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  • Hi there y'all lottery, number, strategy and fortune fanatics!

    I got into the world of lottery as a kid when I started helping my old man guess winning numbers for the California State Lottery. Gotta tell ya, there's something about these numbers... And I used to write down all the winning combinations and our "family" variations. The result - my very own notebook with tables and arrows that traces my attempts to find a winning lottery strategy and deceive the fate, or maybe the opposite - forsee it.

    I started analyzing other lotteris as well, since all of them differ in their rules, which means that the winning chances also are different! All you need is find your own winning method!

    And here's why I decided to create this site, where I plan to publish the rules of the most popular lotteries in the States. I hope they'll help you also in your quest for your very own strategy.

    I'll be writing also about the most interesting online lotteries - the ones I like to play. Of course, there are a lot of differences between online and real (offline) lotteries, from the ways winning combinations are selected to the fact that online ones are more simple and convenient. I tried a lot of them so I'll let you guys know about the most interesting ones, such as Stock Lottery.

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    Oh, by the way, my name's Ken. Analyze and win!