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Not much of this in Kelvin Grove - unless there's a really, really big flood

Palmerston North

Destination Manawatu Inc.

Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Library (A link site that lists a wide range of Manawatu websites)

Palmy.Net (A web directory of Palmerston North websites and general information)'s Manawatu websites

Websites with some connection with Kelvin Grove and/or its history

Whakarongo, New Zealand (Traditionally a 'sister district' and now a 'sister website')

Kelvin Grove Kindergarten

Kelvin Grove Corps, Salvation Army (contact details only)

Palmerston North Electric Power Station Inc (The website of the group preserving the old PN power station in Keith Street)

Scandinavian Club of Manawatu (Includes material on the early settlement of the district)

Lower North Youth Justice Residential Center (contact details only)

Toyota New Zealand (History webpage)

Webforge (NZ) Ltd.

arts.manawatu - A significant number of people have ddoubts about the conviction of Mark Lundy for the murder of his wife Christine and daughter Amber in the August 2000. As a result a committee has been formed called FACTUAL, which stands for "For Amber & Christine - Truth Uncovered About Lundys". They have a website at  People in the Kelvin Grove area are particularly welcome to contact the committee through the website with information, views and opinions.


Genealogy Websites associated with Kelvin Grove

Anders Christian Christensen & Marie Nilsdotter (A couple who emigrated from Norway on the 'Celaeno' 1871, and who settled at what became Kelvin Grove)

Websites and Web pages covering Kelvingrove and Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, Scotland

Friends of the River Kelvin

Friends of Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow Guide: Kelvingrove and Park Circus

Pat's Guide to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - Kelvin Grove tune (this websiite also has a NZ links page)

Lord Kelvin and Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Famous Scots - William Thomson - Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)

Henry's Songbook (words and some information on the song 'Kelvin Grove')

Other places named Kelvin Grove around the world

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, Canada (information website)

Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia (information/history)

Kelvin Grove, South Africa (its history web page)

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