This is the training page.  You can only train with trainers, they are listed on the main page and member page.  You just IM them and ask them if they will give you training.  If they say yes you create a chat and invite them.  First you have to get to the trainer's character's residence (I.E. For Kami training you have to get to Kami's Tower.)  If you don't know what I'm talking about then ask the trainer.  Then if you make it they will give you training.  If you win you will get the stats.  You must start with Roshi Training.

Roshi's Training
   The master of the Kamehameha Wave and one of the strongest humans on Earth. You fight him and it doesn't seem like a big deal but wait, is he done yet or no. He laughs and tells you about his true power, bursting into full energy and bulging musles, he's ready to fight again!.  When you first battle him you will get stats.  BUT, you will not learn the Kamehameha yet.  Once he thinks you will powerful enough he will find you and teach you.  Master Roshi also has a special, extensive training that you can take but it can only be taken by 4 people ( In 2 groups of two) every month and it lasts for 5 days.
Requirements:  Must have PL over 500 to learn Kamehameha
Moves Learned: Kamehameha
Abilties Learned: None

Korrin's Training
A simple training where you must climb Korrin Tower and catch master Korrin. This has no point but to make you a little stronger.
Requirements: None
Moves Learned: None
Abilities Learned: None

Kami's Trainin
      Here, you'll fight few people. When you reach the Lookout, Kami will be standing at the end of the walk-way but next to him is a fat man eating some cookies and a strange, black creature with a turban. The fat man reveals himself as Yajirobe and your first opponent.
After defeating him, it seems that the other man wishes to fight you as well.
After the two fights, it's time to face Kami himself.
After winning, he will teach you the things below:
Requirements: Must have beaten the first Sag
Move Learned:  Distructo Disc and Bukujustu
Abilities Learned:  Blast Charge, Dodge and Ki Dodge

Piccolo Training

This training is much like Master Roshi's "Turtle Hermit Training", except in this case, you are left in the wilderness for awhile to fend for yourself. Piccolo has a strange way of doing things... Anyway, this will be good as it teaches you some abilities that are quite useful.
Requirements: None
Moves Learned: None
Abilities Learned: Channeling and Double Team

King Kai Trainin
     To get King Kai training... Well, you have to die.   If you pass his tests you will go through his training and after that you will finally get these stats, but keep in mind that learning his skills will be very difficult.
Requirements: Must be Dead
Moves Learned: Kaioken Attackx1, Grapple and Spirit Bomb
Abilties Learned: None

  Guru Training
     To get Guru training you must be on Namek before it is destroyed. This can be done at anytime while you are on Namek.  When you do, you simply are touched and some of your hidden power is realesed. He also raises your Ki Awarness with Ki Detection.
Requirements: Must be on Namek
Moves Learned: None
Abilities learned:  Ki Detection
Then you will also recive Guru's Emblem to go along with your others.

Kaio-Shin (Supreme Kai) Trainin
     You can only be trained by the Supreme Kai if you are in an intervule after Majin Buu is ressurected in the Majin Buu Saga.Kaio-Shin takes you to his distant planet when he believes you are ready to have the power of his training (after Guru training.)  There are no obstacles for this training and he merely gives you the Portara Fusion and raises your stats by Kibito's special ability to give power.
Requirements: Must be doing Majin Buu Saga
Moves Learned: None
Abilities Learned: Porta Fusion and Porta Fusion Earrings
               *Special*- Mystic Awakening Training
     Though this is not a training given to you by the current Kaio-O-Shin, you can still get this from the Z Sword. You are given the legendary sword to practice with but sooner or later, it shall break. Inside, the 15th Century Kai will appear and be ready to give you his training. This is a 2 day process of merely sitting on the ground and having a dirty old man awaken " sleeping powers" in your body. This is worth it though, as your stats increase amazingly.
Moves Learned: Concentrate Ki

Abilities:   Mystic Transformation
Items:  Z Sword ( Turns into Kai Sword Afterwards

Self- Training
      This is when you train yourself in the Gravitron or the Room of Time and Spirits. When in the Gravitron, you can bring in another person to train with you and spar. Whenever fighting in here, you can train under up to x45 gravity. Depending on what gravity you train under, you times whatever stats you would get by that. There are resitrictions for it though. Your PL cannot be under whatever 100 x the gravity your gravitron is on. So say your Pl is 400, you cannot train under x10 gravity yet until your Pl is atleast 1000.

            The Room of Time and Spirits is different though. No matter what Pl you have, you always treat your new stats as if you had sparred 5 times. You can only spar twice in the Room of Time and Spirits though for everytime you go in and you can only go in once a month. Here, you will go back in time to a certain place and battle or do anything the trainer thinks you should do.. You must have done Kami Training to do this.

           Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a day of training as if you have been training for a week. You must bring a partner inside the chamber and train with them. Whatever stats you gain ( As the ref says) will be x7, being is it as if you were in there for a week.

           You  may also do a written training. Just write it out in an E-Mail and send it to to be decided and judged to see how good it is for training. It has to atleast be 2 paragraphs ( 10 lines) and must make sense. Make it understandable and you'll get decent stats.

         The last training is with a trainer you have fought once before. You can go back and train with them if you want for x2 the same stats you got last time. They may even sometimes send you through vigorous training and the like. Master Roshi may put you through Turtle Hermits Training and Kami through Meditation...

       * Note* Special Trainings will show up on the Home Page once in awhile so watch out, they only  last for a week at
a time.