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Life under the Flight Path (more or less)

Filling a web page with graphics is a bit uncool. However, as I type this (7/5/2001), while listening to a Skyhawk or Aermacchi (can't spell that one - or see the actual plane for that matter) screaming about the place performing 'touch and gos' - yet again - up the road at Palmerston North International Airport, there is a little room for nostalgia. Tomorrow we will hear the 'big news' regarding their fate - or more precisely, the fate of the air combat wing of the New Zealand Air Force. So shown here is a scene that is apparently soon to become but a memory. Sorry there's no noise. You'll just have to imagine it!!!!! These are based at Ohakea about 20 minutes drive from here. Pity about the planes going, but the associated noise, weeeeelllll!!!

This is the more usual source of overhead noise in Kelvin Grove - the ordinary passenger planes coming and going from our handy local international airport.

Not too bad though, as international airports go. Probably most people who live here don't give planes flying overhead a second thought - unless they are of the historic variety and sound different to the norm - or on 'low cloud days' when we think meaningful thoughts regarding the fate of our roofs. They make life interesting for out-of-town houseguests though.

Planes have been flying overhead from the airport at Milson since the 1930s, with faithful old DC3s (like the one below) having served well from there for decades, both as passenger planes and as agricultural planes. Now that's nostalgia.

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This is the source of the plane graphics

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