Michael Shinjuka
Stats:  PL:5450
Attack Bonus:+50 to punches, +540
Moves:  Punch, Kick, Ki Blast, 1-2 Jab, Hinotama, Kamehameha, Link Combo (Alpha), Flip
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities:  None
Race Abilities: Battle Prowess
Zenny:  •10500
Items: Nimbus
Weapon Equipped:
Sagas:  None
Training:Roshi, Guide to Boxing
Wins/Loses:  3/1
AIM Name:

Bio: Michael Shinjuka was started as a Saiya-Jin experiment on
a satellite orbiting planet Vegeta.  His Saiya-Jin name was  and
he was created by the smartest Saiya-Jin scientists to destroy Frieza.
They started by gathering together many different Saiya-Jinís DNA
and adding them together, plus adding some unique abilities one
ability being a slow aging process.  When the planet Vegeta was
destroyed a chunk of the planet hit the satellite, ripping a hole
in it.  The scientists all died because the air was swept out of
the satellite, but Michael was in a rejuvenation tank with a long
air supply.  After several days of nothing happening a computer
program started up automatically because of inactivity.  It first
checked the surface environment and when it found out that oxygen
was low it had a couple service robots patch up the hole in the
satellite and increased the oxygen level inside.  Then, finding
that all other life besides the experiment had disappeared, it activated
the experimentís brain.  As Michael opened his eyes he instantly
knew that planet Vegeta and all life in the satellite were gone.
He wasted no time breaking out of the tank and putting on some
Saiya-Jin armor.  Then he looked over all the ships docked at the
satellite, passing the regular one man sized Saiya-Jin pods, until
he found one that suited his purposes.  It was large ship, shaped
like a bird of prey with its wings forward, with enough room for
training, etc.  As he started it up he saw that the ships maps and
navigational systems were very incomplete and that if he used it
he would be flying blind, but since he really had no place to go it didnít matter. 
After years and years of drifting around in space, he felt a power
with about the same strength as his.  Checking the navigation charts
he saw it came from a small asteroid that was almost completely
barren.  Intrigued, he slowly piloted his ship down to the abandoned
hulk, landing beside the power.
Simply put, the demon was as strong as him, though the demon was
almost omnipotent (Means all seeing for all those with dirty minds.)
They battled and by the end they were both almost dead, so, to
preserve his life, the demon fused with Michael.  Then Michael went
to Earth, using the demonís powers to see the future Saiya-Jinís plot.

Killer Move Description:
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