Kijutsu ( Magic)
          Well, since if all we had was  ki attacks, explosions and kicking ( Which is fun), it wouldn't be fun. We have weapons but there was one thing missing and that was... Magic! Yes, magic. Magic is a very unique and unsettling thing and takes a whole new system to learn. There are 4 different magic types though:
- Tao (Standard Magic)
- Burakkumajikku (Black Magic)
- Houjutsu (Holy Magic)
- Onimajikku (Demon Magic)

       Each magic has different effects on different enemies and equally strong types of spells but the downside is if you become a magic user, you can only use one type and it takes awhile to learn even one and you must take time out to learn from the magical masters.

       The 4 masters are shrouded in mystery and it is said, each live in the different corners of the earth, one is said to be a blind old women, while one is said to be an ancient wolf who lives in the frozen north. Hell, one is even portrayed as a Coven of Demonic Mages. It depends on which you choose, each will take awhile to get to.
                    Tao Magic

Tao magic is the standard magic that comes from the power of Tao Strips, spells written on small strips of paper that have powerful effects on the enemy. It was siad to belong to an ancient civilization that was wiped out by demon's hundreds of years ago and now, the demons are the only ones who know the ancient techniques of the Tao. It is said there are Tao's of Strength, Energy, Life, Fire and Darkness and each is locked within the souls of the 5 who captured the powers of the masters of the spells years ago. It is said they are all demons and are led by a even more powerful demon that lives high in the moutains and reigns all over the country side, using evil soldiers to keep people out of his domain.

        The only way to get to the Demon's Grotto, the city once dominated by mages, is through the mountain passes and up the Stairs of Daemon's, a 250 starway up to the gates of the city and even passed the stairs, it is said that the demon's mostly occupy the city streets. Whoever goes for the Tao Training will have a hard time getting their but the Tao Magic is probably one of the strongest types.
Mage Name: Taoist Mage
Students Excepted
: 0/1
: None
: 7/10


        This magic is said to be a simple type, once considered evil but now, black magic is said to only be a magic consisted of small abilities and spells that inflict pain but ones who learn the true art of Black Magic, get the full benefit and usually become very powerful people.

         It is said the last human to attain the power was a women named Buraindo who grew to such a powerful level of Burakkumajikku that she was stripped of her eyes and her sent into the deep catacomb dungeons under her city of Soltust in the East. Only a few months later, the Demon Hordes of Onimushi swept past the city and destroyed it. Buraindo may have been the only one to stop the forces but they were not able to get to her and the demons still run the ruins of the city. Buraindo is said to still be alive and locked in the dungeon. Maybe if you save her, she'll give you a lesson or two.
Mage Name: Witch or Warlock
Students Excepted: 0/1
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 7/10


             Houjutsu, the Holy Magic's developed by unknown Religious Men of the North and then, spread across to anyone who would need such assistance of the arts of good and law. Some people twisted the holy scriptures to create the Burrakumajikku, the Dark Magics. But these have been forgotten over time, no longer do people practice, let alone think of this ancient magic. There is still one though... a being as old as almost the earth itself, that retains all the secrets of the Houjutsu and maybe even other secrets of this world and it's dark past.

             It is a perilous journey across the Frozen Lands and even though evil is not present in these icy frontier lands, there may be other dangers in the snowy plains.
Mage Name: