OK First to Know how to ref you have to understand what some symbols are, and what they stand for:
PL = Power Level
SP = Speed
KI = ki (like magic points in other rpgs)
HP = Health
::____:: = an attack (description of what you are doing)

Different Types of Hits:
Miss = dosen't Hit at ALL
Barely Hit = grazes the fighter but is still hit
Hit = the fighter is just Hit
Defend/Block= A character can do this on their turn. This takes up their whole turn and allows them to take half damage of any attack the opponent would do on their own turn.
Direct Hit = Fighter was hit very hard in a weak spot or the attack was just dead on accurate
Fatal Blow = when a fighter hits another dealing the last blow

Receiving Stats:
When receiving stats the fighters must do it under private message.... or anyway they can without there Opponent seeing...  If a fighter though has Ki Detection he can ask to see a specific stat like PL and the ref must tell the fighter under private message as well...

The Reffing Sequence: 
The Ref first asks for stats: this is the PL, SP, KI, HP, Moves and Items after that the ref gets these stats he first looks at the SP of both fighters stats: the higher one goes 1st.  The ref announces who goes first then tells the fighter to go saying "(fighter's Name) Go" the fighter then says a move...(if a fighter uses a description the attack is more accurate and more powerful...the longer the description the better the attack is)... Then the ref decides whether or not it was a hit by saying "hit, miss, etc.".... Its just chance make things interesting...but keep in mind the accuracy of attacks (on the moves board under the attack) then the ref Deal the damage by saying "??? Damage" ... the damage is lower for a barely hit, but higher for a Direct hit (again Normal Hit damage for an attack is under the attack on the Moves Page) then the ref proceeds with the next fighter by saying "(fighter's Name) go" and keeps continuing this sequence until one fighter has No HP left or a team is wiped out....

Reffing Team fights:
Same as above except the battle is not over till one team is wiped out...the order is still gone by who has the higher SP Teams can share Items and may help in only blocking one move and that is Body Change... Team fighters may also jump in front of attacks directed at their team member but must say so BEFORE the ref says if it a Hit, miss, etc. Battle stats that are awarded after battle are done by a team if a team wins then they all get the wining stats even though they might have lost earlier in the battle...the loosing team everyone gets the loosing stats...

Here is a Mock Fight so you can see What is Like:
Ref: Stats Please...

Private Message from Ashton...
PL = 15,000 SP = 1500 KI = 1500 HP = 7500
Moves: Masenko, Punch, Kick,  Bukujustu, Zanzoken, Chikara, Ki Shot, Zanzoken, Dynamite Kick
Abilties: Link Combo, Blasting Charge
Items: Potion(2), Ether(1)

Private Message From Michael...
PL = 25,000 SP = 2600 KI = 2400 HP = 12,500
Moves: Kamehameha, Punch, Kick, Bukujustu, Solar Flare, Kaioken x1, Spirit Bomb, Hasshuken, Zanzoken
Items: Senzu Beans (3)

Ref: Michael will go first
Ref: Mike go
Mike- :: Michael pulls back both his hands, cupping them together closely and then suddenly, opening them slightly to show a blue ball of energy forming within. Then he began to speak aloud..::"Ka...Me...Ha...Me..." ::..and on the last words...:: "HA!"::.. he released a huge beam of blue energy that swirved off toward Gohan in a strong gust of wind::
Ref: Hit
Ref: 1,500 Damage
Ref:  Ashton go
Ashton- :: Ashton was hit hard with the Kamehameha and blasted back slightly but he was not out yet. He pulled both of his hands began his head, one palm behind the other and pulled it down, firing a straight beam of blue ki energy at Michael::
Ref: Direct Hit
Ref:  1,400 Damage
Ref: Michael go

The fight continues on till ones HP reaches 0

Determining Damage:
Since your PL is a way to increase strength, it came to us that we can add your to your attack. So for every 500 Pl you gain, you get a +10 to all damage to do. So say you use the Punch and your Pl is 750, you do 35 damage automatically. You may even get extra damage for making a good posted attack.

Abnormal Status:
Abnormal Status can come in the form of burns, poison or paralysis. These are listed underneath in strength and length.

This merely gives you a 50-50% chance of hitting the enemy and still allows you to attack.

Blood Lose- 
If you get hit with an ability that can make a blood-wound, you begin to loose blood. If you are not healed in 5 rounds, you are unconcious and if you aren't healed 2 rounds after that, you die.

Burn- Burn is a strange attack that is done by fire-based attacks. It can last for 2-3 rounds and does 500 burn damage each round. It also makes the opponent unable to dodge and makes all attacks do half-damage until the burn is gone.

This is an attack that freezes you and keeps your frozen for quite some time. You can only break free in either 2-5 rounds, be burned open from the casing or you are stronger then the person who froze you and break free.

This keeps you at bay until it wears off. You cannot attack or do anything when you are paralyzed. This lasts for 1-3 turns.

This is a weaker burn that allows you to keep going in battle like nothing happened but you are damaged by 100 each turn until the end of the battle or you are healed.

This is a weakenened state where the next attack does double damage to you but wakes you up and allows you to attack again.

This merely stops you for 3-5 rounds and is merely a more powerful Paralysis ability.

Another strange ability that is used in some attacks to double all damage upon you and half all the damage you deal until the end of battle or after you're healed.