Android X
Stats:  PL:1350 (Chibi Form.)
Attack Bonus: +135
Moves:  Punch, Kick, Ki Blast
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities:  None
Race Abilities:
Zenny:  500
Items: Turtle Shell (100 lbs.)
Weapon Equipped:
Team:  None
Sagas:  None
Training:  None
Wins/Loses:  0/0
AIM Name:

Bio: This creation was so great they did't even give it a number.
X was created ever since saiyan-jin were known on this planet. X
was given a 7' musculer body, spiky black hair, and demon eyes.
Tis android looks like every girls dream, but there is a down fall.
His mission was eraced ever since Dr. Gero died. The only way X
got out is unkown, but now he's released...eivl or decide

Killer Move Description:
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