How to fix Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Matrix screen hang

Here are some simple screen shots to show you how it's done.
Please note, if you connect to the Router or Switch, using wireless, you will be unable to fix this issue.

1. First, Click on "START" Then click "Control Panel"

2. Open "System" (also right clicking and selecting properties from "My Computer" icon also brings up the "System" window.

3. Click on the "Hardware" tab and click on "Device Manager"

4. Select the Ethernet card (in this image, a Realtek card is shown, others may vary by name depending on brand)

5. Select "Offload Checksum" and then change the value to "Disabled". (also may appear as "Checksum Offload")

You are now finished., Select "OK" and then close out these windows and open up the game. You should now be able to connect. If it seems you are still hanging, wait one minute before closing or trying again. In some cases, you may need to restart the computer.