Futch Heyla! this is a website dedicated to the gorgeous men and boys we see in anime and games, like these two cuties... the one on the left is Futch (Chibi Star), and on the right is Luc (Tenkan Star), and they are both from the game Suikoden (the images were taken from Suikoden 3) They're two of only a few characters to appear in three out of the four games. Ask them very nicely and they might let you in here to play with them,
but only if you are mature enough to accept that some of the pictures and stories on this site contain reference to YAOI and SHOUNEN AI
This is your only warning.

If you proceed into this site, you are accepting that you know about the contents of the pages within, and are capable of behaving in a mature fashion.

If you can accept what I have written above, then please do Enter
sorry, the whole site has been taken down temporarily, since I'm planning to re-design the whole thing.... meanwhile, check out my livejournal, since I'll probably post there when the site is ready to visit again.