Kelvin Grove Community Assn. Inc.

The Linklater Block Open Day (in the rain) Saturday, 21 April 2001

After months of dry weather and sunny days, the 90-minute Open Day (rather morning) at the Linklater Block was unfortunately marred by increasingly wet weather. The object of the exercise was for property owner Palmerston North City Council, to allow the public the chance to see the rolling 30 hectare (70-acres) farm that PNCC purchased in the mid-1990s for conversion to a botanical Esplanade-type park. After a relatively good start, despite the light rain at the start, as the photos reveal, those present ended up entertaining themselves in the relative comfort of a handy hayshed.

Looking down from the hilltop (while hiding from the rain under a tree) overlooking the Kelvin Grove Road-McLeavey Drive intersection.

Comparing the operating methodology of various digital cameras that were present.

Testing the waterproofing qualities of the Kodak DC 215 camera!

The display board

PNCC staff photographed for posterity at the request of other PNCC staff. The property's former owner, who presently leases the land back for farming purposes, is in the background.

Still raining!

Last Updated: 21/4/2001