Stats:  PL:900
Attack Bonus:+80
Moves:  Punch, Kick, Ki blast, Hinotama
Special Moves: None
Killer Moves: None
Abilities:  None
Race Abilities:Battle Prowess
Zenny:  5000
Items:  None
Weapon Equipped:
Team:  None
Sagas:  None
Training:  None
Wins/Loses:  0/2
AIM Name:

Bio: Kenjitto was the son of a nobleman named Darunia and a medic named Nambura. Kenjitto has one brother by the name of Shaper who is his twin brother. Kenjitto was born on planet Vegeta and grew up knowing many things. He was a skilled fighter and knew how to defend himself. He was young and powerful and always knew what to do when his friends needed help. Everything was going great until the day he decided to sell out his planet. He just so happened was the friend of the older Prince Vegeta and had learned to trust him. He heard his father King Vegeta when he was about to break his alliance with Freiza.

Killer Move Description:
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