Meirei Sankuya
Stats:  PL:200
Attack Bonus:+10
Moves:  Punch, Kick
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities: Natural Claws/ Tail
Race Abilities:
Zenny:  500
Items:  None
Weapon Equipped:
Team:  None
Sagas:  None
Training:  None
Wins/Loses:  0/0
AIM Name:

Bio: Meirei is a female though is a Demon. Her physical appearance would look somewhere in the twenties such as about that of a twentytwo year old female. Though her figure is that of a human, those long like claws and black tail, that would look as though it was the devils, would end up to a point. Her attire consisted of mainly the gothic sence, such as those long baggy black jeans along with steel toed boots. Upon her upper form would be her mere short sleeve T-shirt, and at times a leather jacket. Hanging upon her neck would be various silver chains and necklaces. As well with her pale face and those crimson like colored eyes she would mainly stare down at her foes, the females hair would be about shoulder length as well crimson matching along her lips. She was a mere Demon that was evil and hated all. Wanted most everyone to die, her only wish is to carry out what she wanted, death to all. No matter what race it was or who it was she'll try and attack. She seems to be one of the true pure forms of evil energy. Her wrath must come to all she meets, tasting blood is what she needs.

Killer Move Description:
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