Race: Other
Stats:  PL:11050  (In chibi form)(With out shell.)
Attack Bonus:+1105
Moves:  Punch, Kick, Ki Blast, Hinotama, Solar Flare, Makosen
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities:  None
Race Abilities:
Zenny:  26500
Items:  None
Weapon Equipped:
Team: Turtle Shell (200 lbs)
Sagas:  None
Training:  None
Wins/Loses:  0/0
AIM Name:

Bio: At the age of 6, Azuka was abandoned by those who she assumed
were her parents. Though,it was apparent she was not their offspring.
See, they were normal, good ol' humans. While, she on the other
hand, was a tad 'different.'When disowned, she ran across a young
man by the name of Kazuo. Whom trained her in the martial arts,
and also took care of her. And molded her into what she is today.He
teaches her some preety bad habbits..Such as being ill-mannered
and being often aggressive. Not to mention her fondness for girls
rather than men. Ten years later, she leaves her sensai's side so
that she may venture out into the world. Broadening her horizons,
and constantly searching..For where she belongs. Azuka, is a Khatran.
Which in other words, means she's an anthro. Her physical appearance
is not that different from a normal person. Except for her cat-like
ears( which are gray and black at the tips ), whiskers, feline tail,
and long nails which are considred claws. Her eyes !
are that of a cool gray shade, while her hair is burgandy. Her complexion
is a nice, healthy tan. Her attire; A white, sleeved, form fitting
shirt. A red t-shirt placed over that. A black collar worn neatly
around her neck. A pair of black baggy jeans. K-Swiss. Black gloves
for each hand. And her favorite, red/black cap which often hides
her right eye from others. She uses this to hide her feline features..So
that she appears to be normal. And is often confused as a male for this issue..

Killer Move Description:
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