Your character has to be totally creative, you cannot... I repeat, cannot be an already in existence character. Your character may have know one of the characters or be related to them somehow, but doesn't have to be. But it must be custom.  Plus, if you would please read the Rules and Reffing page, at least, before or just after joining.

Your Bio must make sense and be creative. You must state your age and your physical description. You cannot come into the rpg as a super-powerful being or Super Saiyan or anything like that so try to be interesting ( and we already have 5 Vegeta's Brothers so...)

Your begining stats are automatically:
Moves: Punch and Kick

This is how you will start out but don't worry, you'll get stronger the more you fight and train.
        Also, I want good Bio's and names. In other words, ones that make sense. I want at least 1 paragraph ( Meaning 5 lines) of what your character is like, where they are from and what you may have been. I'm serious about this. A Bio like this is not acceptable.
" shiyukan is the most powerfullest android!" That is acceptable and any bio's like that are not allowed!

        You see, each race has it's own special abilities and traits. In fact, all the races start off with a group of abilities to learn right as you enter. you can pick one from your races ability chart or from the Misc. Chart. Here are the bonuses that certain races get when they join.

Saiya-jin-       Pl+ 50
                       Sp+ 10
                       Ki+ 0
                       Hp+ 0
Saiya-jin's cannot learn any mind control abilities or attacks that need advanced intelligence... for obvious reasons.

Namekian-     Pl+ 25
                       Sp+ 5
                       Ki+ 5
                       Hp+ 25
Namekians automatically gain Namekian Weighted Clothing to start.

Android-       Pl+ 100
                      Sp+ 0
                      Ki- 10

Human-        Pl+ 0
                     Sp+ 0
                     Ki+ 0
                     Hp+ 0

Demon-       Pl+ 100
                     Sp+ 10
                     Ki+ 10
                     Hp+ 50
Demons cannot learn any good-based attacks or abilities such as Natural Healing.

All other custom races, you gain same stat bonuses as Humans unless we decide other wise.
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