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1. WAYLEN of Devizes, Wiltshire SUMMARY A4 page number 35 John WITHERS 1629 Bishops Cannings-1719 2 356 Mary WITHERS 1663 Bishops C-1749 m2 Robert WAYLEN 3567 Robert WAYLEN c1701 Devizes-c1773 Devizes m Katherine TANE 3 35671 Robert WAYLEN c1740-1817 m Elizabeth (Betty) NORRIS 4 35671 1 Robert WAYLEN 1771 Wilts-1841 m 1797 Sarah WILLIS 35671 11 Robert WAYLEN 1798 Devizes m 1836 Rebecca Ann ELLIOT 5 35671 16 Elizabeth WAYLEN 1804 Devizes m James O AUSTIE/ANSTIE 6 35671 17 Alfred WAYLEN 1805 Devizes m 1832 Anne BAILEY 7 35671 173 Charles William WAYLEN 1839-1900 m Elizabeth MCINTOSH 8 *LN 35671 1735 (Lady) Ella Mabel WAYLEN 1869 m (Sir) George FARRAR 10 *DT 35671 17352 (Viscountess) Muriel FARRAR 1896-1968 11 m (Viscount) Anthony LOWTHER 1896-1949 son of 6th Earl of LONSDALE 35671 17352 1 James LOWTHER 1922-2006 7th Earl of LONSDALE 11 35671 17352 12 Hugh Clayton LOWTHER 1949 8th Earl of LONSDALE 13 35671 17353 Gwendoline FARRAR 1899 London-1944 London Artiste 35671 17356 (Lady) Ella FARRAR 1911 m (Sir) Thomas WATSON 13 35671 17356 1 (Sir) James WATSON 1937 m Christabel CARLISLE 13 35671 19 William WAYLEN 1807 Devizes m? Harriet 1805 Essex 15 35671 1(12) James WAYLEN 1810 Devizes Historian & painter 17 35671 1(13) Edward WAYLEN 1811 Devizes 18 35671 1(16) Charlotte WAYLEN 1821 Devizes m Thomas George TEBAY 19 .................................................................. DETAILS 35 3--John WITHERS (bp 8.3.1629 Bishops Cannings-1719) Although not part of the WAYLEN tree, his will refers to the WAYLENs so I have included him here.

He is 35 at http://www.oocities.com/keeto111/withers/withers.html See there for his family & other children.

After the restoration of the king in 1661, customary tenants are recorded 
coming to the manor court to pay homage & be amerced (ie showing contrition by
making payment). In 1661 Wm [38], Ralph [36] & John [35] were amerced & a 
further 10 defaulters in 1666 including John WITHERS [35] & Thomas WITHERS the 
younger [33?]: (WSRO 248/91/222) - p10 of MT.
 In 1702 ten "friends" purchased for 100P a piece of land in St John's parish 
for a new meeting house, & the names included John WITHERS [35?], yeoman of 
Bishops Cannings. (There is now a new meeting house on the same site, with the 
Kennet & Avon canal close by.) - p12 of MT.
   Peculiar Court of the Dean & Chapter of Sarum (Roll N55), will of John 
WITHERS of Nursted, parish of Bishops Cannings, Wilts., yeoman dated 4.10.1719:
 I give to my granddaughter Mary WAYLEN [3561], daughter of my late son in law 
Robert WAYLEN of Nursteed aforesaid deceased, all
that messuage or tenement at Laywoods in the parish of Bishops Cannings 
aforesaid to hold for evermore; to my granddaughter Mary WAYLEN all my
leasehold estate held of the Mayor of the Burrow of Devizes lying at Bishops
Cannings adjoining the Close called Dale Mead & also 100p (pounds); to my
grandson Robert WAYLEN [3562] son of my late son Robert WAYLEN [356-sp], when
21 years of age, 150p in the occupation of my daughter Mary WAYLEN [356]; if
Robert WAYLEN [3562] die then to William WAYLEN [3563?] & granddaughter Mary
WAYLEN [3561]; to Jason Jacob ASHLEY [3542,3541-the same person?] son of my 
daughter Sarah ASHLEY [354], 30p; to my said daughter Sarah ASHLEY 1 half
guinea; to my granddaughter Sarah ASHLEY [3544] 1 guinea a silver spoon;
all the rest of my estate to Mary WAYLEN [356]. (Signed)

  Here we give the descendants only of his daughter

356  4--Mary/Marie WITHERS (bp 3.7.1663 Bishops Cannings-3.12.1749
Bishops Cannings) She died at Nurstead House aged 91.
Daughter of 35  3--John WITHERS (bp  8.3.1629 Bishops Cannings -1719)

m1 22.3.1683/4 Bishops Cannings sp-John POUND   "2 of the most illustrious [of 
this POUND family were his brother?] Dr James POUND b Feb 1669 Bishops Cannings
[BC} d 16.11.1724 as Rector of Wanstead, Essex, & Dr Thomas BRADLEY, both 
astronomers. In the service of the East India Company [James] went to China, & 
was one of the few survivors of the massacre of the factory in the island of
Palo Condere in Cochin China, an account of which tragic scene Archdeacon 
MACDONALD late of BC discovered among the papers of Dr BRADLEY, & the journal 
of the passage of the ROSE sleep till they reached Batavia [Jakarta] April 
1705. In the conflagration Dr POUND just escaped with his life, losing his 
entire museum of curiosities. Notwithstanding his parochial engagements at
Wanstead, he became known as one of the most practical astronomers in England,
both NEWTON & HALLEY making frequent application for his observations. From Sir
Isaac .. he received substantial compensation, Professor RIGAUD having 
discovered in Dr POUND's account books the 2 following memoranda of Sir Isaac's
liberality - "13.7.1719 to a free gift received from Sir Isaac NEWTON 
P 52/10/0." 28.4.1720 to a free gift received from Sir Isaac NEWTON P 52/10/0."
James BRADLEY, nephew of the above & 3rd son of Wm BRADLEY of Hampnet near
Northleach & Jane POUND of BC was b1693, & educated at Balliol College, Oxon.
When absent from the university it was his practice to repair to his uncle's
rectory at Wanstead... BRADLEY's 1st communication to the Royal Society was ..
1816 & 2 years later Dr HALLEY proposed him as a fellow of the Society, Sir
Isaac NEWTON occupying the chair. In 1719 & 1722 he made 2 observations on the
double star Castor .. which lead Sir John HERSCHEL to a more accurate 
determination of the motion of that binary system. Having been educated for the
church, BRADLEY acquired the vicarage of Bridstow & the rectory of Llandewi,
both in Wales; but relinquished them 1721 on his appointment to the Savilian 
professorship of astronomy at Oxford. See his "Works & correspondence" edited
by Prof. RIGAUD. In France an "Eloge" was pronounced on him by DE FOUCHY before
the royal academy of sciences at Paris in 1762.
  - Excerpt of "House of WAYLAND" also by James WAYLEN [35671 1(12) of 
waylen/waylen.html] p179? 15.8.08 ex LN (Lucille NEUSTROSKI 
lucille"att"wave.co.nz of the branch waylen/waylen.html).

m2 (.3.1688 or 7.10.1688/89) Bishops Cannings sp-Robert WAYLEN (.3.1655 St
James, Southbroom, Devizes, Wilt.) d c1716 intestate; administration granted to
his widow 11.8.1716: she appends her name as Marie; her signature is coupled
with John WITHERS, presumably her father; witnesses Wm FEW of Potterne & Henry
HAYES, solicitor. A mem'm is added "This admin'n to be sent to Mr HAYES of
  "Of Nurstead and Potterne" son of William WAYLAND of Nurstead and Rowde Hill 
(1620) and Anne POWELL of Devizes Wick - see p110 of "The Wilts WAYLANDS" in 
"The House of WAYLAND": on the marriage of Robert WAYLEN to Mary WITHERS, his 
father settled on them the Potterne lands and relinquished to their use the
house at Nurstead. "The marriage indenture is made between William WAYLEN the
elder of Bishops Cannings of the first part, John WITHERS of Bourton, William
WITHERS of Bishops Cannings, William WAYLEN the younger of Rowde and Nicholas 
BITTLE of Worslay in Glostershire of the 2nd part - and Robert WAYLEN of
Nurstead in Bishops Cannings and Mary POUND [356] of Bourton, widow, of the 3rd
part. The widow was then 30." This also quotes BESSE on 383 William WITHERS
"presumed husband of Anne WAYLEN".
  Lucille N below knows of a WAYLAND website.

3561  5--Mary WAYLEN bp 4-6-1690 Bishops Cannings Alive 1719, d c1729 single in
 Nurstead.  Beneficiary of the 1697 will of his father's father Rbt, [1 at 
2. below].  Her will 19.12.1798 gives to her brother Robert of Devizes (3563),
180 P, and one half of her household goods, plate, jewelry etc. To her brother 
William (3563), she devises her landed property at Haywoods, Bishops Cannings 
& the residue of her other lands, moneys & effects, her executor. Witnesses
Robert WAYLEN (3563), Sarah WAYLEN & William WAYLEN the elder.  (Who is Sarah?
Compare 35671 1 Robert WAYLEN 1771 Wilts-1841 m 1797 Sarah WILLIS.)

3562  5--William WAYLEN bp 6-9-1691 Bishops Cannings dc1691 in Bish.Cannings
  Beneficiary of the 1697 will of his father's father Rbt, [1 at 2. below].

3563  5--William WAYLEN bp 19-9-1692 Bishops Cannings dc1746-49. 
(How can he be the beneficiary of the 1798 will of his sister 3561 unless
this death date is wrong?)
  His will of 21.6.1746, then of the tithing of Nurstead, yeoman, leaves his 
estate to his wife Rose & his Bishops Cannings cousins John WITHERS,
  (3834  5--John WITHERS (bp 4.9.1693 Bromham,Wilts-1780 Bishopstone,WLTS)
  at withers/withers.html)
 & Joseph ASHLEY (3546 at withers/withers.html).

m sp-Rose 

3564  5--Elizabeth WAYLEN bc1696 (ex Lucille N below)
m c1729 sp-James PAYNTER

3565  5--John WAYLEN bp 27-5-1696 Bishops Cannings dc1697 Bish.Cann.
3566  5--Anne WAYLEN bp 25-12-1699 Bishops Cannings d1717 single.

3567  5--Robert WAYLEN bc1701 in Devizes, Wilts. bp 25.4.1701 St James
 Southbroom, Devizes. Alive 1719. dc1773 Devizes, Wilts.
(How can he be the beneficiary of the 1798 will of his sister 3561 unless
this death date is wrong?) Excerpts from "The House of WAYLAND" given here are 
ex LN.  "Mr WAYLEN [m 356] was succeded by his elder son Wm [3563] who dying 
1749, came also to be represented by the 2nd son Robert WAYLEN of Devizes

m c1735 sp-Katherine TANE (c1711-c1758 Devizes, Wilts.) "Dau'r of John TANE,
a family sometime resident at Rowde & at Poulshot. The Poulshot registers
attests their presence 1661, bp Jesse & Francis to Jesse & Edith TANE.. There 
is reason to think that during & subsequent to the Civil War period, Poulshot
rectory was a sort of school of the prophets, and that on Puritan grounds as 
well as from fear of the plague, sundry Devizes families such as the ALLEINEs,
KENTs, DREWs, NICHOLAS made it a place of occasional resort. We [assume] the
TANEs a part of this coterie, for the piety of Katherine .. is testified...
About [1758] we become aware of the existence of a small group of believers
who were in the habit of associating for Christian fellowship [including]
ROWDEN. They did this without avowing themselves as Noncormformists or 
Wesleyans, tho of course they frequently came into contact with John WESLEY on
his annual visits to the town.  .. pretty sure that the following entry occurs
in the WESLEY journal of 2.10.1764 in reference to one of them, Edward BAILY:
'Breakfasted at the Devizes with Mr B-, a black swan, an honest lawyer.' The
principal director of the above society seems to have been a neighbouring 
Calvinistic clergyman Richard BADDILY, curate of Hilperton near Trowbridge, and
after of Olveston near Bristol, one of the few clergy who acted in concert with
John WESLEY, tho otherwise his v pronounced Calvinism would rather point him
out as the associate of George WHITEFIELD. See WESLEY's Journals 19.4.1764.
  Simultaneously with this movement in Devizes, a similar revival .. was taking
place in Trowbridge ... visits between the 2 [groups] .. in 1776 the like
position was sustained by Mr Robert SLOPER a corn-factor. See JAY's Life of 
CLARK.  This body of believers [built] for Mr SLOPER the chapel in Northgate St
now known as the Independent Chapel..." - excerpt of "House of WAYLAND" 
15.8.08 ex LN. (This branch is from Lucille N & DT below.)

35671   6--Robert WAYLEN (c1740-15.5.1817)
m 2.10.1769 sp-Elizabeth (Betty) NORRIS (c1744-6.6.1798)

35671 1  7--Robert WAYLEN (31.7.1771 Wilts-31.10.1841) DT gives:
Wiltshire and Swindon Archives SUTTON and ESTCOURT of Bishops Cannings:
 248/2 19 deeds of a clothing mill and land called Snake Mead in Bishop's 
Cannings: Tydcombe, Hope, Drew, Wheeler, Green, Kelson, Bernard,
Gerrard, WAYLEN.
 248/10 4 deeds and abstract of the title of Robert WAYLEN to a clothing 
mill & land called Snake Mead in Bishop's Cannings: Hill, Rich, Timbrell,Heapy.
 248/11 4 deeds of Chuter's Acre in Bedborough in Bishop's Cannings: Anstie, 
Waylen, Hughes.
 248/13 17 deeds of distillery, dye-house and lands called Dolpitts and Snake 
Mead in Bishop's Cannings: Timbrell, Rogers, White, Wadworth, WAYLEN, SLOPER, 
Miall, Brown, Sedgfield, Hughes.

  Devizes.  At a numerous and highly respectable Meeting of Christians of 
different religious denominations, held at the Large Room, at the Bear Inn,
Devizes, on Tuesday the 29th day of January, 1833; G.E.SLOPER, Esq., in the 
Chair; On the motion of the Rev.Richard Elliott, seconded by Rev.Joseph Mayo, 
it was resolved unanimously:
  That this Meeting deeply sympathizes with the free coloured population of the
United States, in the restrictions which have been made, and still continue, to
their enjoyment of civil and religious liberty, and most sincerely rejoice in 
the probable result of the emigration of those who are now, or may hereafter, 
be settled in Upper Canada, under the protection of British laws.
  That this Meeting highly approves of the objects that have brought Mr.Paul 
to this country, and feel every confidence in him, from the numerous and highly
respectable testimonials which have been received.
  That we can therefore do no otherwise than wish him every possible success, 
and rejoice that the cause of our free coloured brethren have in him, so 
judicious and faithful an advocate,
  On the motion of W.B.Cartwright, Esq., seconded by Robert WAYLEN, Esq., it 
was resolved unanimously That these Resolutions, and the letter of Sir J.
COLBORNE, K.C.B., be printed in the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette, and in the 
Salisbury Journal.
  On the motion of the Rev.J.S. BUNCE, seconded by Robert Waylen, Esq., it was 
resolved unanimously: That the thanks of this Meeting be given to G.E.SLOPER, 
esq., the Chairman, for his obliging conduct in the Chair.
The following highly honourable Testimonial to the Rev.N.Paul's respectability,
is from his Excellency Sir John Colborne, KCB Lieut.Governor of Upper Canada:
  Upper Canada, York, 26th July, 1831.
"The bearer, Mr.Nath.Paul, has for a considerable time officiated as Minister 
to the people of colour, and is now settled in the township of Bidulph, in the 
London district. He has employed himself with much success during the last 
nine months, in Establishing Schools for the people of colour under his charge;
and has acquired the esteem and friendship of the settlers located in his 
neighbourhood, for his good conduct and exertions in the cause of religion and 
education. "His object in preceeding to England, being for the purpose of 
obtaining assistance to enable him to complete the Establishment, and to 
promote the welfare of families residing on the blocks of land purchased from 
the Canada Company by the people of colour, who have lately been obliged to 
sell their property, and leave their native country. He is deserving of 
encouragement from the benevolent." "J.Colborne, Lieutenant Governor."
I do sincerely hope that this settlement will be encouraged.
  Also, the following persons having seen the numerous respectable attestations
possessed by the Rev.N.Paul, as to his character and motives, from 
Episcopalians, Independents, Baptists, and persons belonging to the Society of 
Friends, in America, most cordially recommended him to the object which he has 
in view of the friends of patriotism and religion :
John Dyer, Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society.
Thos.Pringle, Esq., Secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society.
John Campbell, Kingsland
Samuel Thorrowgood, Esq., Peckham
J.W.Murch, Tutor of the Baptist College at Stepney
Thomas Price, Spital-fields.
F.A.Cox, L.L.D., Hackney
Joseph Ivimey, Secretary of the Baptist Irish Society
John Arundel, Home Secretary of the London Missionary Society.
J.H.Evans, Minister of John-Street Chapel.

m 3.10.1797 sp-Sarah WILLIS (c1780-28.7.1841) Chn ex C077741 1774-1837. 
   1841 St John The Baptist, Wilts:
Robert WAYLEN    65 1776 	Wilts 35671 1 Ind
Sarah WAYLEN     60 1781 	not Wilts
Caroline WAYLEN  35 1806  	Wilts 35671 18
Catherine WAYLEN 30 1811 	Wilts 35671 1(11)
James WAYLEN     30 1811 	Wilts 35671 1(12)
Charlete WAYLEN  20 1821 	Wilts 35671 1(16)?

35671 11  8--Robert WAYLEN b 20.11.1798 bp 30 DEC 1798 Saint Mary Independent,
 Devizes, Wilts [There is also RW 1796 Seend in Devizes m Mary Ann in 1861-71.]

m 13.9.1836 St John, Devizes, Wilts sp-Rebecca Ann ELLIOT 1807 Rowde/Devizes
  Chn not on IGI.
  1851 Devizes St Mary, Wilts:
Robert WAYLEN 	Head M 52 1799 Devizes, Wilts        35671 11
Anne WAYLEN 	Wife M 44 1807 Devizes, Wilts        
Frank WAYLEN 	Son    12 1839 Devizes, Wilts        35671 111
Katharine WAYLEN Daur   8 1843 South Shields, Durham 35671 112
Benjamin WAYLEN  Son    7 1843 South Shields, Durham 35671 113
Mary WAYLEN  Daughter	4 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex  35671 114
William WAYLEN 	 Son    2 1849 Devizes, Wilts        35671 115
Anne SLADE 	       44 1807 Devizes, Wilts Lodger
Samuel TAYLOR           7 1844 Seend, Wilts Pupil
Jane BOWDEN    Servant 36
Eliza HITCHMAN Servant 19
  1871 Devizes, St Mary, Wilts:
Rebecca A WAYLEN   Head W 66 1805 Dunkirk, Wilts        sp-35671 11
Katharine J WAYLEN Daur U 28 1843 South Shields, Durham 35671 112
Mary G WAYLEN 	   Daur U 24 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex  35671 114
Jane ELLIOTT      Niece U 19 1852 Jamaried, Hobart Town
Marian GILES 	Servant U 23 1848 Bromham, Wilts
Mary A FOX 	Servant U 29
Harry B C FOX  	 7 pupil
Robert H Baker  10 pupil
Frederick J Beaven 12 pupil
Robert R Dunnett 9 pupil
Charles C GIDDINGS 12 Melbourne, Australia pupil
Henry G Harris 	 9 pupil
Frank Stratton 	10 pupil
Clement J Wilts 11 pupil
Ernest C Wilts 13 pupil
  1881 Dwelling 3 Northgate St, Devizes St Mary, Wilts:
Rebecca Anne WAYLEN Head W 74 1807 Rowde, Wilts Land And House Holder  
Katherine Jane WAYLEN Daur U 37 1844 South Shields, Durham
   No Trade Or Profession                                        35671 112
Mary Grace WAYLEN Daur U 34 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex No Trade Or Profession 
                                                                 35671 114 
William Alfred WAYLEN Son U 32 1849 Devizes, Wilts No Trade Or Profession
                                                                 35671 115  
Samuel WAYLEN Lodger U 78 Devizes, Wilts No Trade Or Profession  35671 14
Eliza Rebecca HIBBERD Serv U 19 Erchfont, Wilts General Serv  
35671 111 9--Frank WAYLEN 1839 Devizes, Wilts  1851 with parents.
  Could be 1891 & 1901 Bristol: Robert Francis WAYLEN bc1839 Devizes, Wilts.

35671 112 9--Katharine Jane WAYLEN 1843 South Shields, Durham
  1851 with parents.  1871-81 with mother.
35671 113 9--Benjamin WAYLEN 1843 South Shields, Durham 1851 with parents.

35671 114 9--Mary Grace WAYLEN 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex 1851 with parents.
  1861 pupil with sister 35671 112 Katharine.
  1871-1881 with mother.  1891 with aunt Elizabeth AUSTIE 35671 16.

35671 115 9--William Alfred WAYLEN 1849 Devizes, Wilts
  1851 with parents.  1881 with mother.
  1891 Little Dean, Gloucestershire:
William Alfred WAYLEN Head S 42 1849 Devizes Parish of St Mary, Wilts Head
  Living on own means
Job HALE Husband of E HALE M 42 1849 East Dean, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth HALE Housekeeper M 49 1842 Prestbury, Gloucestershire 
  1901 Rirake House, Littledean, Gloucestershire:
William Alfred WAYLEN Head S 52 1849 Devizes, Wilts

35671 12  8--Sarah WAYLEN bp 23 FEB 1800 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes, Wilts
?m 11.6.1823 St John The Baptist, Devizes sp-Alfred WHITAKER of Froome Selwood

35671 13  8--John WAYLEN bp 05 APR 1801 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes, Wilts
?m 11 JUL 1822 Saint Peter And Saint Paul, Marlborough, Wilts sp-Elizabeth

35671 14  8--Samuel WAYLEN b 18.4.1802 bp 06 JUN 1802 Saint Mary Independent,
Devizes, Wilts
  1851 Kelvedon, Essex:
Samuel WAYLEN 	  48 1803 Denizer, Wilts Head
Hannah Richardson 48 1803 Servant
  1861 Devizes St John, Wilts:
John BIGGS  	63 1798 Devizes, Wilts Head
Mary BIGGS 	52 1809 Swindon, Wilts Wife
Sarah BIGGS 	26 1835 Devizes, Wilts Daughter
Samuel WAYLEN 	58 1803 Devizes, Wilts Lodger
  1881 with Rebecca widow of 35671 11 above.

35671 15  8--Mary WAYLEN bp 24 JUL 1803 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes, Wilts

35671 16  8--Elizabeth WAYLEN bp 07 OCT 1804 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes

m 07 APR 1827 St Mary's, Devizes, Wilts sp-James Overbury AUSTIE/ANSTIE 
IGI I039198. 
  1851 with brother 35671 1(12) James below:
Elizabeth AUSTIE Neice (sic) U 19 1832 Devizes, Wilts  
  1861 with brother 35671 1(12) James below:
Elizabeth ANSTIE 57 1804 Devizes, Wilts Sister
  1871 Moor Hill, Burley, Hampshire:
Elizabeth AUSTIE Head   W 66 1805 Devizes, Wilts.  Annuitant 35671 16
Caroline WAYLEN Sister  U 56 1815 Devizes, Wilts.  Annuitant 35671 18 
Jane CROSS      Servant U 26
Louisa MERCHANT Servant U 13
  1891 Burley, Hampshire:
Elizabeth AUSTIE   Head    59 1832 Devizes, Wilts          35671 16
Mary Grace WAYLEN  Visitor 44 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex    35671 114
Sarah E FORECAST   Servant 11
Henry George HEALY Servant b Africa, The Cape British 
Esther SONG 	   Servant 24

35671 161? 9--Elizabeth AUSTIE 1832 Devizes, Wilts  
  1871 with brother 35671 163? James.

35671 162? 9--James AUSTIE 1837 Devizes, Wilts                  
m sp-Annie 1841 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
  1871 Kensington, London:
James AUSTIE 	 43 1837 Devizes, Wilts Head                  35671 162?
Annie AUSTIE  	 30 1841 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Wife
Elizabeth AUSTIE 39 1832 Devizes, Wilts Daughter 35671 1621 dr or 35671 161? sr
                    [either age should read 3 or Daughter should read Sister.]
Mary E AUSTIE 	  2 1869 Kensington, Middlesex Daughter       35671 1621
Mary E WEEDEN 	 35 1836 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Sister-in-law 
Elizabeth BAILEY 20        Servant
Amelia HARVEY 	 50        Servant
Isabella WOOD 	 22        Servant

35671 1621  9--Mary E AUSTIE 1869 Kensington, Middlesex  1871 with parents.

35671 17  8--Alfred WAYLEN (b 2.10.1805 bp 5 JAN 1806 Saint Mary Independent,
 Devizes, Wilts d 29.8.1856 [DT 1859 check] ) C077741 1774-1837

m 15.10.1832 St James, Clerkenwell, London? sp-Anne BAILEY 1812 Swallowfield,
 Berks. d 16.5.1883.  In 1833-41 their 1st 4 chn were b in Western Australia.
But by 1843 when their next child was b, they were in London.
  She took chn 1 Alfred, 3 Charles, Elizabeth Frances - 4 Mary and 5 Katherine 
Anne to England for their education soon after Katherine was born in 1842. They
left on the ship GROTIUS via Van Diemans Land. There is a record of their 
arrival March 1842 in Hobart, Tasmania as unassisted Immigrants and coastal 
passengers from Swan River. 

  1851 Lowe Heath, Parish of St John's Hampstead, London:
Anne with the children but Charles was not there.

  1881 Dwelling  4 The Lawn Balham, Streatham, Surrey:
Anne WAYLEN         Head W 69 1812 Swallowfield, Berkshire   
Katherine A. WAYLEN Daur U 38 1843 Hampstead, Middlesex   35671 172
Anne BLACK    Granddau'r U 15 1866 India Scholar          35671 17231
Margaret SKIPPER   Servt U 21 Brancaster, Norfolk Housemaid  
Ellen TUFFLEY      Servt U 23 North Leach, Gloucester Cook  
35671 171  9--Alfred Robert WAYLEN b1833 Point Walter, WA (Western Australia) 
d 10.1.1901 Guildford, WA. Medical practitioner and vigneron, was born at Point
Walter, Western Australia, son of Alfred Waylen and his wife, née Bailey, who 
had arrived in the Skerne in 1830. He was taken to England for education in 
1841 and in 1856 qualified as licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries and as 
member and licentiate in midwifery of the Royal College of Surgeons. After a 
brief return to Perth in 1857, he went to St Andrews University in Scotland. 
His doctorate in medicine (1858) was the first medical degree granted to a 
native West Australian.
    In 1859 Waylen began practice at Guildford as colonial medical officer for 
the Swan District and as surgeon to the convict establishment. He was 
registered on 30 December 1869 under the Act passed in July and on 11.1.1870 
was appointed to the medical board. In 1872 he succeeded Dr John FERGUSON as 
colonial surgeon, ex officio director of the colonial hospital, medical officer
of the Perth Prison and superintendent of vaccination. In 1884-85 he chaired a 
royal commission on metropolitan water-supply and sanitation and implemented 
its findings as president of a new central Board of Health. In 1883-84 he 
chaired a royal commission into the welfare and conditions of native prisoners 
on Rottnest Island. When the Aborigines Protection Board was formed in 1886 
during the negotiations for responsible government, he was appointed chairman, 
responsible directly to the imperial government.     
    Waylen was an amateur vigneron exhibiting at international exhibitions from
1866. In 1886 he was a commissioner for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 
London. He was president of the Agricultural Society and of the Horticultural 
Society in 1894, and after he retired in 1895 he joined J. G. AMHERST to 
establish the Darlington vineyards which won a diploma in Sydney for the best 
Australian raisins. He was also at various times chairman of the Guildford Town
Council, churchwarden of St Matthew's Church, a founder of the Guildford 
Mechanics' Institute, a governor of the Perth High School (now Hale School), a 
racehorse owner and a committee-man of the West Australian Turf Club.
    On 20 November 1862, Waylen married Elizabeth Louisa, daughter of John Wall
HARDEY, M.L.C. On 2 June 1887 he married Louisa, daughter of Rev. Thomas 
WALPOLE and widow of Sir Luke LEAKE, M.L.C., Speaker of the Legislative 
Council. He died childless at Guildford on 10 January 1901 and was buried in 
the Church of England cemetery. His estate, valued for probate at £11,751, was 
left to his widow and relations. He was not a highly scientific practitioner 
but his enthusiastic advocacy of public health measures led to useful reforms.
    Select Bibliography:
 W.B. KIMBERLY, History of West Australia (Melb, 1897); 
 J.H.L. CUMPSTON, A public health pioneer in Western Australia, Health, July 
 Civil Service Journal (Western Australia), centenary no, July 1929;
 Swan Express (Midland Junction, Western Australia), Jan 1901;
 West Australian, 12 Jan 1901.    Author: B. C. COHEN
'WAYLEN, Alfred Robert (1833 - 1901)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, 
Volume 6, Melbourne University Press, 1976, p. 368 - via DT.

(DT also gives a possible sib to Alfred:
0 0-Robert WAYLEN
m 1833 South Africa sp-Mary Ann Agnes
1 1-Eliza WAYLEN b23 NOV 1835 bp 13 DEC 1835 Saint James, Westminster, London
m 01 SEP 1861 Saint James, Westminster, London sp-William SMITH.)

35671 172 9--Sarah Constance WAYLEN b1835 Western Australia - ex DT. 
d by 1847 when namesake sib b.

35671 173 9--Charles William WAYLEN (3.1.1839 Guildford, Perth, Western AUS
-10.4.1900 8 Upper Church St, Bath, Avon) bp not found. Possibly b in the 'old 
house' at Lot 94, Garden Hill; bp St Matthew's church, Guildford. Info on him
is thanks to LN.
 22.11.1861 Charles was admitted  a Member of Royal College of Surgeons and 
listed in 'British and Irish Biographies' 1840-1940 as MRCS ENG  LSA 1861 
(St Bartholomew) living at 15 Gratton Rd, West Kensington, London.
  His first Practice was Silverhill St Leonards on Sea Sussex
  8.10.1864 a witness at sister [35671 174] Mary's wedding to Britain BLACK.
  17.3.1877-2.6.1877 Medical Superintendant South East Fever Hospital 
(Metropolitan Asylums Board).
  1881 82 James St Westminster with a family called OXLEY:
Charles WAYLEN Lodger
  1881 42 Tedworth Square (Redesdale St) Chelsea (near Charles):
Elizabeth TULLOCH with the children 
Frank Maud Hermione Ella Daisy and Muriel
  16.5.1883 Charles was the informant on his mother Anne's death certificate. 
Charles was living at 42 Tedworth Square Chelsea.
  Royal College of Physicians of London: Deptford (Infectious Diseases) 
Hospital: Book of notes on cases admitted to Deptford Hospital signed by 
Charles William WAYLEN, Medical Superintendant 17.3.1877-2.6.1877; also a book 
of notes on cases admitted to Deptford Hospital signed by Charles William 
WAYLEN Medical Superintendent 30 April 1877-12 July 1877. Case books and 
post-mortem reports Sept. 1890-March 1892.
  1893 on son Frank's marriage to Jessie Gertrude CAMPBELL, Charles occupation:
Surgeon in Indian Medical Service.
  1894 sister Daisy married Thomas ADAMSON: Charles occupation was a Surgeon.
  23.3.1899 while working as a surgeon in South Africa, he made his Will at 
Umtali Mashonalland, Rhodesia.
  1900 his sister Mary BLACK was informant of his d.  He left his estate as 
follows:  2/5 to sister Sarah 2/5 to sister Mary and 1/5 to sister Kate.  His 
estate was valued at £2256 but nothing went to his wife or children.

m 5.9.1874 St Marylebone, London sp-Elizabeth Jane TULLOCH nee MCINTOSH 
(b22.11.1835 Delhi, India; bp 31.12.1835 Futtch Ghur, India) dr of Robert & 
Sarah Elizabeth. LN has their m cert: he was living at Marylebone & she at
22 Clifton Hill Brighton SSX. May have d c1899. 8 children. The first five were
born in India.
  Death notice ex LN:
MCINTOSH - Surgeon Robert - Bengal Army - died 31st October 1847.
Grave at Rajpura cemetery, Delhi - "Sacred to the memory of Robert MCINTOSH, 
Surgeon Bengal Establishment, who departed this life at Delhi, on the 31st 
October 1847, aged 47 years 10 months and 8 days."

  This was Elizabeth's m2. She m1 17.11.1857 India Office Ecclesiastical 
Returns, Bengal Presidency, Misc., India sp-Arthur TULLOCH.
   Record Summary Item details J 77/97/1300:
Scope and content Divorce Court File: 1300. Appellant: Arthur TULLOCK. 
Respondent: Eliza TULLOCK. Co-respondent: [...] WAYLEN. 
Type: Husband's petition for divorce [hd]. Covering dates 1869
Held by The National Archives, Kew. 
  Elizabeth had 5 children to Charles by the time the divorce went thru -LN.
  1881 Dwelling 42 Redesdale St, (Chelsea), London, Middlesex:
Eliza WAYLEN Wife (Head) M 43 1838 India   
Frank A. WAYLEN Son  U 16 1865 India Student Medicine 35671 1731
Maud C. WAYLEN  Daug U 14 1867 India Scholar          35671 1732
Hermione WAYLEN Daug U 12 1869 India Scholar          35671 1733
Ella M. WAYLEN  Daug U 11 1870 India Scholar          35671 1735
Daisy WAYLEN    Daug U  7 1874 London, Middlesex      35671 1737
Muriel WAYLEN   Daug    5 1876 Brighton, Sussex       35671 1738
Susanah THOMAS  Serv M 42      (City), Middlesex Serv Domestic   

35671 1731  10--Frank Arthur WAYLEN (b10.10.1864 Darjeeling or Rungpore, India;
bp 13.10.1864 Rungpore, India d c1940 in Equador?)
  1881 with mother.
 FW 1866 India Departure: Colon Arrival: 5 Jul 1911 - New York, New York
  1901 Bloomsbury St George and St Giles IN The Fields, London:
FA WAYLEN bc 1865 Jaijecling, India Boarder - no other WAYLEN with him.

m1 7.1.1893 All Saints Church Paddington LND sp-Jessie Gertrude CAMPBELL 
 b 25.1.1873 Cawnpore, West Bengal, India d 5.2.1936 Vereker Rd, Fulham, East 
 London) Son Donald below.
m2 c1900/c1917 sp-May/Matilde Florentina GARCIA b Chile

35671 17311  11--Donald Campbell WAYLEN (10.11.1893 Kensington, Greater London
 -1.11.1967) MBE
m 26.11.1912 sp-Lucille Maude TURPIN (1.7.1895-30.1.1978) Both living in 
 France in 1954.

35671 17311 1  12--Malcolm Campbell WAYLEN (19.12.1913 St Heliers Jersey,
 Channel Islands-5.1.1962) D Sc
m 3.6.1939 Wellington, NZ sp-Florence Ruth CAMERON (20.12.1915-7.6.1994)

35671 17311 11  13--Lucille Ruth WAYLEN (30.6.1940) LN is putting together
a book on the WAYLEN branch (2001.) *2001: lucille"att"wave.co.nz

m 19.8.1961 sp-Noel Joseph NEUSTROSKI (26.11.1938)
 1999: 31 Brookland Rd, Rotorua 3201, New Zealand
#2001: 1 Cloverlea Walk Welcome Bay Tauranga  ph 07 544 3377      

35671 17311 111  14--Marguerite Ruth NEUSTROSKI (10.9.1962)
35671 17311 112  14-- NEUSTROSKI Teaching English in S Korea in 2000.

35671 1732   10--Maud "Maudi" Constance WAYLEN b 4.11.1868 Allahabad, Uttar 
Pradesh, India bp 5 Jan 1867 Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  1881 with mother.

m1 Jun 1886 Kensington, London sp-Francis Carbutt BELL b Mar 1860 Hampstead,
 MDX d c1860 1a 540 Hampstead - freebmd via LN. Francis was a Bervert Major in 
the 2nd Gordon Highlanders. Divorce c1905 filed by Maud. 3 children.

35671 17321  11--Brigid BELL
35671 17322  11--Maud Constance BELL A well known celloist player, she went to 
 America.  Mother Maudi also played the cello. (Aunt Prim) 

35671 17323  11--Claude Waylen BELL 22/2/1891-12/7/1964 Educated at 
Summerfields, Oxford and Eton. He received the Military Cross in 1916.
  War records 4th Lancs Fusiliers 1914-18 European War: 1916-18 War Office MI5.
  1918-35 Barrister Grays Inn  
  1935-46 Chief Constable Shropshire
  Chief Constable Cheshire BELL, Claude Waylen MC (1916)
  Royal Auto MI6 (C) 1910-15 
  Assistant Manager FORBES, CAMPBELL & Co. Karachi 1915-18 
  Intelligence Corps 1916-17 
  Assistance Military Attache The Hague 1919-29 
 BELL's United Asbestos Co. Ltd. 1929 
President BELL's Asbestos & Engineering Ltd. BIDDLE & ROBIN Engineering 1950s
  Army Service Field Security Egypt.
ex http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/online/issue19/lob19-07.htm

m 1915 reg'd Berkhampstead sp-Marie Kathleen WEST

[35671 1732   10--Maud "Maudi" Constance WAYLEN b 4.11.1868 Allahabad]
m2 16.2.1907 Registry Office, Bombay, India sp-Alexander Walter Frederick BAIRD
 b: 2 Oct 1876 d: 20 Feb 1931/32 Son of Alexander and Annette Maria BAIRD (nee 
PALK). Alexander Jr was a Brevert Major 2nd Gordon Highlanders. He died as the 
result of a motor accident.  1 son.

35671 17324  11--Alexander Bertie William Gordon "Sandy" BAIRD b23.1.1908 
Aunt Prim said Sandy owned an island in the South Seas and he was a lot of fun 
to be with. 

35671 1733   10--Charles WAYLEN c1867-1867 India d at birth.  Twin

35671 1734   10--Hermione WAYLEN b c1867/69 India Twin  1881 with mother.
m Dec qtr 1913 St Martins, London sp-Adam C R MILLER

35671 1735  10--(Lady) Ella Mabel/Maude WAYLEN 1869/70 India-29.12.1922
bur 3.1.1923.
  1881 with mother.  #This branch is thanks to DT.
This photo of Lady FARRAR is thanks to DT.
 She & her husband visited Victoria Falls 1903. April 1909 Ella laid the 
Foundation Stone for the St Dunstan Church.  6 daughters.

m 3.6.1893 Johannesburg, South Africa sp-(Sir) George Herbert FARRAR b17.6.1859
Charteris, North Witchford, Cambridgeshire d 20.5.1915 Kuibis/Knibis nr Gibeon
German South, South West Africa, now Namibia. bur Bedford Farm Cemetery, 
Gauteng, South Africa.  DSO.
 Of Bedford in England and Johannesburg in South Africa. 1st Baronet.
  wikipedia: a South African mining magnate, politician and soldier - Colonel 
and assistant Quartermaster General - Central Force, Union Defence Forces, 
Hon. Colonel South African Light Horse.
  Son of Charles FARRAR, a Chatteris medical doctor and Helen HOWARD, the 
daughter of John HOWARD and sister of Sir Frederick HOWARD of Bedford. Educated
at Bedford Modern School after which he joined HOWARD, FARRAR & Co., the 
engineering business of his uncle, Sir Frederick HOWARD, travelling to South 
Africa in 1879 to work at the firm's branches in Port Elizabeth & East London.
  In 1887, shortly after the discovery of gold on the Reef, he and his brothers
established themselves in Johannesburg. Here he became one of the leading 
figures in the mining sector on the East Rand. His main creation was forming 
the East Rand Proprietary Mines (ERPM),[1] remaining chairman of the company 
throughout his life. In 1893 FARRAR sold 1,300 claims to the ERPM and received 
ERPM shares to the value of £705,000 for his claims in the south of Boksburg, 
excluding Boksburg Lake. FARRAR later received further ERPM shares for his 
claims over Boksburg Lake, and became effectively the controlling shareholder 
of the ERPM. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Transvaal and 
Leader of the Opposition. For his part in the 1895 Jameson Raid he was 
sentenced to hang for treason by the Afrikaners, but the sentence was commuted 
to a fine of £25,000, paid by cheque by FARRAR's brother Sydney.
  During the Boer War he raised two regiments of South African Horse, and on 
1 December 1900 was appointed Major in the Kaffrarian Rifles. He saw service 
in the Orange River Colony, took part in the defence of Wepener and saw action 
at Wittebergen, south of the Orange River. He was mentioned in despatches [2] 
and was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal with 4 clasps, a DSO [3] for his
military service during the Boer War and was knighted in 1902. He became 
chairman of the Chamber of Mines. FARRAR was an ardent supporter of the scheme 
to solve the labour problems of the mines by importing poorly paid Chinese 
workers on 3-year contracts.[4] Despite strong opposition, the plan was 
implemented in 1904 and over 60,000 Chinese were brought into the country over 
a period of three years, resulting in even further ethnic tensions on the Reef.
  With the attaining of autonomy for the Transvaal in 1906, he represented 
Boksburg East in the Legislative Assembly and was leader of the Opposition. He 
represented Georgetown in the first parliament of Union of South Africa in 
1910-11 and was created Baronet on 2 February 1911. In December 1911 he 
withdrew from politics and devoted all his time to his enterprises on the East 
  With the outbreak of World War I he was visiting England and about to join 
the staff of General Sir Hubert HAMILTON in Belgium, but instead was ordered to
German South West Africa as Assistant Q.M-General to Brigadier-General Duncan 
MCKENZIE's force with the rank of Colonel. From Lüderitz Bay he was in charge 
of the restoration of the sabotaged railway line through the desert so the South African troops could advance, and of supplying the forces with water, 
critically important in the semi-desert region. On 19 May 1915 while returning 
from a tour of inspection, his motor trolley collided with a construction train
at Kuibis, near Gibeon, and he succumbed to his injuries the following day. He 
was buried in Bedford Farm Cemetery east of Johannesburg - Bedford Farm was 
named for his boyhood hometown. Farrarmere, South Africa is also named after 
  FARRAR was a champion athlete in his youth, a member of both Boodle's and 
White's, two gentlemen's clubs in London and the founder of the Johannesburg 
Turf Club.  He was the brother of John Percy FARRAR, soldier and mountaineer.
This photo is from wikipedia.
  DT: Sir George FARRAR rented Chicheley Hall and it was his home when in 
England. His wife and daughters lived there for some time, until after Lady 
FARRAR died.  My husband went to school at Stowe and used to spend weekends 
there with his aunts. 
This photo of Chicheley Hall, in 2008 owned by Earl BEATTY, is from DT. See http://www.countrylife.co.uk/news/article/125573/Chicheley_Hall.html

  1901 Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire: GET FULL ENTRY
Helen Murial Gwendoline

35671 17351 11--Helen Mabel FARRAR b2.10.1894 St George Hanover Square, London
 dc1983 White River, RSA.

m 1.11.1917 Chelsea, London sp-(Major) Basil Hobson TURNER b 29.6.1885 
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia d 1947 Belville, Cape Province, South Africa.
 Son of Walter Henry TURNER and Alice Maud HOBSON. RAF. They lived Bedford PO 
White River, Eastern Transvaal, South Africa (to be checked. 3 children. 

35671 17351 1 12--Hellen Felicity TURNER b Dec. 24, 1918 Harrogate, Yorkshire
 d c1983 White River, South Africa.
m sp-Alan THORNE

35671 17351 11 13--Lane THORNE d

35671 17351 12 13--Claire THORNE 
m sp-Jamie CROOKENDEN  3 chn suppressed pending permission.

35671 17351 13 13--Gail THORNE m sp-John PIERROT
35671 17351 131 14--Mark PIERROT 
m sp-Carolyn  2 chn suppressed pending permission.

35671 17351 132 14--July PIERROT 1 child suppressed pending permission.

35671 17351 2 12--George TURNER May 7, 1921 White River, RSA.

m Jan. 10, 1991 Graskop, RSA sp-Deborah FAIR b Apr. 19 1963 daughter of Robert
 Cecil FAIR and Linda Mary COLEMAN. 
#Referred to here as DT. A principal SOURCE for the branch 35671 1! 
1 child b 2000 suppressed.

35671 17351 3 12--Michael John Farrar TURNER b Jun. 14, 1924 White River, RSA
 dc1990 Johannesburg, RSA
m sp-Moira BLUNDEL

35671 17351 31 13--Anne TURNER 
m sp-Patick HAY  3 chn suppressed pending permission.

35671 17351 32 13--Jeanette TURNER 
m sp-Robert THOMAS  1 child suppressed pending permission.

35671 17352 11--(Viscountess) Muriel Francis FARRAR b6.6.1896 Johannesburg, 
South Africa d Feb. 25, 1968.

m Feb. 1, 1922 sp-(Lord) Anthony Edward LOWTHER Sep. 24, 1896-Oct. 6, 1949.
Son of (Lord) Lancelot Edward LOWTHER, 6th Earl of LONSDALE (1867-1953).
  See 3. below for a brief account of his ancestors.

35671 17352 1 12--(Lord) James Hugh William LOWTHER 3.11.1922-23.5.2006 
Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. 
  7th Earl of LONSDALE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_of_Lonsdale via ET:
Known for transforming the fortunes of his family's ailing estate, the seventh 
Earl of LONSDALE will also be remembered by many around the county for his 
support of Cumbrian events and causes. Lord LONSDALE, one of the county's 
leading landowners, businessmen and personalities, was a fierce campaigner, 
battling on a national stage for Cumbria.
  Little more than a year ago, he sat in a packed room at the Shap Wells Hotel 
during a public inquiry on a proposed windfarm at Whinash. More than four 
decades earlier he played a major role in defeating Manchester Corporation's 
plans to abstract water from Ullswater. He was a leading figure in the 
Ullswater Preservation Society, building up opposition to the scheme.
Later, a much-amended scheme was passed, but it allowed Ullswater to retain its
beauty and charm.
  Eton-educated Lord LONSDALE, of Askham Hall, was also a keen follower of 
sport, the outdoors and the arts. Roles he accepted included president of 
Grasmere Sports and president of Patterdale Dog Day, an event during which he 
acted as a starter for the hound trails and presented cups to winners.
The Earl continued to help the Penrith Evergreen Club and was president of the 
Cumberland and Westmorland Playing Fields Association [to which] groups his 
mother, Viscountess Muriel, had been involved with before him.
  He was also chairman of the Northern Sports Council and a member of the UK 
Sports Council.  A World War Two veteran, the Earl was also president of the 
Royal British Legion for the north west of England for 13 years. He was 
president too of the Penrith branch when it was judged to be one the top 
branches in the country. On the arts front, Lord LONSDALE served with a number 
of bodies including Northern Arts and the Rosehill Theatre at Whitehaven.
  He was a former chairman of Border Television, having been a founder director
of the company. He also sat on the board of the former North East Housing 
Association and the English Tourist Board. And visitors, thousands of them, 
were what he managed to attract to Cumbria each year with one of his lasting 
legacies - the hugely popular LOWTHER Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair.
The competition is a favourite with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, who 
takes part regularly. The trials take place on acres of land belonging to the 
Lowther estate, the family business which was in a critical financial state 
when James Hugh William LOWTHER became the seventh Earl of LONSDALE 53 years 
ago. It had accumulated death duties of more than £2 million.
  When he took over the family business, the Earl consolidated the land by 
selling acres of the West Cumberland estates. He concentrated on building up 
the estate's farming, previously neglected forests and mineral assets. Today, 
it still runs to about 70,000 acres of land, divided between three main family 
trusts. Fifty years ago the Earl took the reluctant decision to partly
demolish LOWTHER Castle after another use could not be found or financed. The
story made national news.
  A number of businesses have been launched under the LOWTHER name during the 
Earl's lifetime. They include LOWTHER Construction, LOWTHER Forestry Group, 
Lowther Park Farms and the LOWTHER Wildlife Park. Lord LONSDALE retired as head
of the LOWTHER estate in 1993, aged 70, after turning around its fortunes 
during his time in charge. Earlier this year, Lord LONSDALE and his family were
featured for the first time in the Sunday Times Rich List after the newspaper 
valued their assets at £80 million.
  Before joining the family business, James Hugh William LOWTHER had served in 
the army. He joined the Army Volunteer Service in 1941 after reading Mechanical
Engineering at Cambridge University. Shortly afterwards, he had been sent to 
Oxford University to complete a degree in electricity and magnetism in only six
months. In 1942, he was commissioned to serve with the East Riding Yeomanry as 
Regimental Technician Adjutant. He was responsible for 52 tanks, 200 soft 
vehicles and 50 soldiers. The regiment put the first Allied tanks ashore on the
Normandy beaches on D-Day, on the morning of June 6, 1944.
  A captain, and also a major for a spell, he was wounded at Caen following the
landings. He later returned to the front. During the war he was given special 
leave to marry Tuppina Cecily BENNET in June 1945. They went on to have a 
daughter, Jane Helen, and a son, Viscount Hugh Clayton LOWTHER.
After being de-mobbed in 1946, he worked in Newcastle, managing a steel 
erection and sheeting company which helped reconstruct Britain's industrial 
landscape after it had been ravaged by five years of war. This post, which he 
greatly enjoyed, also included spending time in heavy industrial plants such as
the Swan Hunter shipyard on Tyneside and steelworks in Sheffield.
  His father died prematurely in October 1949 and his grandfather, the sixth 
Earl of LONSDALE, asked him to consider a future at LOWTHER. He inherited the 
title and became the seventh Earl after the death of his grandfather in April 
1953... As well as his eight children, the Earl is survived by 13 

  Helping hand for tank.
Sir - Reading your obituary on the Earl of LONSDALE (June 17), I was reminded 
of one of his favourite after-dinner stories. When the Six-Day War started, he 
and his American wife were in Israel with two of her American friends. The 
staff at their hotel all put on uniforms and vanished. So Lord LONSDALE and his
party decided that they ought to return to Britain. On the way to the airport, 
they passed an up-gunned Cromwell tank which had broken down. Having served in 
Cromwells 1944-45, Lord LONSDALE stopped the taxi, climbed aboard the tank, 
opened the engine covers, repaired the fault - to the utter amazement of the 
Israeli crew - climbed back into the taxi and went on his way.
 - Jonathan BALCON, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

m1 Jun. 18, 1945 sp-Tuppina Cecily BENNET

35671 17352 11 13-Jane Helen LOWTHER b Nov. 13, 1947

35671 17352 12 13-Hugh Clayton LOWTHER (Lord LONSDALE) b May 27, 1949.
8th Earl of LONSDALE. The present Earl lives at Thrimby a few miles southeast 
of LOWTHER Castle in Cumbria - wikipedia. 

[35671 17352 1 12--(Lord) James Hugh William LOWTHER 3.11.1922-23.5.2006 
m2 Sep. 9, 1954 sp-Jennifer

35671 17352 13 13-Miranda LOWTHER b Jul. 1, 1955
35671 17352 14 13-(Viscount) William James LOWTHER b 9.7.1957 Heir Presumptive.
35671 17352 15 13-Caroline LOWTHER b Mar. 11, 1959

[35671 17352 1 12--(Lord) James Hugh William LOWTHER 3.11.1922-23.5.2006 
m3 1962 sp-Nancy Ruth COBBS b California.
  1 child suppressed pending permission.

[35671 17352 1 12--(Lord) James Hugh William LOWTHER 3.11.1922-23.5.2006 
m4 Dec. 4, 1975 sp-Caroline Sheila LEY b May 10, 1943 dr of Gerald Gordon LEY.
  2 children suppressed pending permission.

35671 17352 2 12--Anthony George LOWTHER b Sep. 23, 1925
m sp-Lavinia JOYCE

35671 17352 3 12--Mary Ann LOWTHER Aug. 30, 1927-Aug. 23, 1956.
m Apr. 27, 1956 sp-Anthony FANE 

35671 17353 11--Gwendoline FARRAR 14.7.1899 London-25.12.1944 London
Learnt the cello. Towards the end of WW1 teamed up with Norah BLANEY to 
entertain the troops in France and Belgium. 
She appeared in three British films: She shall have Music 1935, Beloved 
Imposter 1936 and Take a Chance 1937. She did a revue White Birds at His 
Majesty's Theatre London 19.4.1927 with Maurice CHEVALIER. She had a beautiful 
17th century mansion in Northamptonshire and when in London lived at 217 Kings 
Rd Chelsea. - LN. 
This photo of her is thanks to DT.
"Miss Gwen FARRAR is the d'r of Sir George FARRAR Bart. & became an established
favourite immediately after the Great War ... A very talented actress, vocalist
& instrumentalist, she delights in making weird noises with her voice ... 
She has deserted the Music Halls several times for Revues but always to return
to her '1st Love'." Gwen FARRAR was quite famous in her time. You can still get
the video of one of her films.  
There is also a CD with her singing (Tipping the Velvet). For more see
http://www.gabrielleray.150m.com/ArchiveTextF/GwenFarrar.html -DT.

35671 17354 11--Georgina Marjorie FARRAR b Aug. 17, 1901
35671 17355 11--Kathleen Elizabeth FARRAR b 9.5.1907 d 1964.
m sp-John Gerard FULLER 1906-1981  Issue?

35671 17356 11--Ella Marguerite FARRAR b Apr. 28, 1911
m c1935 sp-(Sir) Thomas Aubrey WATSON 1911-1941 Egypt, WW2. 4th Baronet.

35671 17356 1 12--(Sir) James Andrew WATSON b Dec. 30, 1937
5th Baronet WATSON, of London.
  The WATSON Baronetcy, of Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, in St Marylebone
in the County of Middlesex, was created in the Baronetage of the UK on 27 June 
1866 for the physician Thomas WATSON, President of the Royal College of 
Physicians and Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria.
Sir Thomas WATSON, 1st Baronet (1792-1882)
Sir Arthur Townley WATSON, 2nd Baronet (1830-1907)
Sir Charles Rushworth WATSON, 3rd Baronet (1865-1922)
Sir Thomas Aubrey WATSON, 4th Baronet (1911-1941)
Sir James Andrew WATSON, 5th Baronet (b. 1937)   - our 35671 17356 1.
 Sources: see those under 3.

m Jan. 12, 1965 sp-Christabel Mary CARLISLE b Mar. 1, 1939 dr of Kenneth Ralph
 Malcolm Peter CARLISLE and Elizabeth Mary MCLAREN.

35671 17356 11 13--Roland WATSON
m/df sp-Anne DIXIE  2 chn suppressed pending permission.

35671 17356 12 13--Alexander WATSON

35671 17356 13 13--Olivia WATSON 
m sp-Barney HATCH  3 chn suppressed pending permission.

35671 1736   10--Claude Bertram WAYLEN bc1871 India d Jun 1952 Lambeth, London
 He was a witness at sister Daisy's wedding 1894.  1901 census?
 He arrived Ellis Island, USA on ship MESABA from London 3rd Apr 1905. Single.

35671 1737   10--Daisy WAYLEN 1873 Islington, London, Middlesex
  1881 with mother.
m 3.2.1894 St Matthews Church, Hammersmith, London sp-Thomas Challis ADAMSON 
 bc1874 Black Heath, London d11.10.1946 State Hospital & Home Lidcombe NSW AUS 
 Burial: 12 Oct 1946 Rookwood Cemetery, AUS?  ISSUE??
M witnesses were Elizabeth Claude and Murial WAYLEN. They had 6 chn.
  1901 census Fulham LON: Daisy
Where are two surviving children at that time? 
  Daisy filed for a divorce 1907 and Thomas was the appellant naming Gilbert 
DURSTON as co-repondant. Thomas may have gone to Australia to live with his 
daughter. He left from Liverpool 1912 for Sydney (?)

35671 17371 11--Phyllis Dorothy ADAMSON 1896-1962
35671 17372 11--Irene Pepita ADAMSON 1898-1899
35671 17373 11--Cyril Douglas ADAMSON 1900-1902
35671 17374 11--Beatrice Muriel ADAMSON 1902-1962
35671 17375 11--Vera Viola ADAMSON 23.1.1906 Chiswick MDX-1992 South-end-on Sea
m sp-William George SAYER Issue?
35671 17376 11--Virner Clifford ADAMSON b1915

35671 1738 10--Muriel WAYLEN bc1876 Brighton, Sussex  1881 with mother.
 1893 a witness at her sister Daisy's marriage.

35671 1739 10--Winifred WAYLEN bc1876/78 d Mar 1879 Fulham London

 9--Mary WAYLEN 1841 Elford, W Australia
  1851-61 with uncle James 35671 1(12).

m 8.10.1864 Darjeerling, India sp-Edgar BLACK d by 1901. Mary's bro' Charles 
was a witness at m.
  1881 at No 13 Militia Houses Smock Mill Alley, St Mary, Cambridgeshire:
Edgar BLACK   Head M 60 1841 Harkerton, Suffolk Staff Sergeant
Mary BLACK    Wife M 39 1842 Australia          Sergnts Wife   35671 173
  1901 at 18 Campden Front?, Kensington, London:
Mary BLACK   Head  Wid 60 1841 Elford, W Australia Own means
Ann BLACK   Daughter S 35 1866 Darjecling, India Own means
Susie E REED Visitor S 35 1866 London            Own means
Mary G WAYLAN Cousin S 54 1866 Tottenham, London Own means
Reginald M BROWN     S 30 1871 Chester, Cheshire Acct & Regr to Jt S Co Account

35671 1741 10--Anne BLACK 1866 Darjeeling, India.
  1881 with grandmother 35671 17 Anne.
  1891 with aunt Sarah DREW 35671 174.  1901 with mother.

35671 175 9--Katherine Anne WAYLEN 1842 Hampstead, Middlesex
  1851 All Cannings, Wilts with uncle James 35671 1(10).
  1861 Hampstead, Middlesex - Superintendent Jesse KING 1833 Renfow, Scotland:
Catherine A WAYLEN 18 1843 Hampstead, Middlesex Pupil 35671 112
Mary Grace WAYLEN 14 1847 Tottenham, Middlesex Pupil  35671 114 
  1871-81 with mother.

35671 176 9--Sarah Constance WAYLEN Mar Q 1847 Islington, London 
  1861 Constance with uncle James 35671 1(11).

m Sep Q 1875 Hampstead	1a 1181 sp-Frederick DREW 1837 Southampton, Hampshire
  1881 at 123 High St, Eton, Buckinghamshire:
Frederic DREW        Head M 44 1837 Southampton, Hampshire Teacher of Science
Sarah Constance DREW Wife M 34 1847 Islington, London      35671 176
Mabel DREW           Daur    4 1877 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1761
Frederic Henry DREW  Son     1 1880 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1762
Harriett RUMBLEY     Servant U 25     General Servant Domestic
Charlotte Ann JACKSON Servant U 19    Nurse
  1891 Keates Lane, Eton, Buckinghamshire + 6 servants: 
Sarah C DREW   Wife M 44 1847 Islington, London      35671 176
Mabel DREW     Daur   14 1877 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1761
Frederic H DREW Son   11 1880 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1762
Helen DREW     Daur    9 1882 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1763
Raymond DREW    Son    7 1884 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1764
Anne BLACK    Niece   25 1866 India (British subject) 35671 1731 
  1901 at 19 Farndon Rd, Oxford, St Giles, Oxfordshire:
Sarah C DREW   Head W 54 1847 Islington, London      35671 176
Helen DREW     Daur S 19 1882 Eton, Bucks  Scholar   35671 1763
Constance G FORD Boarder S 13 Ireland
Sarah ALLEN    Serv S 25 Acou Steeple Barton General servant domestic

35671 1761 10--Mabel DREW 1877 Eton, Bucks 1881 with parents. 1891 with mother.
 1901-8 several possible m's on freebmd.
35671 1762 10--Frederic Henry DREW Mar Q 1880 Eton, Bucks 1881 with parents.
 1891 with mother.
35671 1763 10--Helen DREW 1882 Eton, Bucks  1891-1901 with mother.

35671 1764 10--Raymond DREW 1884 Eton, Bucks  1891 with mother.
  1901 Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancashire with Housemaster & other students:
Raymond DREW Pupil 17 1884 Eton, Bucks  Stu[dent]

35671 18  8--Caroline WAYLEN 1806/1816 Devizes, Wilts.  1841 with parents. 
  1861 age 45 1816 Devizes, Wilts Fundholder with sister 
Catharine NASH 35671 1(11) atHinxton Grange, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire.
  1871 at Moor Hill, Burley, Hampshire with sister:
Elizabeth AUSTIE Head   W 66 1805 Devizes, Wilts.  Annuitant 35671 16
Caroline WAYLEN Sister  U 56 1815 Devizes, Wilts.  Annuitant 35671 18 
  1881 at 37 Belgrave Rd, St George Hanover Square, London with sister
Charlotte TEBAY 61 1820 Devizes, Wilts. 35671 1(16) & her husband a GP.
  1891 at 67 Princess Rd, Willesden, Middlesex:
Clara BOARD     Head   W 60 1831 London
Sarah G C BOARD Daur   S 32 1859 Manchester
Susan BRICKLAW Servant S 21 1870
John Musgrave ACLAND Boarder S 35 1856 Stapleton, Gloucester Clerk in Holy
  Orders - Clergy
Charlotte TEBAY Boarder U 71 1820 Devizes,Wilts Living on own means 35671 1(16)
Caroline WAYLEN Boarder U 76 1815 Devizes,Wilts Living on own means 35671 18 

35671 19  8--William WAYLEN bp 6.9.1807 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes, Wilts
  MIGHT BE - but see 35671 1(13):
[[ d 1878 Lexden, Essex.
m sp-Harriet 1805 Gt Hockesley, Essex - m not on IGI.
  1841 All Saints, Essex: My ID
William WAYLEN 	 1801     35671 19
Harriet WAYLEN 	 1805 
Margarett WAYLEN 1832     35671 191
William WAYLEN   1835     35671 192
  1851 at 76 High St, Colchester All Saints, Essex:  My ID
William WAYLEN    Head M 50 1801 Devises, Wilts         
  FRCS England practising as General Practitioner    35671 19
Harriet WAYLEN    Wife M 46 1805 Gt Hockesley, Essex    
Margaret A WAYLEN Daur U 19 1832 Colchester, Essex   35671 191
William H WAYLEN  Son  U 16 1835 Colchester, Essex   35671 192
Edward WAYLEN  Brother U 33 1818 Devises, Wilts
  MRCS England General Practitioner                  35671 1(13)
Mary BUNTING  	  40 Servant
Hannah NEVARD 	  44 Servant
Harriett REYNOLDS 30 Servant
George STRUTT 	  22 Servant
-1851 also has a Wm E WAYLEN 1812 Devizes, Wilts in London wife Emily dr Edith.
  1861 at 1 Eead Hill, Colchester St James, Essex:                  My ID
William WAYLEN 	  Head M 60 1801 Devizes, Wilts Fellow Royal College of 
  Surgeons England practising as General Practitioner               35671 19
Harriett WAYLEN   Wife M 56 1805 Gt Horkesley, Essex  
Margaret A WAYLEN Daur U 29 1832 Colchester, Essex                  35671 191
William H WAYLEN  Son  U 26 1835 Colchester, Essex Gentleman        35671 192
Edward WAYLEN  Brother U 44 1817 Devises, Wilts Member of RC Surgeons England
                                                                    35671 1(13)
James DOWNES 	  20 Servant
Sarah EADE 	  42 Servant
Ellen GIFFORD 	  19 Servant
John HENEYBALL 	  19 Servant
Hannah NEVARD 	  52 Servant
  1871 - St Botolph, Essex:
William WAYLEN Head M 70 1801 Devises, Wilts     35671 19
Harriet WAYLEN Wife M 66 1805 Great Horkesley, Essex    
William DEMMON 	18 Servant
Mary Ann KILLINGBACK 43 Servant
Hannah NEVARD 	62 Servant
Phoeb SADLER 	19 Servant

35671 191  9--Margaret Annie WAYLEN 1832 Colchester, Essex
  1841-61 with parents.  1871+ not found.
m Dec qtr 1865 Colchester, Essex sp-Elijah CLARKE or James Wright TOMKIN

35671 192  9--William H WAYLEN 1835 Colchester, Essex d 1881-91.
  1841-61 with parents:
  1851 at 76 High St, Colchester All Saints, Essex with parents: 
William H WAYLEN  Son  U 16 1835 Colchester, Essex
  1861 Colchester St James, Essex with parents:
William H WAYLEN  Son  U 26 1835 Colchester, Essex
  Death: Dec qtr 1875 - Sudbury, Essex.

m Mar 1868 St James, Westminster, Middlesex 1a 603 sp-Mary Ann ORRIN 1835 
Colchester, Essex. Presumed to be her m2. Her m1 may be one of these:
John ORRIN m Jun 1841 Colchester 12 75 sp-Mary Ann SEARLES or TRIGG 
Charles ORRIN m Dec 1846 Colchester 12 112 sp-Mary Ann GREEN	 	 
John ORRIN m JMar 1848 Colchester 12 101 sp-Mary Ann COOK.

  1861 5 Gurney Tce, Butt Rd, Colchester, Essex:
John RAND        Head        M 59 1802 Colchester, Essex  Painter
Eliza RAND       Wife        M 56 1805 Chatfield, Suffolk
Mary Ann HITCHES Daur in law M 30 1831 Ipswich, Suffolk   Dressmaker
Mary A ORRIN     Daur in law M 26 1835 Colchester, Essex  Milliner 35671 192-sp
Fanny ORRIN      Grd Daur       3 1858 Colchester, Essex  Scholar  35671 19211

  1871 Mount Hall, Great Horkesley, Essex:
William H WAYLEN Head M 36 1835 Colchester, Essex Farmer of 176 acres employing
  7 men & 2 boys
Mary A WAYLEN    Wife M 35 1835 Colchester, Essex 
Lillah PLAYLE Servant U 19 Cook Domestic
Emma PARKER   Servant U 19 Housemaid Domestic
Henry SMITH   Servant U 20 Groom Domestic

  1881 Mount Hall, Old London Road, Great Horkesley, Essex:
Mary Ann WAYLEN Head W 43 1838 Colchester, Essex Farmer 138 Acres Employing 
  5 Men & 3 Boys
Fanny J. ORRIN 	Daur Unm 23 1858 Colchester, Essex Farmers Daur      35671 1921
  [Looks like Mary 1st married an ORRIN & had Fanny before she m2 WW.]
Emma CARTER  	21 General Serv Domestic
Henry HOWLETT M 34 Farm Bailiff Steward

  1891 Great Horkesley, Essex:
Mary Ann WAYLEN Head W 49 1842 Colchester, Essex Farmer 138 Acres Employing 
  5 Men & 3 Boys
Katie F G ORRIS Granddaughter 11 1880 Great Horkesley, Essex       35671 19211?
Susannah SCOWEN Servant 28 Servant

35671 19211 10--Fanny J. ORRIN 1858 Colchester, Essex  1861,81 with mother.
  Presumably a daughter by mother Mary Ann's m1.
35671 19211 11--Katie F G ORRIS 1880 Great Horkesley, Essex  1891 with grmother
  She might be a daughter of a son of Mary Ann by her m1.

35671 1(10)  8--James WAYLEN bp 06 SEP 1807 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes,
 Wilts. d by 1810 when brother 35671 1(12) James WAYLEN bp 05 AUG 1810.

35671 1(11)  8--Catherine WAYLEN bp 02 OCT 1808 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes
  1841 with parents.
m sp-Charles NASH 1804 Royston, Cambs 
  1861 Hinxton Grange, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire:                     ID
Charles NASH    Head M 57 1804 Royston, Cambs  Landed proprietor
Catharine NASH  Wife M 50 1811 Devizes, Wilts Fundholder            35671 1(11)
Emily Jane NASH Daur   15 1846 Hinxton Grange, Cambs  Scholar
Charles Herbert NASH Son 11 1850 Hinxton Grange, Cambs  Scholar
Caroline WAYLEN Visitor Sister in law U 45 1816 Devizes, Wilts Fundholder
                                                                    35671 18
Ann BUTTERFIELD  Servant U 29
Sarah BUTTERFIELD Servant U 26
Winefred GRANT   Servant U 33
George COOK 	 Servant W 67
John AUBREY  	 Servant U 58
  See also 1871-81.

35671 1(12)  8--James WAYLEN bp 05 AUG 1810 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes
 He was first an engineer, then a painter, and also an historian; he wrote 
"The Chronicles of Devizes" (1839), "History of Devizes" (1858, 1859), 
 "The House of WAYLAND" (1886), "The House of CROMWELL" (1897) reprinted 
Higginson Book Co editor JG CROMWELL; 1993 hardcover reprint $58 US, 
ISBN 0832813826 or softcover $53 from http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ 
  Were there others? His books do not seem to be held in NZ.
For an excerpt from "History of Devizes" on the persecution of Thomas WITHERS of Bishops Cannings in 1656 under CROMWELL, see 3 Thomas WITHERS at http://www.oocities.com/keeto111/withers/withers.html
He also wrote "A History, Military and Municipal, of the Town (otherwise Called
the City) of Marlborough" (1854).
This wonderful painting of Devizes by James WAYLEN was sent to me by DT.
It comes from the bottom of this page sent to me by DT.
This family portrait attributed to James WAYLEN, was sent to me by DT.

It comes from this link.
And also from this link.
  1841 with parents. 

m sp-Mary GRIMES 1812 Isle of Wight, Ryde
  1851 All Cannings, Wilts:
James WAYLEN       Head M 40 1811 Devizes, Wilts  Artist, Portrait painting
                                                                   35671 1(12)
Mary Grimes WAYLEN Wife M 39 1812 Ryde, Isle of Wight
Mary WAYLEN        Neice  10 1841 Brit Subject, Australia          35671 174
Katharine WAYLEN   Neice   8 1843 Hamstead, Middlesex              35671 175
Elizabeth AUSTIE  Neice U 19 1832 Devizes, Wilts           Sister! 35671 16
Thirza MORTIMER         U 31      House servant
John GIDDINGS 	        U 17      House servant
Susan BRINSDEN 	Visitor W 45      Laundress
Next door is family of Sarah COCK Head W 68 1788 Urchfont Pauper
 with sons Job & Wm, presumed mother in law of
 Sarah COCK 1826 Etchilhampton, Wilts  3511 3432.
Next door again are John BURRY 28 1823 (son of James 3511 343??),
 wife Eliza 26 & their children.

  1861 Sichlaura? House, Ashelton, Wilts:
James WAYLEN Head W 50 1811 Devizes,Wilts Artist in oil painting    35671 1(11)
Elizabeth ANSTIE Sister W 57 1804 Devizes,Wilts  Proprietor of houses 35671 16
Mary WAYLEN        Neice  20 1841 Aus Brit Subject No occupation    35671 174
Constance WAYLEN   Neice  14 1849 London          Scholar           35671 176 
Thirza MORTIMER Servant U 41      House servant
  1871 - search!
  1881 not found
  1891 - Fulham, London:	
James WAYLEN 	80 1811 Devizes, Wilts Head    35671 1(11)
Hector WAYLEN 	21 1870 Chelsea, London Son
Marion BENNETT  61 Servant
Ellen HELLMAN 	14 Servant

35671 1(12)1  9--Hector WAYLEN Jun qtr 1869 Chelsea, London  1891 with father.
Departure: Liverpool, England Arrival: 	27 Apr 1895 - New York, New York
Departure: Liverpool, England Arrival: 6 Apr 1901 - Boston, Massachusetts
Departure: Queenstown Arrival: 	16 May 1908 - New York, New York
Arrival: 20 Jun 1910 - New York, New York
Arrival: 15 May 1929 - Niagara Falls New York, Niagara Falls, New York, USA

m Jun 1897 Kensington, Greater London sp-Isabel CRICKMAY or Amy JOHNSON

35671 1(13)  8--Edward WAYLEN bp 04 AUG 1811 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes
 (b 1811, d Dec qtr 1877 - Devizes, Wilts.)

 EITHER [[ d 1871-80
m sp-Emily 1824 Philadelphia, US
  1851 (at 5 Vernon Place?), London, Clerkenwell, Middlesex:
William E WAYLEN Head M 39 1812 Devizes, Wilts       Annuit't     35671 1(13)
Emily WAYLEN     Wife M 27 1824 America (BS)         Teacher of Music
Edith WAYLEN     Daur    3 1848 Islington, Middlesex At home      35671 1(13)2
  1861 at x Buildings, St James, Devizes St James, Wiltshire:
Edward WAYLEN Head M 49 1812 Devizes, Wilts    Fundholder  35671 1(13)
Emily WAYLEN  Wife M 37 1824 Philadelphia, US
Walter WAYLEN Son  U 19 1842 Jackson, America British S Architectural servant
                                                           35671 1(13)1
Edith WAYLEN  Daur U 13 1848 Islington, Middlesex  Scholar 35671 1(13)2
Elizabeth WAYLEN Daur 4 1857 St Pancras, Middlesex Scholar 35671 1(13)3
Ann MASLEN Servant U 17 1844 Devizes, Wilts        House leav
  1871 Lyecroft House, Rowde, Wilts:
Edward WAYLEN Head M 59 1812 Devizes St Mary,W Gentleman annuitant 35671 1(13)
Emily WAYLEN  Wife M 47 1824 Philadelphia, US America
Walter WAYLEN Son  U 29 1842 Jackson, Michigan Land surveyor 35671 1(13)1
Edith WAYLEN  Daur U 23 1848 Islington, Middlesex    Scholar 35671 1(13)2
Elizabeth WAYLEN Daur14 1857 St Pancras, Middlesex   Scholar 35671 1(13)3
Ann SUMNELL  Servt U 35      Poulshot, Wilts         Domestic servt
  1880 US Census Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
John G FORD       Head M 57 1823 Maryland  Cashier Of Enquire News Paper
Elizabeth D FORD  Wife M 59 1821 Phila PA Keeping House
Emily WAYLEN    Other W 56 1824 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Gentle Lady
Edith WAYLEN    Other S 32 1848 England Decorative Artist  35671 1(13)2
Elizabeth WAYLEN Other S 23 1857 England Journalist        35671 1(13)3
Maggie MCCARTHY  Other S 27 1853 Ireland Domestic servant

35671 1(13)1 9--Walter WAYLEN 1842 Jackson, America  1861-71 with parents
35671 1(13)2 9--Edith WAYLEN 1848 Islington, Middlesex   1851-71 with parents
  1880 US Census with mother in US.
35671 1(13)3 9--Elizabeth WAYLEN Jun Q 1857 St Pancras, Middlesex
  1861-71 with parents.
  1880 US Census with mother in US.
  1900 US Census Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Elizabeth WAYLEN 43 1857 ...
[[m sp-Catherine WAYLEN 1825 Neves? St Mary, Suffolk
  1851-61 with brother 35671 1(12) above:
  1851 with brother William WAYLEN FRCS, GP 35671 19:
Edward WAYLEN  Brother U 33 1818 Devises, Wilts MRCS England Gen. Practitioner
  1861 with brother William WAYLEN FRCS, GP 35671 19:
Edward WAYLEN  Brother U 44 1817 Devises, Wilts Member of RC Surgeons England.
  1871 at 3 Queen St, Colchester, Essex:
Edward WAYLEN   Head M 51 1820 Devises, Wilts MRCSE Surgeon of Militia.
Catherine WAYLEN Wife M 46 1825 Neves? St Mary, Suffolk
Mary A BASS     Serv U 23 General Serv Suffolk
Annie GOLDSMITH Serv U 22 General Serv Suffolk
  1881 at 29 Culver Street, Colchester, Essex:
Edward WAYLEN    Head M 62 1819 Devizes, Wilts Surgeon Major Militia Departmt
Mary A HOLLOWAY Sister in Law M 37 1844 Neves? St Mary, Suffolk
Mary KEMP Cook U 30 1851 Neves? St Mary, Suffolk       Cook Domestic serv
Emma T TORDELL Serv U 17 1864 Donyland, Suffolk        General serv domestic

35671 1(14)  8--Amelia WAYLEN bp 07 MAR 1813 Saint Mary Independent, Devizes
35671 1(15)  8--Matthew Henry WAYLEN bp 11 FEB 1816 Saint Mary Independent,
 Devizes, Wilts. [DT gives bp 2.12.1815 - check.]

35671 1(16)  8--Charlotte WAYLEN 1821 Devizes, Wilts.  1841 with parents. 
m sp-Thomas George TEBAY 1815 Birmingham
  1871 at 37 Belgrave Rd, St George Hanover Square, London:
Thomas G TEBAY Head M 56 1815 Eglnster?, Lancaster Medical practitioner medce 
Charlotte TEBAY Wife M 50 1821 Devizes, Wilts.                     35671 1(16)
Mary D TEBAY Daughter U 19 1852 London  Fundholder                 35671 1(16)1
Clara B HILL Visitor  U 19 1852 Oldham, Glasgow Fundholder
Catharine A WAYLEN Niece U 28 1843 Hampstead, Middlesex Fundholder 35671 1x1??
Eliza D PIERCE Servt U 24
Betsy PUTSFORD Servt U 26
  1881 at 37 Belgrave Rd, St George Hanover Square, London:
Thomas George TEBAY Head M 66 1815 Birmingham  MD Kings College Lic Aberdeen 
 General practitioner in medicine 
Charlotte TEBAY 61 1820 Devizes, Wilts.                 35671 1(16)
Caroline WAYLEN Sister in Law U 65 1816 Devizes, Wilts. 35671 18 
Elizabeth Ann NORRIS Serv U 23 Cook
Eliza Dinah PEARCE   Serv U 34 Housemaid
Mary Ann PEARCE   Visitor U 30 Helps her parents at home.
  1891 at 67 Princess Rd, Willesden, Middlesex:
Clara BOARD     Head   W 60 1831 London
Sarah G C BOARD Daur   S 32 1859 Manchester
Susan BRICKLAW Servant S 21 1870
John Musgrave ACLAND Boarder S 35 1856 Stapleton, Gloucester Clerk in Holy
  Orders - Clergy
Charlotte TEBAY Boarder U 71 1820 Devizes,Wilts Living on own means 35671 1(16)
Caroline WAYLEN Boarder U 76 1815 Devizes,Wilts Living on own means 35671 18 

35671 1(16)1  9--Mary Dolores TEBAY 1852 London  1871 with parents.           
Death Dec Q 1884 St George Hanover Square, London: Mary Dolores TEBAY 1852

3568  5--Jane WAYLEN bc1702 dc1706

35671 17311 11 Lucille & Noel NEUSTROSKI lucille"att"wave.co.nz  2001
35671 17351 1  Debbie TURNER bedford"att"mweb.co.za  30.7.08 Referred to as DT.
Kit WITHERS  kitw"att"slingshot.co.nz 2008


 From p178, "The House of WAYLAND" by James WAYLEN, 35671 1(12) above, 
thanks to LN 16.8.08. 

0 0-William WAYLAND

1 1-William WAYLAND b 1620. Eldest son. Of Nurstead & Rowde Hill.
In 1671 he bought off William HITCHCOCK of Newhouse in Whiteparish and Edward
HITCHCOCK of London, the freehold estate at Potterne since known as "The
Waylands". It remained in the family til sold in 1873 by James WAYLEN to Wm
STANCOMB of Potterne. In 1687 Wm WAYLAND bought from Charles DANVERS, the 
Recorder of Devizes, the site of Nurstead House, which he built & made his
residence, under the name Upper Waylands, while a farmhouse nearer to the Stert
stream was called Lower Waylands. "Upper Waylands has long passed away, but
Lower Waylands continued to be occupied by relatives bearing the same name
into" the 1800s. The scrivener wrote up the purchase deed to Wm WAYLAND but he
signed as Wm WAYLEN. (The 1720 Devizes Grand Jury lists Wm WAYLAND: see p367
"History of Devizes" (1858 ed.) by James WAYLEN. There was a charity at
Cricklade, Wilts known as the WAYLAND estates. Also WAYLAND of Stapleford, 
Wilts. Also WAYLAND of Somerset. See (his) Appendix. It is not recorded what
stance the family took in the great struggle in the time of Charles 1. WAYLEN
"crops up in the account books kept by the County committees sitting in the 
Parliament's behalf at Malmesbury, Falstone House... [A] Wm WELLEN fell in
the Duke of Monmouth's cause in 1685... [There is] an entry '23.10.1645 John
WAYLAND [et al] renting the sheep slight on Mr TATTERSALL's farm at Stapleford
& entering last Michaelmas, paid then to him 15P & were to pay 18/6/8 more for
the whole year. This has been seized by us ... John HILL Collector.' Here the
rents of the Royalist Mr TATTERSALL are intercepted... In the returns 
descriptive of Wiltshire church livings in 1650, preserved at Lambeth Palace,
the local witnesses who testify in respect of Little Langford [adjacent to
Stapleford] are .. & John WAYLAND - the same JW... [His wife came from] the 
POWELLS of Devizes-Wick, were conspicuous Quakers... Still more prominent were
various members of the WITHERS family [see withers/withers.html] at Bourton in
the adjoining parish of Bishops Cannings, with whom Robert, the 2nd son [12 m 
Mary WITHERS, 356 at 1. above] and Anne the 2nd daughter [14] became allied.
  In will 1.4.1697 William WAYLEN of Nurstead & Potterne directs that he be 
buried in the chapel-yard of St James' Southbroom. 5P to his bro' Michael,
20/- to his bro' Thomas, 10/- to Sarah STEVENS servant of his son Wm, 20/- to 
his dau'r Mary [13] wife of Nicholas BITTLE, 20/- to his dau'r Anne [14] wife 
of Wm WITHERS [383 at withers/withers.html]; 10P each to his 4 grandchn 
Nicholas [131], Wm [132], Robert [133] & Anne [134] BITTLE; 10P each to his 4 
grandchn Wm [3831], Robert [3833], Ralph [3835] & Mary [3832] WITHERS;
 10P each to his son Wm [11]'s 5 chn, Wm [111], Robert [112], John [113], 
Anne [114] & Mary [115] WAYLEN; 10P each to his son Robert [12]'s 5 chn, 
Wm [3562 at 1. above] & Mary [3561 at 1. above] WAYLEN; 5P to the poor of the 4
tithings constituting the chapelry of St James, namely Roundway, Bedborough,
Wick & Nurstead, at the discretion of his executors - his sons Wm [11] and
Robert [12] to divide the residue. "It is believed he had previously 
apportioned his real estate between his 2 sons" d 1697 at 77. 

m sp-Anne POWELL of Devizes Wick d1691. 4 chn.

11 2-William WAYLEN b1654, of Nurstead & Rowde. Inherited the larger share of
his father's lands tho living elsewhere.  1719 will in appendix.
m sp-Jane PERRETT

111 3-Wm WAYLEN of Devizes d1736 - admin 'n granted 1739 to his wife et al.
m sp-Margaret ADEE

1111 4-Wm WAYLEN (c1732-21.1.1777) 
m 7.10.1775 sp-Mary WITHERS bc1729 d 12.1.1827 TO IDENTIFY!
  The nearest on IGI is MW bp 20 JUN 1727 Lower Meeting House-Independent, 
Newbury, Berkshire to Moses WITHERS C065561 1695-1771. Moses is 0 at
 *1723 Newbury, Berks.-1748 Buckley, Flint, N Wales at 

11111 5-Wm WAYLEN (19.7.1776-1858) 
m c1800 sp-Rebecca JOHNSTON (1776-27.12.1817) 
112 3-Robert WAYLEN lived at Lower Waylands, Nurstead nearer the stream than
 Nurstead House. In 1774 he was also occupying Calcot Farm on Coate field.

113 3-John WAYLEN of Devizes
1131 4-Jane WAYLEN
1132 4-William WAYLEN
1133 4-John WAYLEN

114 3-Anne WAYLEN m sp-Francis PARADISE of Devizes. ISSUE
115 3-Mary WAYLEN of Devizes d single. Will 1749.

12 2-Robert WAYLEN b1655 of Nurstead in Bishops Cannings. Inherited the smaller
share of his father's lands. He farmed the Potterne estate. His father 
settled the lands of Pottern on him & gave them the use of the house at 

m 1688 sp-Mary WITHERS widow of John POUND of Bishops Cannings.
 #She is 356 at 1. above.

13 2-Mary WAYLEN 1657-1735 
m sp-Nicholas BITTLE of Worslay, Co. Gloucester.
131 3-Nicholas BITTLE
132 3-Wm BITTLE
133 3-Robert BITTLE
134 3-Anne BITTLE

14 2-Anne WAYLEN b1659
m sp-William WITHERS of Bishops Cannings  #He is 383 at withers/withers.html

2 1-Michael WAYLEN in 1697 will of 1 Wm
3 1-Thomas WAYLEN in 1697 will of 1 Wm
4 1-John WAYLAND died young
5 1-Mary WAYLAND m 1670 sp-Thomas SLOPER of Easton, Bishops Cannings, Wilts.
  ISSUE.  Is he 2144 1  5-Thomas SLOPER of Easton, Bishops Cannings at
 http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Village/2123/sloper/sloper.html ?


18256 Martha PRATER 1795/6 Lambourn m Jacob WAYLING           9
182561 William WAILING  1817 Ramsbury,Wilts m Mary Ann KIMBER "
182561 3 Mary Ann WAILING 1847 Ramsbury m Russell H PHILLIPS 10
182566 Jacob WAILING 1829 Ramsbury,Wilts m Sarah LAWRENCE   11
*1779-1858 ex IGI for Ramsbury C058211 1689-1875, M058211 1689-1875
 Chn of 256 of 1. above + the following: 

0 Robert WAILING m: 28 DEC 1779 Ramsbury, Wiltshire sp-Mary STROUD
0 Mary WAILING m: 05 FEB 1792 Ramsbury, Wiltshire sp-Robert BERRY
0 Sarah WAILING m: 13 OCT 1849 Ramsbury, Wiltshire sp-Henry Eaton RUSHEN

0 William WAILING m: 03 NOV 1788 Ramsbury, Wiltshire sp-Anne SAWYER
. Elizabeth WAILLING bp: 27 JUL 1794 Ramsbury, Wiltshire d 19 DEC 1797
. Edward WAILING bp: 22 JUL 1804 Ramsbury, Wiltshire d 30 JAN 1806  

0 Wm WAILING m Sarah
. Elizabeth WAILING bp: 23 JUL 1854 Ramsbury, Wiltshire

0 George WAILING m Ellen
. Walter WAILING bp: 10 OCT 1858 Ramsbury, Wiltshire 

*1871 Marlborough http://freecen.rootsweb.com gives

Marlborough, Broad Hinton: Post Office,Marlborough Rd
 WAILEN Ann Lodger U F 87 Annuitant  Wilts - Avebury

Marlborough, Address: Berwick Bassett
  WAYLING John Head M M 48 Ag Lab  Wilts - Berwick Bassett 
  WAYLING Eliza Wife M F 51 Shop Keeper Grocer  Wilts - Winterbourne 
  WAYLING Edwin Son U M 15 Groom  Wilts - Berwick Bassett 
Marlborough, Berwick Bassett
  WAYLING George Head U M 48 Carter Ag  Wilts - Berwick Bassett 
  WAYLING Isaac Brothr U M 35 Ag Lab  Wilts - Berwick Bassett 

4. The Earls of LONSDALE courtesy of DT.

Sir Richard LOWTHER (1529-1607), of LOWTHER Hall, Westmorland, Lord Warden of 
 the West Marches.
Sir John LOWTHER, 1st Baronet (1605-1675)
Sir John LOWTHER, 2nd Baronet (1655-1700) (created Viscount LONSDALE in 1696)
This portrait of the 1st Viscount Lonsdale is from wikipedia.
Richard LOWTHER, 2nd Viscount LONSDALE (1692-1713)
Henry LOWTHER, 3rd Viscount LONSDALE (1694-1751)
Sir James LOWTHER, 5th Baronet (1736-1802) (created Earl of LONSDALE in 1784 
 and Viscount LOWTHER in 1797)
William LOWTHER, 2nd Viscount LOWTHER (1757-1844) (created Earl of LONSDALE in 
William LOWTHER, 2nd Earl of LONSDALE (1787-1872)
Henry LOWTHER, 3rd Earl of LONSDALE (1818-1876)
St George Henry LOWTHER, 4th Earl of LONSDALE (1855-1882)
Hugh Cecil LOWTHER, 5th Earl of LONSDALE (1857-1944)
Lancelot Edward LOWTHER, 6th Earl of LONSDALE (1867-1953) grandfather of 
James Hugh William LOWTHER, 7th Earl of LONSDALE (1922-2006) our 35671 1735 21 
Hugh Clayton LOWTHER, 8th Earl of LONSDALE (b 1949)          our 35671 1735 212
Heir Presumptive is the Hon. William James LOWTHER (b 1957)  our 35671 1735 214

For a fuller account see Sources: wikipedia, 
 Leigh RAYMENT's Baronetage Page www.thepeerage.com 
 DEBRETT's Peerage and Baronetage (1990 edition), New York: St Martin's Press.

 When the Earl inherits the title, he takes on the name LONSDALE (he takes the 
title name and leaves the family name), and becomes offically "The Earl of 
LONSDALE".  He is addressed as Lord LONSDALE.  His wife becomes "The Countess 
of LONSDALE" and is addressed as Lady LONSDALE.  The eldest son of an earl is 
"Viscount", in this case Viscount LOWTHER (the family name not the title name).
Titles run in order of "superiority":
The royal family
Duke & Duchess
Marquess & Marchioness
Earl & Countess
Viscount & Viscountess
Baron & Wife
Baronet & Wife
Life Peer & Wife
Knight & Wife
The eldest son normally taking the next title down until his father dies.

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6. APPENDICES APPENDIX a. ABBREVIATIONS 384281 is often abbreviated as Q. (His children emigrated to Australia and New Zealand.) b born, bp (or chr.) baptised, c about, d died, m married, sp spouse

APPENDIX b. DATES I use the English convention with month after day. So 3.4.1770 is 3rd April, not March 4. When known, the dates and places of birth, baptism and death follow each name. For example 0 1--Thomas WITHERS (c1545 Bishops Cannings-1624 Bishops Cannings) If not prefixed by b for born or bp for baptised, the first date/place will be the baptism date/place if before c1830 or the birthdate if after c1830. THE GREGORIAN CALENDAR replaced the Julian calander in Roman Catholic countries in 1582. It was not, however, accepted in Great Britian until September 2, 1752. Among the changes was the addition of 11 days to the year, however, the major change was that when the calendar was adopted by Parliament, they also established January 1 as New Years Day rather than March 25, as had been the practice under the old system. Thus, the 3rd month, for example, would be May under the old system but March under the new system. Furthermore, a date between January 1 and March 25 would occur in different years, depending on whether the old or new system was being used. That's why dates for this period are often given in both years, such as 15 January 1724/5. - Joemo This meant the loss of eleven days between the 3rd and the 13th of September and also New Years day changed from the 25th of March to the 1st of January. - Mary MASON

APPENDIX c. THE NUMBERING SYSTEMS (i) The number at the start of the line indicates his order of descent from the initial couple in Bishops Cannings, Wilts "0 Thomas WITHERS (c1545-22.4.1624)" and "sp-Joane NASH (bur 1631)". For example their 3rd child is 3 2--Thomas WITHERS (1596) His fifth child is 35 3--John WITHERS (1629) His first child is 351 4--Jane WITHERS (1652) and so on. I often put in a blank after every 4th digit for ease of reading. If there are more than 9 children the numbering after 9 is (10), (11), (12),... or sometimes a,b,c,... FIX Sometimes under an entry I'll use say [-31] to refer to the 1st child of the 3rd child of the person in the current entry. (ii) The generation number precedes the name. (That for the initial 3 brothers is 1.) For example the "4--" in 351 4--Jane WITHERS (1652) indicates she is 4th generation. So to see who her siblings are one can either scan for adjacent "4--" or scan for 352, 353, 354, .... Generally a spouse's generation number is not given. However for a second marriage it is sometimes given (eg "m2 4-sp-") as an aid to finding their spouse above.

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