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April 2006 DVD's of Ken McMullen's feature films are to be released

Ken McMullens's cutting edge feature films will be released in April 2006, These will include: Ghost Dance -an artistic and intellectual journey into beliefs and myths surrounding the existence of ghosts and the nature of cinema...(More information)

1871- A lavish period film about the rise and fall of the Paris Commune in 1871. McMullen's highly regarded film intriguingly illuminates a rarely depicted period of French history. (More information)

Zina- Comparable to a twentieth Century Antigone, Zina is being treated by Professor Kronfield (More information)

Partition- Set amidst the tumultuous events surrounding the transfer of power from British to Indian hands and the partition of the Sub-continent in 1947.(More information)

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October 2005 A new addition to the Pioneers in Art and Science series commissioned by the Interdisciplinary Arts Department of Arts Council England has been released on DVD- Ken McMullen'sArt, Poetry and Particle physicsto order your copy and for more information on this DVD and also Ken McMullen's Metzger, Pioneers in Art and Science series please visit DVD News.

Please visit DVD news for information on stockists

Ken McMullen has been involved in collaborations between Art and Science and has produced several installations and Art works based around his collaborations with CERN concerning Film and Quantum Physics.

On the 9th February at 7:30pm until midnight, the western elevation of Torness Power Station will be alight with Ken McMullen's work Lumen de Lumine. Projected onto an 80' screen, this will create the largest artwork of its kind ever seen in Europe, linking the worlds of art and science. The event is being hosted by Sir Adrian Montague, Chairman of British Energy in association with Richard Demarco and John Watson...On a performance level, Lumen de Lumine is a visual communication arising out of a collaboration between physicists working at the leading edge of our understanding of the laws of nature and the artist Ken McMullen, using radically different art mediums. more.

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