ah-noo".
Click here to listen to him pronounce it himself!
Favorite Concert: The Ramones at the 'Salty Dog' in Buffalo, New York in 1987. "I drove with friends in my first car from Toronto, Canada to the venue."
Keanu shaved his head (and eyebrows!) for the Matrix (let's hope he doesn't have to do it again!)
Keanu's nickname is "The Wall" which stems from his hockey/goalie past
The huge scar running down Keanu's stomach, comes from a late night accident in Topanga Canyon in 1988. He was on a "demon ride" - riding at night without headlights - and he "ran into a mountain". Keanu broke ribs (and some teeth!) and ruptured his spleen. (In an article I read fairly recently, Keanu said he still has his spleen, and you can't buy it on ebay.)
Voted "most valuable player" on his high school hockey team
Says he's afraid of the dark
Voted one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People in 1996 (clickable picture coming soon!)
Bad Habits smokes
Boxers or Briefs "depends on the day"
Want to add anything? Let us know!

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