For every saga you do, you will fight your enemies in 1-on-1 combat unless the ref says otherwise.  The only fight that is allowed to have all the fighters fight is the last one or every major one that the ref allows but otherwise, you may choose which fighter will fight who in each 1-on-1. At the end though, everyone recieves the Saga stats though

I am taking the stats off this page because showing the stats is a little un-fair. Don't worry, next to each saga description, a prefered stats level chart and moves will be listed that will help you slightly but it's supposed to be challenging.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that since that Earth is now half-saiyan infested, what reason would Raditz and the other saiya-jins have coming here. So we are re-doing the first few Saga's and a lot of the others have a few twists in them.

Tao Pai-Pai, the World Famous Hero
                                                        Now who on Earth is more famous than Tao Pai-Pai? No one, that's right! He's gained respect by serving in the war against the Red Ribbon Army and by winning many a martial arts tournament. Hell, he's even beat Master Roshi in the World Martial Arts Tournament 4 years ago. Yes, there is nothing Tao could want more.

      Well, except to become an evil warlord and rule the earth... Yes, there is always a twist. Tao has gathered the dragonballs with the help of his assistant Bartholomew Charles Satan (Yeah, figures, huh?) and is ready to make his wish... To be the most infamous being alive!

Suggestions: You will have to fight more then Tao Pai-Pai in this saga and Tao himself is quite powerful. You may want to have done Master Roshi Training and at least have a PL of 1500-2000. If not, you gain stats throughout the saga and don't be too powerful, because Tao has an attack that counters that strength.

Party Size: 1-2 People (Can either be a NPC or another

The Legendary Master-

Hmmm, some interesting occurances have hapened. A strange tournament has been started by some strange man. Demons have flocked to the area too fight. This Saga is the most interesting by far. Not much is known, but a few characters like the mysterious Tai Sakura, Tien, Yamcha, and a few other charcters make and appearance.

Suggestions: You should most definatly buy some new energy moves, and most definatly
be above a Pl of 5000!! Also you should have trained under Master Roshi and Korrin.

Party Size: You and three other NPCs or two people.

Arrival of the Experiments-

    Well, you didn't expect this but you know that Saiya-jin Satelite Michael Shinjuku came from? Well, it seems a few other creatures came from it as well. Landing in North City, a few Saiya-jin pods open to reveal 2 powerful looking Saiya-jins and a few nasty little creatures. This may be a strange saga.

Suggestions: Bukujustu is VITAL in this saga since a lot of the enemies can fly. Also, let's hope you're quite strong but not so strong that it's not an interesting battle. Also, Saiya-jins get excited and fight harder against other Saiya-jins so you might want to have a variety of people in your party.

Party Size: 2-5 People ( At least 1 person must be an actual member and you can only use 2 NPCs)

Yamalong Saga-

    It seems like evil forces don't want to let you live and this time, it's not a Saiya-jin distrubance. Nope, this time, it's evil Chi Wizards who want to kick your asses. There is a twist to this Saga though. This is one of the three Sagas where you become a Chibi(Child) and all your stats are halved. Good luck.(Hell, who knows, maybe a little Black Mage just might show up to help you in this case)

Suggestions: Powerful Attacks are KEY in this Saga, along with luck and the kaioken attack.

Party Size: 2-4 ( At least 1 person must be an actual member and only one can be an NPC)

The Saiyans Arive-

Frieza Saga

       Well, it seems like bad things are going on all throughout the world so it makes sense that it might happen on other planets. With a ship supplied by Capsule Corp., you can make your way to Namek to help the Namekian Race in their struggle against the evil Frieza.

Suggestions: You'll get plenty of time to train and fight so don't worry if you're not that powerful when you take off for Namek. Don't go training overboard because you can train on the ship and after you defeat the Ginyu Force. You might want to have died though and gone to King Kai's Planet to gain the Kaioken attack, it is very useful here if you need a strength advantage in battle. This saga will need more then strength advantages in a fight too, make sure you know some good abilities and some attacks that can paralyze or put your opponent to sleep.

Party Size: 3-5 ( At least 2 people must be actual members and only 1 can be an NPC)

Demon Rift Saga

   I didn't see this coming... It seems that a Rift has opened that has realesed a whole new universe of demons. It's your job to hunt down the 6 demons and stop their stupid asses from destroying the world, as they may be powerful but aren't very smart. Before you can do that though, you have to go through the rift so you can become prone to damage these bastards and it turns out the way to do it is by being a child so Chibi-fied you are once again! Also, whoever defeated Frieza in the final battle cannot take part in this, as they are too much in pain to do so... Hell, they're in the hospital.

Suggestions: Not much for this one but it's more funny then serious about blowing up the world. Appearances from such characters as Light Rocket, Master Roshi and even Cloud Strife (Don't as why but he fits in in your benefits)

Party Size: 2-4 ( At least 2 must be actual members and only 1 can be a NPC)

Android Saga-

    It seems like the RR Army has gone pretty crazy and wants to get rid of you as soon as possible. So they create the Androids. And not just a couple, I mean a whole army of goddamn androids and it seems like they want to rule the world in the process. At the head of the Army are Dr. Gero and his 3 head androids, 19,18 and 17. This might be quite harder then you expected.

Suggestions: You're gonna want to be able to go Super Being Lv.1 at least and maybe even know Fusion Dance but that is only me. Also, horde in on Senzu Beans because the Androids can absorb energy which heals them quickly. (Special appearances from Yuske Urimeshi, Kuwabara and hard-ass Cloud Strife)

Party Size: 3-6 ( You must have 2 actual members and only can only have 2 NPC's)

Cell Saga-

    Well, when you blew the hell out of Android 19 and Android 16, Androids 17 and 18 had some time to get away and awaken the secret weapon; Cell! Seems like this might get hard as Cell thinks he's the ultimate fighter and he might just be in this case.
I don't think Cloud, Yuske and Kuwabara will be very useful in this one, even though they are still around.

Suggestions: Be strong and hope you will be powerful enough to defeat Cell. Super Being is a must here as it may be the only way to beat him. Also, make sure you know some powerful moves to drain Cell of major HP when you can.

Party Size: 3-6 ( 3 must be actual members and you can only use 2 NPCs)

Return of Yamalong

    Dammit, does that guy ever learn. Yamalong is back and has decided to finish you once and for all. When he sees how powerful you have become though, he gets worried and turns you into kids. With some of the old enemies under his control as Chi Warriors, he may be a bitch to handle. Who knows, ViVi might just show up again to help you!

Suggestions: Don't worry, as long as you're powerful enough to go Super Being in a Chibi State, you'll be fine.

Party Size: 2-5 ( 2 people must be actual members and only 2 NPCs can be used)

Majin Buu Saga

     With the starting of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament underway, it's time for you to go get ready and begin fighting. But wait, it seems like your strongest fighter has been drained of their energy and is unable to fight now! Whoever the prick is who did this is going to get his ass kicked but you gotta catch him first. I wonder what he needed that energy for?

Suggestions: Fusion Dance, Portara Fusion and Mystic Ability are EXTREMELY USEFUL in this Saga. Majin Buu is stronger then you would think and could use a good ass-kicking from a person with great power.

Party Size: 4-8 ( 3 must be actual members and only 3 NPC's can be used