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The Abilities page gives you a list of Abilities you can learn and use to power up, change forms, fluctuate your stats, and etc.  All the Abilities have requirements that you must have to get or learn these abilities...You may wish or learn an ability by spending 50,000 zenny to buy one Some must be learned from Trainers and Masters and some from rare items. BUT YOU MUST FIT THE REQUIREMENTS....well enjoy and have Fun!!!!
~Thank You

      Blast Charging:  Blast charging is when you spend a certain amount of your Ki an put it into a specific Blast....it whould look like this...:::Charging 100 Ki into a Kamehameha:::  when useing this move, it spends your Ki...so if you charge 100 ki into a blast then you subtract 100 from your Ki stats....(it replentishes after the battles over)....
Requirements:Kami Training   
Damage Delt: 1 damage for every 1 Ki spent plus attack damage

Double Blast:  It shoots any type of blast from each hand, and can be guided towards the enemy...there is one exception for the blasts that can be used with this ability. Those blasts cannot be already multiple blast attacks such as Renzoku Energy-Dan or Triple Masenko....
Requirements:PL=100,000   Damage Delt:2X the blast chosen     Ki spent:100 for each double blast

Shishin No Ken:  This ability let a person split themself into 4 different parts.  Each person created in not just an image like when created with the Zanzoken, but can fight and be attacked.  The only downfall to the technique is the Power level and the speed are only a quarter of there power if they were only one....
Requirements:  PL=5000 Ki=500  Sp=500 Must Know Zanzoken 
Ki Spent: 500

Ki Detecton:  It is a technique that can feel large amounts of power or Ki...This Ability can detect a persons power level, Ki, or Heath....the ability also boosts your awareness, it is easier for you to dodge attacks.......
Requirements: Guru training    Effects: Lets you deflect 1 ki attack at any time ( Just tell the Ref that you wish to use it after your enemy uses the attack)

Instant Transmission*:  The user places 2 fingers on his forehead, searches for a Ki he wants to go to, then when he finds it he can teleport there...Also Teleportation Lv2 You may teleport as many as 5 people and yourself to a point of Ki that you all want to go to.... It can also be used 2 twice per fight to dodge an attack (just type teleport) ki lose isn't perminate if you use this ability in a battle, just if you teleport to a different planet.
Teleportation Lvl.1 Requirements:PL=200,000  Can use once in a battle
Teleportation Lvl.2 Requirements:PL=400,000  Can use twice in a battle
Other Requirements: Yardrat Training & Must have the Ki Detection Ability

Fusion Dance:  The 2 people involved in this fusion perform a dance, which are mirror images of each other, resulting in a new warrior, who has the attributes of the two warriors who formed the new one.  When performed Successfully, the newly formed warrior will be significantly stronger...(fusion lasts for 5 turns then the 2 are seperated)
Requirements:PL=200,000     Ki Spent: 500  Other Requirements: Both fighters must have the same stats or very close to each others...The stronger fighter is in control of the fusioned warrior.... If the satst aren't totally even, you merely make the person with the higher stats go down to the same level as the weaker person.
Effects: Both fighters stats are added together

Portara Fusion:  The fusion technique of choice for Kaioushins which time forgot, this technique is allegedly hundreds of times better than the Fusion Dance...For Fusion to happen , the two fighters must wear the ear-rings of the Supreme Kais and must merely look at each other....(Fusion Lasts for entire fight unless absobed into some one then the effect waers off and the 2 fighters are 2 again... and in this fusion, the weaker fighter controls)
Requirements:PL=1,000,000  Ki Spent: 1,000  Other Requirements: Must have done Kaio-Oo-Shin Training 1 & 2, the Fusion Dance and the Portara Earrings   Effects: The 2 players stats are added together the multipled times 2.....

Super Saiyan (Namek, Human, Alien):  This is the most well used ability....but the toughest to master...Turning to different forms is all about timing and power...The figter turns to a super being by a fit rage of Pure Anger giving him the power to transform into a legendary being...The transformations have 4 lv's..each level is harder to reach than the other....
To reach Super Being Lvl.1...you must Have a PL = 2,000,000 Automatically, after Lv.1, you gain the Ascended Being ability at Pl=7,500,000 that raises your Pl x8 but your Sp is divided by 4 and rounded to the lowest number.
Lvl.2 you must have PL = 12,000,000 Lvl.3 PL = 200,000,000 
Lvl.4 PL = 800,000,000
There is however, the Ultimate Being that surpases the Super Being Lvl4 which is the Legendary Ultimate Super Being (Lvl.5) which  takes a PL = 1,500,000,000 to reach and this Lvl is the ultimate transformation...
Effects of a Transformation:
Lvl.1 x5
Lv. 1 Ascended x8 Pl/ Divide 4 Sp
Lvl.2. x7
Lvl.3 x9
Lvl.4 x11
Lvl.5 x15
Lv.6(?) x30
Lv.7(?!?) x50

Mystic Level- The Mystic Level, a powerful ability to reach an almost super state without showing any physical change.
Stats incease by Pl x10 and Spx10 as well.
Must do Kaio-Oo-Shin Mystic Training and have Super Being Level 1 at least.

Super Saiyan Pheonix-In this form a saiyans body bulges out enormously. His hair is it's original color, but the eyes turn blue. Stats will increase by Pl x15 and Spx 15 as well.
Must do Pheonix Saiyan Training.

*Instant Transmission Rules:
-May only use once a day, to travel, and must have been to that planet already (have planet pass stamped by that planet).
-Level 1: Lose 10,000 ki for next battle (may not take anyone with you)
-Level 2: Lose 6,000 ki for next battle (may take up to 4 people with you) - Lose 1,000 extra ki for each person taken.

Majin Transformation: This is a horrible ability to use your evil energy to become a Majin, an evil spirit. This makes your stats x2 automatically and permantelly ( Unless somehow you come back without your Majin power and your stats are divided automatically by 2) . This is more of something permanent forever and doesn't allow you to fuse with other people unless you die or are wished back to good.
Requirements:Pl=2,500,000  Ki=5,000
Ki Spent=5,000 ( You cannot go between normal and Majin but it takes 5000 temporary Ki each battle to stay this way and if you run out of Ki, you are defeated, this Ki returns after the battle though)

Counter- If you are hit with a physical attack, you can choose to counter it right then and there with another physical attack. You can still attack on your turn as well.
Requirements: None

Ki Counter- If your opponent uses a beam-type energy attack, such as Kamehameha or Masenko, you can counter with a Ki Attack of your own. This must be called out at the exact same time your opponent uses it. Whoever has the highest PL wins and if the PL's are the same, whoever does the most damage ( Say the other person has a Ki Braclet or uses Blasting Charge) wins.
Requirements: Must know a Beam-type energy Attack.
Email: Dimitri40@aol.com
Defend: Anyone can do this ability. You merely block your enemies next attack for half-damage. This doesn't work with swords unless you have one of your own.
Requirements: Automatically have (But is not listed on abilities)

Link Combo(Alpha): A much more simple combo attack that allows you to link together 3 Physical Attacks in a row.
Requirements: Must study the "Art of Fighting" Note: Art of Fighting Only Costs 1000 zenny.

Advanced Link Combo(Gama):  This is the tight ability to use a string of physical attacks in a combo at the same time. This allows 5 physical attacks to be used at the same time in one attack for some serious combo damage.
Requirements: Must know Link Combo Pl=15,000  Sp=1,000

Double Team: This is when you and your partner do the same attack to the opponent, using both of your turns up but you add your damage together to come out with the damage you deal to the enemy.
Requirements: Pl=2,500  Sp=400
Ki Spent: 150

Channeling: A useful ability taught to those who enjoy meditation, Channeling sends you into a state for 2 rounds that makes you at peace with yourself by drawing positive Ki from your aurora. This state also gives you a type of shield that protects you from all attacks, halving whatever damage they would do. At the end of this state, your hp is restored by +1,000 and your Ki by +500. Your Pl is also boosted by +5,000.
When used outside of battle, it raises your stats by this but cannot be used more then once a day out of battle and takes 2 hours of non-activity: Pl+150  Sp+15  Ki+15  Hp+75
Requirements: Piccolo Training 
Effects: Regenerates Stats and Raises Power

Natural Healing: This is a good ability but has a major draw-back. If you wish to learn this ability, your Ki is tripled and your Sp is doubled but, your Pl is halved and your hp is divided by 3. This ability to heal allows you to heal your friends and self by +15,000 damage. The other problem with this is that it can only be used 3 times in battle.
Lv1: Ki:25,000  Heal: 15,000
Lv2: Ki:50,000  Heal: 30,000
Lv3: Ki:150,000 Heal: 50,000
Lv4: Ki:500,000 Heal: 100,000

Daisan Juumoku: This is the Third Eye that a person can open up on your forehead. This opens up every battle and lets you see into your enemy. This allows you to predict enemy moves and avoid them. You can do this every 3 turns for 500 ki each time, dodging any attack your enemy did prior, just tell the ref you are going to use it. This also doubles your speed in battle.
Requirements: Pl=25,000  Sp=2,500  Ki=2,500   Ki Spent on Dodging: 500 

Severe Limb: The abilitiy to serve the limb of someone who is weaker then you. This can be done to anyone and causes the Blood Lose effect. If a person looses more then 2 limbs, they automatically die.
Requirements: Pl=5000
Effects: Blood Lose, Can only be used on Enemies Weaker then you
Portara Fusion
Super Saiya-jin Lv.1
Super Saiya-Jin Lv.3
Dodge- The simple ability to dodge any attack and counter with your own. This is taught by Kami and is very hard to master. To do this, you say you wish to dodge any physical attack your opponent did and counter with your own physical attack, but this can only be done twice per fight.
Requirements: Must have Trained with Kami

Ki Dodge- Another simple ability to dodge beams, balls and other energy oriented attacks sent by your enemy. This acts the same as Dodge but you can only use it once per battle but you can also counter your enemies attack with your own in any other case. The dodge ability can only be used once but the parry ability ( Or in other words, firing a beam, ball or any other type of energy attack back to the enemy) can be used twice in battle. The parry ability does not work unless you are Pl and Sp are higher then your enemy.
Requirements: Must have trained with Kami

Link Combo Omega- The most powerful combo attack that allows you to link up to 10 physical attacks in a row in a combo and finish it with a ki attack. You may do one physical attack, such as punch, up to 5 times in a row and use kick 5 times but you must finish with some type of ki attack. This is also taught by a mysterious trainer.
Requirements: Pl=7,000,000

Strike All- This is the ability to hit all your enemies in battle with an energy blast. This wastes some of your ki but worthy it if you have a lot of little enemies to deal with and don't have the time to go 1-by-1.
Requirements: Pl=750,000
Ki Spent=5,000
Race Abilities
  Race abilities are abilities that come with whatever race you choose in the begining or can only be learned by certain races. Some races are custom and they can choose on of the following, non-race based abilities from Race Abilities. Every 15 wins, you get a free race ability of your race type or of the Misc. types.
Android Abilities:

With     With empty souls that know only to kill and maim, Androids are probably the sternest of all fighters that are only meet by the Nameks and most skilled of Saiya-jin warriors.

Emotionless- An androids ability to never be effected by sympathy or change of heart, so mind-controlling effects and abilities are not effective, same with instant kill abilities ( Such as Death Disk) and as long as the head is intact, the android can still attack with whatever it has left.
Requirements: All Androids Gain from Begining

Cold Blooded- For an Android, Fuel or Proto-Blood run through their veins, meaning they are affected by all heats, meaning all fire-based moves do double but they are unaffected by the cold, allowing them to add a frosty pinch to all physical attacks, adding a +500 in cold damage to anyone without Cold Blooded and +1000 to all air-based creatures.
Requirements: Must be Android

Detachment- A strange but sometimes useful ability to pull off a body part ( Such as a arm, leg... tentacle) and use it as a weapon. All detached body parts count as weapons that do 500 damage each.
Requirements: Must be Android
Changeling Abilities:

   Wether it be of Demon, Human or Alien Blood, the Changelings are strange as all. They can turn their molecular structure into something totally different.

Transformation Levels-
All changelings have the power to change into a different form. There are 5 stages ( 3 are regular and are gained automatically but the other 2 need to be worked for)
This ability can be used in battle but only one time for each form. When this is used, all of your HP, Ki, PL and Sp is put back into its original state with the new modifiers. Your opponent stays with the same stats as before, even damage. You start with whoever has the highest SP. Every time you transform, you just add the previous modified stats to your new ones. So say you had been at form 1 and now go to form 2, you add all the stats together, not taking any of the previous off.
Unlike Super Being Transformations though, these must be reached without any type of modification of stats in battle and must be earned through training and regular stats gaining.
*Note* Demons can also use this ability

First Form: This is a simple transformation that pulls your power up slightly and makes small changes in appearance.

Second Form: This is the second form that makes much more changes in physical appearance.

Third Form: This is where your body becomes extremely large and your energy is above all others.

Now, the 4th and 5th forms are much different then the others but give you more power then ever before.

4th Form: This is much like your regular state but with a slightly more muscular look to it.

5th Form: This is the best looking form and looks however you wish it to be.
Demon Abilities:

Demons, the scrouge of the universe but probably some of the strongest creatures alive. Along with a strong sense of evil, the Demons also come with strong sense of battle. Justice is something they'll never have.

Natural Wings-
Demon's can be born with wings and can use them to fly. They can only stay in flight for 2 rounds though and if hit, are naturally knocked down and cannot take flight for another 3 rounds.
Requirements: Can be aquired when entered the site or whenever the chance to gain an ability arises itself.

Natural Claws/Tail-
A demon has natural claws and a tail that he can use in battle. Claws add +20 to all your punches automatically as long as they are in the format of a scratch and tail does 45 damage by itself.
Requirements: Same as Natural Wings

Evil Awarness-
A demon's ability to sense evil is uncanny. By this, they can tell an evil beings stats perfectly or where they are if they are hiding.
Requirements: Pl:30,000

Dark Prowess-
Same as Saiya-jins, a demon gains extra stats after battle. These aren't as extreme as a Saiya-jin's but it still is a small bonus. After every battle, won or lost, you gain:
Requirements: Same as Natural Wings
Humans Abilities:

The most common race on Earth, the Humans are the most average you'll get. No true weaknesses or strengths, they make a great character for those who need to get a grasp of fighting.

Hidden Power-
This ability applies to humans and half-saiya-jin/half-humans only. This is from the integration of saiya-jin and human blood to bring out the potential in a child. As you grow, you gain a prompt bonus from the start.
Also, in battle, if a love one or a friend gets hurt (and the ref must know that you have a bond by watching you outside of battle) your Pl and Sp shoot up x4.
Requirements: Must be Human or Half-Saiya-jin/Half-HUman

Speaks for itself... Mr.Satan has the ability to act like he's strong when he really isn't which sometimes pisses people off. It makes the enemy x2 stronger but makes their miss rate 50-50!
Requirements: Must be Human

False Hope-
Another one of Mr. Satan's. This enables Humans to be Heros of Earth and instills the race with hope, even if it isn't always the best. With this, the forces of Earth will rally at your fights and even listen to you. This gives you a slight advantage as it boosts your abilities slightly ( Makes you more pron to critical hits in battle and more likely for enemy attacks to miss) and adds a little to attacks such as Spirit Bomb.
Requirements: Must have saved Earth from Major Threat

Like Saiya-jins, Humans have overwhelming emotions and sometimes get a little over their heads. When you go down to almost dead in status, you can gather all that rage and put it into a final attack. This attacks adds whatever your left-over Hp, PL modifier and whatever ki you have into one attack ( Whether it be a combo of physical attacks or a ki attack) but puts you down to 1 hp and SP goes down to 1.
Requirements: None

Simple ability to imporvise with your environment and surronding. Though everyone can do this, you find ways to truly interact and use the things around you, maybe as weapons and such.
Requirements: None
( Ref decides what damage bonus you cause)

Namek Abilities:

Nameks, like the Saiya-jins, they are a true warrior race that are only matched in battle technics by a Saiya-jins strength.

The Namekian ability to regenerate body parts and health is miraculous but isn't allows pretty. As long as a Nameks head is intact, it can regenerate all of it's body.
Lv 1- Regenerates +50 Hp every turn.
Requirements: Gained at begining
Lv 2- Regenerates +100 Hp every turn.
Requirements: Gained at Pl:10,000
Lv 3- Regenerates +500 Hp every turn and +100 Ki.
Requirements: Gained at Pl: 50,000
Lv 4- Regenerates +1000 Hp every turn and +200 Ki.
Requirements: Gained at Pl:100,000
Lv 5- Regenerates +5000 hp every turn and +500 Ki.
Requirements: Gained at Pl:500,000

This is a Namekian's ability to grow to a larger size and take the advantage in battle. This raises your PL and HP by 1.5 but reduces your SP by 1.5

Stern Face-
A Namek is serious in battle which gives them an edge in battle. Any type of ability that could fill them with doubt or confuse them has no effect.
Requirements: None

Weighted Training-
Whenever a Namek trains with Weighted Clothing of Namekian origin, they do not gain any restrictions to stats.
Requirements: None

Namekian Fusion-
If a Namek is near death or on the verge of it, another Namek can absorb them into their body and gain their states. This permanately destroys the other being and puts the others body as the new form.
Requirements: None

Saiya- Jin Abilties:

The Saiya-jin's, a powerful warrior race with the energy of the universe at there finger tips. They are opposed by no one and are almost unbeatable.

Saiya-Jin Tail-
The signature Saiya-jin tail that allows for the transformation into the Oozaru. The tail allows for an attack that does 40 damage.
Requirements: None

Saiya-Jin Oozaru Transformation: This is te saiya-jin ability with a tail to transform into a giant monket creature during the full moon or in this case, once a week and after transforming, you cannot do anything but rest the next day. When they transform, their power automatically goes x10 whatever it was before. When you first get this ability, which is given to all saiya-jins with tails in the begining, you cannot control it and it only happens on the full moon. At PL=50,000, you can transform whenever you would like but not control your movements. At Pl=500,000, you can control everything you do. All Oozaru's have the same attacks...( Cannot go past 5,000,000 in Pl in Oozaru form)
Saiko No Kogeki
Requirements:  Saiya-jin with tail

Saiya-Jin Golden Oozaru Transformation: This is the ability for any saiya-jin in Ssj.4 to transform into a golden ape. This ape has the same attacks as the regular Oozaru but it's stats are all x100. This can never be controlled and happens when a Ssj.4 sees the full moon or in this case, once a week and you must rest 1 day after transformation.
Requirements; Saiya-jin with tail and Ssj.4 Ability Need

Battle Prowess-
No matter what, at the end of any battle, a Saiya-Jin gains stats. They are so lively to battle that they can fight and lose and still get stronger.
Requirements: None

Saiya-jin Pride-
In battle, a Saiya-jin is hard to take down. When they are put to a near-death state, a saiya-jin's Pl doubles and if they see one of their comrades fall, it goes up x3.
Saiya-Jin Heritage (Second Chance)-
When the Saiya-jin is beat in a battle, it can come back twice as strong. When the Saiya-jin is knocked out (Down to 0 HP), it can come back, even if this means he/she is dead and keep on fighting twice as strong.
Effects: Pl and Sp x2 but Hp and Ki come in as divided by two(Rounded to the lowest number)of what they were before.
Requirements: Pl-1,000
Misc Abilities:

These are race skills that can be learned by anyone. Say your race is not in the main race cateogry, when ou start, you can pick one from here and get a new one every 15 wins.

Uncanny Sense-
This is merely the ability to sense the presence of any presence with a PL lower then your own.
Requirements: None

By using Overdrive, you take your Ki and put it into your SP to gain speed. For every 10 Ki you put in, your Sp goes up by 100.
Requirements: None

Like Overdrive, you put energy into your body to use in battle but instead, you use Hp for Power. For every 10 Hp you give, you gain +100 to PL.
Requirements: None

The ability to dodge an oncoming attack. This is always in effect until you announce to use it. This evades 1 attack per battle.
Requirements: None

Flying Techniques-
You become master of the air. This ability automatically doubles all attacks that you do air-to-ground while in flight.
Requirements; Must know Bukujustu

Heightened Awarness-
This is a great ability that doesn't allow you to be snuck up on or tricked so attacks like Zanzoken and Saruken do not have an effect on you. Also, this means whenever someone uses this, you can follow through with the attack and still cause damage. Only twice per battle though.
Requirements: None

One with Nature-
This is the ability to adapt with nature or say another planet's environment. Also, this is the ability to swim underwater for longer then usual and hold your breath. Instead of the average 2 rounds before you need to go up for air, you can stay under for 4 rounds.
Requirements: None

Water Breathing-
This is for races that live mainly underwater and none other. This lets you stay underwater for as long as you can.
Requirements: Must be underwater-type race
Fighting Abilities/ Weapon Skills
  This section of abilities is for different fighting styles and weapons abilities. This will begin with fighting styles and move onto weapon techniques ( Which is primarily with Swords and the like)

    To gain a fighting style, you must buy it's instruction manual and study from it for how ever long it says.
Fighting Styles:

   This is the diverse list of different fighting styles you can gain throughout the game through different trainings or even through self training.

A simple fighting style that is know all around the world. Though it prohibits all kicking or grappling abilities, it still adds a good amount of power to your punching skills.
Requirements: Must purchase " Guide to Boxing": $500
Must study it for 2 hours.
Effects: Adds +50 to all punches and adds +10 to SP.
         Gives you move " 1-2 Jab"
    1-2 Jab: A double punch combo                  that does 125 damage.

Advanced Boxing-
This is merely a more powerful version of boxing that comes with a few new moves and gives you a few good effects.
Requirements: Must purchase " Advanced Boxng Techniques": $7500
Must study for 4 hours
Effects: Adds +200 to all punches and allows for 2 Defends per battle ( Which halves all physical damage for a round), adds a permanet +100 to SP and gives you the moves Dynamic Punch and Throttle Drive
     Dynamic Punch: A powerful punch
                   that stuns the
                   enermy for 2
                  rounds and does
                  250 damage.
     Throttle Drive: This gives you
                     a slight boost
                     in speed: +100
                     to SP.

Master Boxing-
The last of the boxing techniques that can only be taught to you through extensive training and a rare book that can only be found through special events and tournaments.
Requirements: Must have the " Bubba Bronyx 1st Edition: Want to be a Boxer?": Rare and must study it for 2 days.
Effects: Adds +500 to all punches and allows for 4 Defend per battle, adds a permanent +200 to SP and gives you the moves The Great.
    The Great: A powerful punch to the gut that knocks the enemy into the air and hits the wind out of them, stunning them for 3 rounds. This does 500 damage.

* Note* If you study any of the Boxing techniques, you can no longer use Kicking or Grabbing moves.

Though this a primitive form of fighting, it can be a good style for beginners. This boosts all your punching and grabbing attacks but limits your ki and kicking abities slightly.
Requirements: Must study " All you Need To Know To Be A Bouncer!": $750
Effects: Adds +100 to punches and grabbing moves and -50 to kicking attacks and halves damage of all Ki attacks.

High Brawling-
There isn't much of a name for advanced Brawling so I made one up. This one doesn't have as much of an extreme limit on attacks but it does still limit some.
Requirememts: Must study " All You Need To Know Be A Bouncer, Volume 2!": $3750
Effects: Adds +250 to all punches and grabs and -500 to all blasts.

Elastic people! Yes, a strange fighting style but it is in fact a form of it. Don't be too sceptical because this gives you a perfect speed advantage over almost anyone.
Requirements: Must have Spring Bars: $50,000
Effects: Triples SP and +1000 to HP

This is for people who would rather just grapple people then anything in the world.
Requirements: Must study " A Wrestlers Tale":$200 for 1 hour.
Effects: +100 to grabbing attacks and -100 to ki and sp.

Martial Arts

     There are many different styles of martial arts in the world and here are just a few of the many. Don't worry, more will be added as time goes on.

A style most people think they know best of all but really, it is misunderstood and hard to master. This is very hard to find a good book on it and most are counterfeit. This gives you a huge boost on punches, kicks, ki attacks and grappling. This is the superior style and doesn't have any flaws.
Requirements: Must study " Art of the Dragon": ??? for 10 days
Effects: +1,000 to punches and kicks, +500 to all grab moves and +250 to ki attacks, +250 to PL and Ki and gives you the move "Dragon Stance".
         Dragon Stance- You merely
into a stance that imitates a dragon and raise your PL and SP greatly, also gaining somewhat of a dragon armoring.
Take of 500 damage off of next attack

This is a very "different" way of fighting. The way it is done is by making yourself act drunk and attack ina  swaggering but accurate style.
Requirements: Study from " Drunken-Times Weekly":??? for 2 days.
Effects: +500 to all kick and punch attacks, -500 to grab attacks and chance of injuring self in battle.

Hawk is probably one of the more "required" styles. For this, you need to be able to fly. This adds a lot to your grabbing and kick attacks though.
Requirements: Study from " The Aviary Scriptures":??? for 5 days. Must know Bukujustu.
Effects: +500 to all kicks and grabs and +250 to all attacks done in the air and doubles the time you can use Bukujustu for.

This is definitly for anyone who wants to raise their SP and kicking attacks as it is mostly for those who enjoy doing those.
Requirements: Study from " Ways of the Steed": ??? for 3 days.
Effects: Adds +500 to kicks and SP.

Those who wish to fight with claws, get them. In this style, you train with your hands like razors for more precise punches.
Requirements: Study from " Life of the Bug": ??? for 4 days.
Effects: Adds +750 to punches.

This is another strange attack that really is good overall and the weaker effects of Dragon Style.
Requirements: Study " Curious George": ??? for 5 days.
Effects: +200 to punches, kicks, and grabbing attacks.

Shadow Boxing-
A dangerous martial arts ability that can only be used by those evil at heart and those who wish to give up something vital: half of their ki!
Requirements: Study " Arts of Darkness": ??? for 7 days and give up half of your max Ki.
Effects: +1000 to punches and kicks and +500 to grabbing moves and the move " Dark Aurora"
       Dark Aurora- An evil move that gives you a new sense of power but drains your ki by 500 each round it is in effects. This raises your Pl+50,000 and Sp+5,000 each round you use it. Effect wears off after you stop using it.

The second to the last on this list is Tiger Style. Just as useful as Dragon but it gives a little extra to your HP.
Requirements: Must study " Laws of the Jungle": ??? for 6 days.
Effects: +400 to punches and grabbing attacks and +500 to PL and Hp.

Jeet Kune Do- The most useful style of Martial Arts on this list. It gives you all you need to be a champ. Your pl and speed go up greatly and so does you ki.
Requirements: Must study under the one who knows it for a week.
Effects: +1000 to Pl and Sp. +500 to Hp and 500 to punches and kicks.
Skills:Raging Dragon Attack: Your Sp goes up x10 and so does your Ki.
Dragon's Ruby Red Eyes: Users Pl goes up x20. The user forms two enormous red energy balls abover their head. The balls act as heat seekers. Damage depends on what your Pl is. It is x2 what your Pl is. For example if your Pl is 500, then the damage will be 1000.

Sword Skills

    This is the section where we will talk about the skills that you can learn while in position of a sword. Now most of these abilites work with any sword but some only work with certain swords of certain caliburs.

      There are two different things here, Sword Skills and Sword Abilities. First we will talk about the smaller list of Sword Abilities. You must study sword abilities and techniques from books.

Sword Abilities-

    Like regular abilities, these are either used automatically or used to assist other attacks or just yourself. Each sword ability is listed in whatever class it is considered. You can only use one class book at a time.

Ninja sword abilities are very secretive and powerful. They are hard to master and need much time to muster about. You must study the "Ninja Guide" in order to learn the Ninja abilities. These abilities only work with Ninja Swords ( Specified on Weapons Page)
Cost of Book: $50,000
Study Time: 2 days

Two Swords-
The ability to carry 2 swords at once and wield them in battle as if they were one, dealing damage of both of them. Each sword deals whatever damage it orignally does, then your PL modifier and then whatever extra add-on the sword has.
Effects: Allows you to use two swords at once. You cannot use the Bastard Sword with this though.

Not a sword ability but still useful. You become cloaked with invisibility, which allows you to dodge attacks. This is in effect until you attack again.
Effects: Allows you to dodge attacks until you attack again.

Poison Blade-
This is a powerful ability that allows you to imbue your sword or knife with poison. This poison lasts all battle and does 500 damage to the opponent each round.
Effects:Poisons opponent.

Death Blow-
This is an ancient art to destroy anyone with a PL that is much lower then yours ( Ref decides if the blow works). This only works with a sword.
Effects: Must be carrying a sword.

Lightning Reflexes-
This is an advanced dodging ability. This allows you to dodge twice in battle and attack that same turn.
Effects: Dodge and attack on smae turn.

The Samurai are powerful, lawful swordsman with some of the most powerful abilities in the world. To learn the ways of the Samurai, you must study the " Laws of the East". Only can be used if you hold a Samurai Sword ( Specified on Weapons Page)
Cost of Book: $50,000
Study Time: 2 days

This lets you carry a sword with two hands to deal double damage with just that sword. This is quite similar to Two Swords but this allows you to always hit and can never miss.
Effects: Allows you to carry a sword with two-hands.

Meatbone Slash-
A powerful ability that can be used all the time. It allows you to do x3 damage once in awhile on the ref's call.
Effects: Allows occasional x3 damage with sword

Sword Spirit-
This is the ability to power-up your sword with your own ki energy. You can add any amount of ki to your attack and double it. Add this to your damage.
Effect: Add ki to your attack, double it and add it to your damage.

Laws of Nature-
This is the ability to use the forces of nature to your advantage in battle.
Fire: You can hit your enemy with a +500 to your attack and burn them, doing an additional 100 damage to them for 5 rounds.
Cost:500 Ki
Ice: Do +250 damage to your opponent and freeze them for 2 rounds.
Cost: 750 Ki
Air: Do +300 damage to your enemy and blow them away, taking them 1 turn to run back to you.
Cost: 200
Earth: You smash the opponent with a powerful slash filled with poison. You get a +500 to damage and poison them, doing 50 damage to your opponent for the rest of the battle.
Cost: 750
Effects: Imbue the different elements into your sword.

Demon Slayer-
This is a strange ability to do triple damage to Demon characters and stun them for 2 turns after your attack.
Effect: Deal x3 damage to demons and stun them for 2 turns.

Chrona Sword-
This ability increases your speed for three rounds, and at the same time taking out any Pl under 400.
Effect: Sp increase X2 for three rounds.
Requirements: Must have a Pl above 3000.

Western Knight-
     If there is any type of Knight skilled, it is those trained in the West. Though not overpowering the Samurai or Ninja, they still have a few skills only they can use. You must study from the " Rules of King Arthur's Court". This can only be used with Knight Swords (Specified on Weapons Page)
Cost of Book: $50,000
Study Time: 2 days

Great Position-
This is the Knights ability to get into a great fighting position with their sword. This prepares them and allows for first strike (Can only be used once per battle) This is must be announced before you begin your attack.
Effects: First Strike

Advanced sword fighting skills come along with this class. This allows you to clash swords with an opponent and still get a hit in, as long as your sword is stronger then theirs.
Effects: Block enemy attack and follow through with your own attack as long as your sword is stronger.

The abilitiy to use your Hp, add it to your sword attack and double whatever hp you added into your attack.
Effect: Add HP to attack, then double HP modfier to damage.

This is a very useful ability to charge your energy for a turn to deal x5 damage with your next sword attack.
Effects: x5 your next sword attack

Weapon Break-
This is the ability to break someone elses weapon. This only works if you have a superior PL and SP of the enemy.
Effects: Breaks enemies weapon as long as you are faster and stronger then them.

Sword Techniques and Attacks-
This is a ver large section and is filled with the different sword attacks you can either learn through studying the 3 swordsman books or just as all other moves by spending 5000 zenny to buy one.

We will start with the class techniques first and then at the end we will list sword moves that can be learned by anyone.

All the Ninja Sword Techniques are learned automatically after you study the " Ninja Guide", as Ninja's rely on their skills mostly and not their special sword techniques

Fury Slice: A furocious combo of different slashes, all one after another. This is a lethal Ninja ability as it leaves the enemy
stunned afterward as a state of shock.
Damage Delt: 500 (10 hits)
Requirements: Must have studied "Ninja Guide"
Effects: Paralysis
Percent Accuracy: 70%

Crest Wave: An energy wave launched from the tip of a Ninjitsu blade that can cause
Blood Loss.
Damage Delt: 2000
Requirements: Must have studied "Ninja Guide"
Effects: Blood Loss
Percent Accuracy: 65%

Redemption: When a Ninja strikes his opponent in the heart with his blade, they automatically go through the stages of Hell, being attacked by invisible demons only they can see.
Damage Delt: 7500 (9 Hits)
Requirements: Must have studied "Ninja Guide"
Effects: None, Ki Spent=10,000
Percent Accuracy: 25%

Dance of the Rose: The Ninja uses the power of the Rose and leaps about his opponent until a giant cage of thorns and roses surronds the enemy and clamps in on them for major damage, trapping them until they can break out.
Damage Delt: 15,000
Requirements: Must have studied "Ninja Guide"
Effects: Enemy trapped until they break free ( PL higher then person who used the attack or until they destroy the roses, which have 35,000 Hp)

Maximum Aerial( Air Reaver): The Ninja's most powerful ability. Mixed with the power to fly and the streaked power of ki-induced blades, you slam your opponent into the air and cut them through with an agility almsot never seen to man.
Damage Delt: 10,000 (10 Hits)
Requirements: Must have studied "Ninja Guide", Must know Bukujustu
Effects: None, Can only use once per battle.

The Samurai have some of the most powerful sword techniques around. Mixed with ki and the elements, they are a great challenge for any swordsman.

Fuiyuga No Tsuihu: A powerful array of stabs from your Katana filled with a strong Ki Energy Signature that can break through Barriers.
Damage Delt: 1,000 (15 hits)
Requirements: Must have Studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: Can Pierce
Barriers, Ki Cost=5,000

Butterfly Swarm: Yes, I know, strange name for a fierce warriors attack but if you want to deal some damage and get a little life back in the process, this is your move. You summon a swarm of ki-based butterflies to cut through your opponent and sprinkle some of their energy into you to heal you slightly.
Damage Delt: 3,000  Hp Restored: 1,500
Requirements: Must have Studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: Damages Enemy and Heals HP.

Rage of the Spirits: Another ki-induced sword technique from the Samurai's Katana. From within yourself, you put all your rage and anger into your swords blade and lunge at your opponent with a single, powerful slash. Your sword glows with whatever color your Ki happens to be and luminating from it are tiny spectres of a sort that moan and scream with agony from your rage.
Damage Delt: 10,000 (+ whatever damage you have lost)
Requirements: Must have studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: None

Chi Shield: The powerful ability of the Samurai to create a shield around their body and protect them from all physical attacks. This is great for those who cannot use Ki attacks too often.
Requirements: Must have studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: Withstand all Physical Attacks for 3 turns

Yang Blade: With your positive energy, you can engulf your blade in Ki energy. Though any swordsman can do this, you don't just add the ki to your attack, you double the + whatever your Ki add-on would give you, plus your regular attack bonus and sword damage.
Requirements: Must have studied "Laws of the East"
Effects:Add Ki to attack and double damage modifier that ki would add.

Dragon Skin: This is the ability to relfect some of the damage sent towards you for a period of time, summoning the scales of the mighty Dragon to protect you.
Requirements: Must have studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: All attacks only do half damage to you for 5 turns.

Dragon Dive: A powerful diving attack that makes a huge, oriental dragon form around your body and drive through your opponent, much like the Dragon Fist but not as powerful.
Damage Delt: 50,000-?
Requirements: Must have studied "Laws of the East"
Effects: None, Can only be used once per battle.

Chrono Slash:

Western Knights-
The the Western Knights are those who use Broad Swords and Long Swords. Though not as graceful as Ninja's or lawful as Samurai, they are still quite powerful.( Most of these are off of FF7 and FF8 so be nice)

Cross Slash: A powerful, sword wielding ability to paralyze the enemy. You slash through the opponent, marking them with Celtic Symbol that leaves them Paralyzed.
Damage Delt: 4,000 (4 hits)
Effects: Paralysis

Climhazzard: You go up to your opponent and stab them in the chest, digging your blade in and try to bring them down with a 50-50 chance of instand death (But only in Death Match or Saga Battle that allows a death of a character)
Damage Delt: 25,000 or Instant Death
Effects: Once per battle

Big Brawl: A marvelous combo of sword slashes and stabs that ends with you knocking the opponent down, stabbing them in the chest and swinging around on your sword.
Damage Delt: 1,200 (22 hits; Last hit does 5,000)
Effects: Twice per battle

Planet Protector: This is the only non-attacking ability of the western Knight and is in fact very useful. You bring the power of the planet into you and use it to keep any attack from penetrating no matter what it is.
Effects: Next attack has no effects and Once per battle

Fated Circle: You don't hit your enemy at all with your sword but you do summon a circle beneath them and make it erupt in Spirit Energy, doing major damage.
Damage Delt: 45,000
Effects: Only use twice in battle

Omnislash: Also know as "100 Slash Assualt", you dash into the opponent and cut them down with ki-filled slashes that range all colors in the rainbow. You finally finish with a powerful upperslash, leap up into the air with the opponent and knock them down with a thud.
Damage Delt: 10,000 (100 Hits)
Effects: Must have less then half Hp and must recharge for 2 rounds after use; Can only be used once

Leon Heart: Much like Omnislash but not as many slashes. It is also much more powerful as it puts you to sleep, poisons and stops you. You slash a few times and then a giant Lion comes down and slams right through you.
Damage Delt: 10,000 (25 Hits)
Effects: Poisons, Sleeps and Stops Opponent; Only use Once per battle

Misc. Sword Techniques-

These are just regular sword technqiues that can be learned by anyone (Note: When you start learning sword technique, your page will then have a Weapons Ability section)

Rising Crush: The simplest of non-class sword abilities. You run up to the enemy and do an upper slash into them, adding +500 to your swords regular damage.
Requirements: Pl=1,500 Must have Sword
Damage Delt: +500 to whatever your sword already does
Effect: +500 to Sword for 1 turn.

Meteo-Rain: You summon energy from the heavens and slam down a rain of burning meteors that are guided by your sword into the enemy.
Requirements: Pl= 18,000
Damage Delt: 700 (13 Hits)

Lunatic High: You become very hyper with your sword, doubling your speed and tripling whatever damage you would deal for 3 turns. You cannot use ki attacks or sword tehcniques of any kind while in this state.
Requirements: Pl=10,000 Sp=1000
Effects: Doubles Sp and Triples Damage for 3 Turns, Ki Spent=500

Dynamite Sword: You attach a ki bomb onto your sword and dive into the enemy, slashing them with a huge explosion. This causes huge ki damage instead of physical. Treat as a Ki Attack.
Requirements: Pl=5,000
Damage Delt: 2000
Effect: Causes Ki Damage (Can be associated with Blasting Charge)

Bloodfest: You go into a berserk state and hit all your enemies for major damage with your sword. This is better on large groups of enemies as it does 5 hits to each enemy on the field but only 1 when there is only 1 opponent.
Requirements: Pl=15,000 SP=1500
Damage Delt: 2500 ( 5 Hits to Multiple Opponents, 1 Hit to 1 Opponent)
Effect: Blood Lose

Doom of the Living: You gather energy in your sword and fire it into the air. You then bring it down and slam it into your enemy, destroying them utterly with a huge beam of burning ki energy.
Requirements: Pl=50,000
Damage Delt: 30,000

Mirror Slice: A powerful combo of repeadative slices. This is one of the longest sword combos around, racking up a greand 12 hits.
Requirements: Pl=75,000  Sp=7500
Damage Delt: 7500 ( 12 Hits)

Shield of Leaves: You create a shield of leaves around you and disappear. You then appear next to an opponent and slash them in the chest. The shield stays around you for 2 turns after the attack, taking 5000 points of damage before disappearing.
Requirements: Pl=20,000 KI=5000
Damage Delt: 5,000
Effect: Takes off 5000 damage, Ki Spent=1000

Swords Dance: You do a dance, very similar to the Fusion Dance but in the end, you flip over to your opponent and begin doing the dance faster and faster, adding on moves that you find right to add. There are 5 steps to the dance and you attack with it 5 times, adding up a total of 25 hits if lucky!
Requirements: Pl=125,000  Sp=12,500
Damage Delt: 3,000 (25 Hits)

Hurricane Slash: Using the power of the wind, you dash into your opponent and begin a barrage of super-powerful slashes, finished with 2 huge hurricanes erupting from the tips of your sword.
Requirements: Pl=200,000 SP=20,000
Damage Delt: 9,000 (7 Hits) Hurricane-15,000 (2 Hits)

Cut/Up!: You just run into your opponent and begin to slash rapidly and finish by severing off one of their limbs!
Requirements: Pl=500,000
Damage Delt: 10,000 (10 Hits)
Effects: Severe

Catasphrope: One of the strongest non-class related swords abilities that cannot be just learned by buying, it must be learned through reading the "Swordsman Scriptures". You gather Ki Energy into your sword and leap into the air. As a ball of energy gathers at the tip, you throw it up into Space. From the heavens, bolts shaped like swords will rain down and crush the opposition.
Requirements: Must have "Swordsman Scriptures"
Damage Delt: 500,000 (5 Hits)