Race:Half Saiyan/Human
Stats:  PL:650
Attack Bonus:+ 50 to punches +60
Moves:  Punch, Kick, 1-2 Jab, Ki Blast
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities:  None
Race Abilities: Saiyan Powers, Tail Strike
Zenny:  1500
Items:  None
Weapon Equipped:
Team:  None
Sagas:  None
Training: Guide to Boxing,
Wins/Loses: 2/0
AIM Name:

Bio: Gochen was brought up fighting, planning to be strong on
the future, now that he is the age of 14 he is well above normal
power level then he should be. Re relies mostly on speed and power.
At the age of 4 he was well into practicing some of his powers,
as he grew up more ,he become more powerful, speedy, and lovd the
arts of fighting, he looks up to his ancestors Gohan (Goku's foster
father/grandfather), Goku, Gohan(Goku's son), and Goten. He is now
searching for sayins and humans with powers. He plans oh defending
for whats right and deffending the justice, show his true powers
against demons or anyone who will try and take over the world.

Killer Move Description:
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