Moves 2
     Well, since we didn't have enough room on the other moves page, I made Move's Page 2! If you want, you can suggest a few moves that aren't too extreme or powerful, Physical Moves are very much appreciated... thank you.
          The same rules apply for this page as for they do on the other Moves Page. They still have requirements and the like but msot of these are custom.

Kasenhari(Burning Arrow Beam)- One of the niffest attacks around, this gathers in your palms like the Masenko and when fired, it comes out as a pointed beam that cuts through your opponent hard, also, if this is used on your turn, it can counter any ki attacks your opponent may have used the turn before and go right through it, hitting them.
Requirements: Pl=80,000  
Normal Damage Delt: 10,000 
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Moui Batsu (Fury Strike)- This is a different attack that sends you into a fit of rage, making all your attacks +5000 to damage and lasts for 3 rounds and your SPx3, allowing you to go again if your SP becomes higher then your enemy. After the 3 rounds though, you msut recharge for 1 round and all the bonuses go away.
Requirements: Pl=35,000 
Normal Damage Delt: +5000 to all attacks for 3 rounds
Percent Accuracy: 60%  Effects: Spx3 and all attacks +5000 for 3 rounds but must recharge 1 turn after.

Chikaraotoshi(Energy Drain)- A useful ability used by Cell to drain energy from the opponent through his tail but anyone can do it by grappling to their opponent and drawing their power and putting it into themselves. This ability draws a temporary 150,000 Pl and 50,000 Sp from your enemy and adds it to yours. This only lasts for 2 turns though.
Requirements: Pl=750,000  Must know Grapple 
Normal Damage Delt: 1,000 
Percent Accuracy: 75% Effects: 150,000 to Pl and 50,000 Sp of your enemies and adds it to yours for 2 turns.

Chikara( Power-Up)- A small boost in power that doubles the damage of your next attack.
Requirements: None 
Normal Damage Delt: None
Percent Accuracy:100%    
Effects: Doubles your next attack

Enajjieru( Energy Gain) - The complete opposite of Chikaraotoshi, in fact, this is the ability to gain power by other means of Kaioken or such abilities. This is only a small power boost but can be used by anyone in any situation. This gives your stats a slight power-up; Pl+6,000  Sp+600
Requirements: Pl=6,000 Must know Chikara 
Normal Damage Delt: None
Percent Accuracy: 100%  
Effect:Raises Pl+6,000 and Sp+600

Bakuhabyouuchijuu(Rivit Blaster aka Shotgun)- A powerful attack made to send some major pain through the enemies body, not really made to look fancy. It's created like the Kamehameha as you gather a ball of energy in your hands while their back and bring it half-way forward and fire a barrage of energy needles at your enemy for some major damage.
Requirements: Pl=60,000  Must know Ki Shot and Kamehameha 
Normal Damage Delt: 6,750
Percent Accuracy: 80%  ( 20 Hits)

Youkouro ( Furnace Blast)- This is the ability to blow a beam of fire at your enemy from your hands. You put your left arm to the right and your right ar crossed over your left to the left side. You then bring them in, half-cupped and gather a ball fo energy and fire a beam of energy engulfed in flames.
Requirements: Pl=60,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 45,000 
Percent Accuracy: 45% 
Effect: Burn

Honoo- A burst of fire from glands in your mouth, some what like a dragon but this is a more demon like ability that traps the enemy in a tube of fire.
Requirements: Pl=500,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 56,000 
Percent Accuracy: 70%
Effect: Enemy is trapped for 2 turns, Burn

Ineruo (Inferno)- A powered up, white version of the Masenko that doesn't do much more damage but it is powerful.
Requirements: Pl=550,000  Must know Masenko
Normal Damage Delt: 50,000 
Percent Accuracy: 80%

Goorudeninernuo(Golden Inferno)- An ability of those who have reached the level of SSJ Lv.1 and msut be a saiya-jin. It allows you to fire a huge, gold version of the Ineruo that bursts out with energy.
Requirements: Pl=2,500,000  Must know Ineruo, Masenko and SSJ Lv.1
Normal Damage Delt: 150,000 
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Shounetsujigoku( Hell's Inferno)- You gather an Ineruo but your body is engulfed with a huge black ball of energy as it lfits you off the ground, charging the attack and then throwing your arms forward, setting off a barrage of Masenko-like blasts.
Requirements: Pl=2,500,000  Must know Ineruo, Masenko and must be Evil
Normal Damage Delt: 500,000 (1,000,000 to good characters)
Percent Accuracy: 90%

Jihadooinernuo( Holy Inferno aka Holy War)- It is gathered the same as Shounetsujigoku but it takes a turn to gather energy. You take one turn gathering the energy and heal yourself in the process and then you let it all out in a huge blast of white energy.
Requirements: Pl=5,000,000  Must know Masenko, Ineruo, Goorudenineruo and must be good
Normal Damage Delt: 750,000  (1,500,000 to Evil Characters)
Percent Accuracy: 150%
Effects: Heals 50,000 Hp

Gotenjochuu(Lady Seduction)- The ability to awe the ladies by using your man-like charms to daze any female character for a few rounds.
Requirements: Must be a man 
Effect: Enemy dazed for 2 rounds

Gaijochuu(Man Seduction)- This is the ability for a women to wow a man in anyway she wants, be it showing her clevage or undressing completely, hell, maybe just a wink or a blown kiss, stunning a man.
Requirements: Must be a women 
Effect: Enemy dazed for 2 rounds

Aiirobakuha(Blue Burst)- A semi-powerful ki attack that does some damage to the enemy. Not much more then a balst of blue energy that you gather in back of your head by pulling one or two hands back, cupping them together and straining energy until it grows large enough in power and throw it forward, hitting the ground in between your enemies legs, creating a huge explosion from the ground and raising a pillar of blue energy from beneath them.
Requirements: Pl= 36,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 7,200 
Percent Accuracy: 75%

Tienzankisei( Death Disk)- The evil version of the  Destructo Disk, formed from the heart of an evil person who can use this attack to defeat an enemy automatically with damage or anything if they are weaker then them.
Requirements: Pl=1,500,000 
Normal Damage Delt: Lose to anyone weaker then self
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Akogoudan- An evil release of energy that allows any evil character to create a duplicate of himself formed of pure evil that has the same stats and attacks as the user. The duplicate may be a perfect copy but at the end of 5 rounds, it disappears.
Requirements: Pl=40,000,000 
Effect: Create Perfect Duplicate of self

Jijioujunia- THis is a strange ability that allows you to create a few, tiny versions of yourself that you spit out of your mouth that fight for you. You can create up to 3 with the following stats:
You Jr's:
Hp: 150,000
Moves: Any 4 of your moves, 2 must be punch and kick
You control them in battle.
Requirements: Pl= 15,000,000  Effect: Creates copies of yourself

Kajou Aoriashi- A power physical attack. This is where you leap into the air and go into a powerful spinning kick attack, smasing the enemy up side the head.
Requirements: Sp=750 
Normal Damage Delt: 650 
Percent Accuracy: 85%

Ashige No Kisei- This is pretty much a move package and a combo ability that deals either combo damage of individual damage for each kick:
Doroppukikku: A drop kick attack   Normal Damage Delt: 250
Dorfinkikku: A dolphin kick that you jump into the air and dive downwards with both feet
             outwards   Normal Damage Delt: 300
Hasamikikku: A scisscor kick attack, like a soccer players  Normal Damage Delt: 350
Tookikku: A powerful kick to the chest that sends them into the air
Bakuufuukikku: A finish kick that allows you to grab onto the waist of your enemy by
               standing on your hands and latching to them and throwing them up and
               kicking them with a mule kick   Normal Damage Delt: 500
Requirements: Pl=30,000  Must know Kick and Advanced Martial Arts  Percent Accuracy: 60%
*note* This can be used as a combo or the attacks individually

Bodirangeeji(Body Control)- This is the powerful ability to control your opponent through painful ki consumption and such, wrenching their body around like a doll, either using them to attack your enemies or even themselves. This only works on characters at least a pl-50,000 less then yours.
Requirements: Pl=750,000  Must know Channeling 
Normal Damage Delt: 1000 for both turns
Percent Accuracy: 75% 
Effects: Foe under your control for 2 turns

Reishou- The ability to crush ones hope and fill them with doubt by whispering in their ear about how they can never accomplish anything. This makes them downers and lowers their defense, making them less resistent to attacks.
Requirements: Pl=400,000  Must know CHanneling 
Effect: Weaken

Fushichounessen(Pheonix Ray)- A dangerous and powerful technique that raises your body temperature to alarming rates and gives you the ability to use a very powerful technique. After charging the heat in your body for one turn, you gathering energy like the Kamehameha and bring it up, firing a rainbow-like beam up, firing it multiple times into the sky as a heat cloud will form, in that heat cloud, they will gather more energy and fire down like a rain of destruction, hitting with about 20 falling star like beams of energy with thick heads, almost like meteors. They will crash to the earth for some serious damage, exploding in a huge mess.
Requirements:  Pl=75,000,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 30,000,000 
Percent Accuracy:250%

Adazaruka(Cherry Blossm)- You power up a redish-pink ball of energy in front of you and make it explode and concentrate it into an energy sword that you can wield that does a lot of damage.
Requirements:  Pl=25,000,000 
Normal Damage Delt: 75,000 for every sword swing
Percent Accuracy: 95% This lasts for 5 turns.

Ice Wolf Bite- A powerful attack modeled after the Wolf Fang Fist. You leap into the air and gather around you a blue aurora and charge down, slamming your energy with an open fist claw-like jab and following up with a combo of open fisted punches that go so fast, they send off a cold aurora that freezes the enemy for 3 rounds unless they are hit with any type of attack.
Requirements: Pl=27,500 and must Know Rogafufuken ( Wolf Fang Fist) 
Percent Accuracy:70%    
Normal Damage Delt: 4,0000  
Effect: Freeze

Buu Big Bang Attack- Buu's own rendition for the Big Bang Attack but with him, he just releases energy from his body with firing from his hands and blows the shit out of everything around him!
Requirements: Pl=100,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 750,000
Effect: Hits all Enemies
Percent Accuracy: 100%

Super Ghost Ballon- Another one of Gotenks retarded attacks that really is like the Super Ghost Kamikazi attack but you blow a huge ballon of ki energy in front of your enemy and blow it up, releasing tons of tiny little ghost forms of yourself that circle the enemy and ram into them, blowing up in their face!
Requirements: Pl=6,000,000
Normal Damage Delt: 5,000 (20 hits)
Effect: Enemy Blinded for 2 turns
Percent Accuracy: 30%

Buu Cannonball- When Buu decided to destroy Kami's Lookout, he turned himself into a ball and rammed right through it. Now you can do the same. This effect lasts for 2 rounds and allows you to smash through the opposition.
Requirements: Pl=2,500,000
Normal Damage Delt: 250,000
Effect: All attacks on you doubled for 2 rounds
Percent Accuracy: 50%

Unlimited Power- This is a great attack that does a large amount of damage by tripling your next Ki attack which makes it easier to take out those enemies with a lot of hp.
Requirements: Pl=10,000,000
Effect: Triples the damage of your next ki attack, costs Ki=50,000
Percent Accuracy: 100%