v Hello and welcome to the weapons page. Here, we have listed all of our current weapons for sale... Now, the way weapons work they count as a turn but also as a physical attack, but they can be used more then once every two moves, so in other words, weapons can be used twice or even three times in a row. They also count as a round towards ki attacks so if you use a sword, then a punch and then a sword, you can use a ki attack on the 4th round.

There are a few different types of weapons:
- Fight Gloves
- Swords
- Nunchuku
- Staves
- and many others...

There is also a set of move scrolls that contain certain abilities and moves only learnable through them.

This bladed weapons or knights and the sorts, these deal damage of their own and take up a turn as a physical attack.

Iron Broad Sword- A simple sword that deals 125 damage: $1000

Bronze Broad Sword- Another sword, made of a sturdier metal that deals 150 damage: $1500

Steel Broad Sword- This is the largest of the broad swords and deals a devistating amount of damage, around 250: $3000

Iron Katana- A slender sword, not as powerful as the Broad Sword but can be reinforced with a ki shock ( use it along with Ki Blast to power it up the turn before and does x2 whatever your ki blast would do) for 100 damage: $2000

Bronze Katana- A longer, more powerful katana then the Iron and has the same ki properties as all others but does a slight larger amount of 175 damage: $4500

Steel Katana- This is the biggest of the normal katanas and a little more powerful then both the rest of the katanas and the broad swords with a whooping 375 damage: $7500

Bastard Sword- One of the biggest swords around, measuring 6ft in length, it must be held in two hands and takes one turn to pull out and one turn to put away but when it connects with the body of a person, it hurts like a mother( You can only use this sword when you hold it and must put it away to use any other attack). This huge sword deals a good 850 damage: $15,000

Flamberge- A sword similar to the Bastard Sword but it's easier to pull and doesn't need a turn to put away and take out. It still msut be held in two hands but doesn't need as much putting away. It can also use the same ki power as the katana's. This sword deals 450 damage: $30,000

Sirated Sword- This sword is great for stabbing, being when it goes in, a set of sharp spikes pointing out dig in and when being pulled from the target, it has a set of spikes on the top the out backwards, cutting them that way, making this a lethal sword that does 600 damage, stuns your enemy for a turn and does 600 when you pull it out the next turn: $45,000

Samarai Sword: This sword is great for swift work. Very light and indestructable almost. This sword increases the users speed by ten.:$1,000
Fighting Gloves:
Used by martial artists and monks a like, the glove is a symbol of power over the blade but sometimes, just as lethal. This adds damage to punch-type attacks.

Leather Glove- A simple glove that adds +50 to all punches: $500

Iron Knuckles- These are metal bumps that you put on your knuckles and dig into the enemies skin for some major damage. These add a +125 to all punches: $1500

Power Wrist- This is not a glove but a wristband that makes your arms fell light and increases the power they distribute when punching to add a good +200 to your attacks: $3500

Silver's Gloves- Worn by Captain Silver of the Red Ribbon Army to increase his power but they do seem to work well, even though he still wasn't very powerful. This increases your punches by +350 amazingly: $7500

Life Gloves- These are the gloves with dragonball designs printed on the punching sole that does serious damage and heals 100 hp after your turn. This adds +250 to all punches: $12,000