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Omaha Poker There is a round button in front of a player at the poker table called the dealer button. The dealer button determines the order of betting and moves clockwise player after player after each hand. Each hand begins with posting blinds. It means that the first two players to the immediate left of the dealer button place their bets before their cards are dealt. The first player posts the small blind equal to half the minimum bet. The second one posts the big blind equal to the amount of the minimum bet omaha hi .

7 card stud  All players are required to ante before the deal starts in seven card stud . The cards are dealt in a clockwise direction beginning with a player to the immediate left of the dealer. As soon as each player has received two cards face down (the hole cards) and one card face up (the door card) the first betting round of seven card stud poker starts. There is no dealer button in the game and the order of betting is determined by card value. The first player to place a bet that equals half the lower betting limit is the one with the lowest open card. If there is a tie suit is used to determine the first player to bet. The rank of suits is as follows: spades (the highest), hearts, diamonds and clubs (the lowest). If hands are still tied the player to the immediate left of the dealer goes first. In all subsequent betting rounds the player with the highest board cards opens betting.

Poker Strategy Your purpose is to beat the other players, not to get the best winning hand. If the other players fold you take all the pot. A poker player shouldn't have a regular, predictable method of playing. Try to avoid consecutive game. Watch the way your opponents play and try to decide who is a tight player and who is a loose one. Try to perceive the poker game strategy of your opponent and use poker strategy to your advantage

Poker disconnections , poker lag , poker problems Most Online Poker Rooms provide specifics of the computer requirements to run their software, if you have a reasonably new computer these requirements should not be a problem. For older computers it is wise to check requirements before downloading and trying to play games. We would also highly recommend that you try each sites free games, this not only gives you some familiarity with the software before you put your money at risk it also checks out the compatibility of your computer and the poker room software. Most, if not all, online poker rooms have specific policies in place to deal with computer problems. The following are very general guidelines as to how the Poker sites  handle common problems. Specific questions about computer problems should be directed to the site you play at

understanding the odds of making a hand in poker are vital to success at the poker tables the importance of poker odds

In Omaha Hi/Lo the winning pot is split 50/50 between the best hand and be best qualifying low hand. It is basically played the same as Omaha Hi. (Omaha Hi Rules) except that the highest hand wins 50% of the pot and the lowest qualifying hand wins 50% of the pot. In many games Omaha Hi Lo is used with an 8 or better rule whereby the highest card used for the low winning hand cannot be greater than an 8. Make sure you know if the game you are playing is Omaha Hi/Lo Split or Omaha Hi/Lo Split (8 or better)

Have one account, play in Dollar Poker , Pound Poker Sterling Poker, or Euro Poker  the Casinos will handle the currency exchange or allow you to play in the currency of your choice.  

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Bingo It is estimated that over 1 Billion people have played Bingo, if your not one of them your missing out on the fun Bingo is played using Bingo Cards, a picture of a Bingo Card Follows.  The Card has 5 Columns each column starts with a letter of the word B-I-N-G-O, each column is split into 5 rows. Each row has a series of numbers, these numbers can be anywhere from 1 - 75 play free bingo.

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In Texas Hold'em Poker, players get two down cards and five community cards (which are face-up in the middle of the table). Your hand is determined by using the best five of those seven cards (in any combination) and the best hand wins the pot. (The pot may also be won by someone betting and no one calling prior to the completion of the hand. in texas holdem)