Fighting Rules:
1.  When battling you will need at least 1 opponent and 1 ref.
2. 10 Losses automatically sends you to King Kai's
3.  Hits and misses are determined by the ref.  If you think he is wrong, e-mail me a copy of the fight.
5.  Training will be held on the trainers time.
6.  Making your own character must be approved by a owner/co-owner.
7.  Clans have to be approved by a owner/co-owner.
8.  Read all of the rules before joining the RPG.
9.  You may train or do a saga twice a day(unless you have a rejuvenation tank, but you may fight as much as you want (remember to update)
10. No attack can be used twice in a row
11. You can only use a Ki Attack every 3 attack turns  ( Such as Solar Flare, Kamehameha, Sokidan, Distructo Disk and the like...)
12. There are 3 types of fighting: Sparring, Battling and Death Matches and the rules are listed below)
13. You cannot ref your own fight without approval of the owner!!
Sparring- This is a simple match between two people in martial combat with no item assistance of any kind. You cannot gain a lose in Sparring and they recieve these stats:
        Winning-    Pl+100   Sp+10  Ki+10  Hp+50   $: None
        Losing-       Pl+50   Sp+5   Ki+5  Hp+25        $: None

Battle- This is a real fight, which can gain you a win or lose, depending on how good you are. You may use items and weapons in this type of battle:
        Winning-   Pl+250   Sp+25  Ki+25  Hp+125   $: 1000
         Losing-    Pl+100   Sp+10  Ki+10   Hp+50     $: 500

Death Match- The deadliest of all types of fighting, because if you lose, well... you die and your opponent can kill you in anyway they please, if their that sick. You also gain a double win for this if you defeat the foe but can only do it once per month. I repeat... ONCE PER MONTH!!! (I don't suggest Death Matches until you all are slightly stronger!):
       Winning-  Pl+1000  Sp+100  KI+100  Hp+500  $: 10,000
       Losing-     Pl+500   Sp+50    Ki+50    Hp+250   $: 0



Killer Move Rules:
1. This attack must first be named.
2. You have 5 points to add to your attack in the begining and other ways of gaining them are listed below.
You can use the Killer Points to add damage onto your attack, a power or speed raising ability or even a healing ability. Other effects are below. Each one costs a different amount of Killer Points (KP)
-Add +10,000 Damage to your killer most
Cost: 1 Kp (This can be stacked)
-Add +10,000 Temporary PL to yourself
Cost: 3 Kp(This can be stacked)
-Add+1,000 Temporary Sp to yourself
Cost: 3 Kp(This can be stacked)
-Heal +5,000 Hp of your own
Cost: 5 Kp (Can be stacked)
-Deduct -10,000 Temporary PL from your enemy
Cost: 3 Kp(Can be stacked)
-Deduct -1,000 Temporary Sp from enemy
Cost: 3 Kp(Can be stacked)
Cost: 1 Kp (Can be stacked)
- Absorb Half of whatever damage you deal
Cost: 10 Kp
- Enemy is confused and does 1,000 damage to self and looses turn
Cost: 4 Kp
- Prevents any attacks from hitting you for 1 turn and allows you to attack
Cost: 5 Kp (Can be stacked)
- All Enemy attacks do half damage for 1 turn
Cost: 6 Kp (Can be stacked)
3. Every time your Pl passes another 500,000 point, you gain 1 more Killer Points. You also gain 2 Killer Points every time you kill someone with your KIller Move or complete a saga (It only works after you reach Pl:500,000 to get them from Saga's)

Clan/Team Rules:

1.  When forming your own clan you must get it okay'd by either the owner or a co/owner.
2.  The clan leader can charge entrance fee if he chooses.
3.  Clans may share items, ships, wishes, but not stats.
4.  Clans may jump in on any fights they choose as long as a member of there clan is involved.
5.  Clans may not interfere with battles in a tourn
6. A clan must also be sponsered by a certain Master they have trained under, so say you trained under Master Roshi or Master Korrin, you can ask them to sponsor your Clan/Team. This Master's Home or residing place will then become your own Headquarters. You can then get extra training from this Master and Learn new techniques from them that you never could have before.

    Dragonball Rules:
    Earth Dragonballs:
usage 1 Wish( 2 After Frieza Saga)
Must have Dragonball Radar from Earth to receive the Earth Dragonballs...regulations on using the dragonballs of earth are:
1.  Must be on Earth.
2.  Two wishes for Earth Dragonballs
3.  You must find them on a quest(much like getting to a trainer's house for training.)
Wishes Shenlong can grant:
1.  To bring one person back to life.
2.  To raise ones Pl+ 10,000
3.  To raise ones Sp+ 1,000
4.  To raise ones Ki+ 1,000
5.  To raise ones Hp+ 5,000
6.  To get two moves or ab

    Namekian Dragonballs: 
3 Wishes
Must have a Namekian Dragonball radar to receive the Namekian Dragonballs.  Regulations on using the Namekian Dragonballs are:
1.  You must be on Namek.
2.  You will recive 3 seperate wishes(not the same wish twice.)
3.  You must find them on a quest(much like getting to a trainer's house for training.)
Wishes Parunga can grant:
1.  To bring 3 people back to life.
2.  To raise ones Pl+ 100,000
3.  To triple one's Sp+ 10,000
4.  To triple one's Ki+ 10,000
5.  To triple one's Hl+ 50,000
6.  To get 3 moves or a

    Evil Shenlong's Dragonballs: 
1 wish
Must have the Black Dragon Radar and be in the North quadrant.  Regulations on using the Black Star Dragon Balls are:
1.  Must be in North Quadrant.
2.  Will only recive one wish.
3.  You must find them on a quest(much like getting to a trainer's house for training.)
Wishes Evil Shenlong can grant:
1.  To raise one's Pl+ 1,000,000
2.  To raise one's Sp+ 100,000
3.  To raise one's Ki+ 100,000
4.  To raise one's Hl+ 500,000
5.  To get 4 moves or abilities.
6.  To bring 5 people back to life.

    Tsuerullian Dragonballs:
2 Wishes
You must have a Tsuerullian Dragon Radar and be on Planet Tsuerullia to get them. The regulations are:
1. Must be on Tsuerrullia
2. Will only recieve 2 wishes
3. Must them on a quest
Wishes the Tsuerullian Dragon: Meikulio
1. To raise one's Pl+ 10,000,000
2. To raise one's Sp+ 1,000,000
3. To raise one's Ki+ 1,000,000
4. To raise one's Hp+ 5,000,000
5. To get 6 moves or abilities
6. Bring as many people back to life as wanted
7. To reach Super Bei
ng Lv.6