Fanart Gallery
This is the Fanart gallery, where anyone can come and get their pic up here.  To get your pic up here, it must be a drawing by YOU.  It can be any anime drawing and not just DBZ.  It can be completely invented by you or it could be a drawing of Vegeta.  If you want to get your drawing up here just email me with the drawing, a title (if it has one), and if you want a small bio about the drawing.  Every 2 weeks I will hold a vote here.  Vote for the drawing you like best.  If the winner is in the RPG they will get $5,000 added to stats.  Their drawing  will (It doesn't matter if he's in the RGP for this part) put in the space above. The voting will be held every two weekends (Skip one weekend inbetween the two) starting February 9th-10th.  Good Luck all!!
This picture was made by Michael Shinjuka (The last owner) This was his character pic.