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Kennelridge Golden Retrievers are owned by Jan and Frank Muncey.  


I bought my first Golden Retriever nearly twenty years ago and bred my first litter about three years afterwards.

My aim has always been to produce typical examples of the breed, sound in construction, healthy, good looking but always with the temperament which makes Golden Retrievers such ideal companions.  The Breed Standard requires a Golden Retriever to be 'biddable, intelligent,.....kindly, friendly and confident' and I hope that is what I have achieved.  My dogs are all submitted for the approved KC/BVA health schemes (Hip Scoring/Eye checks/Elbow Scoring) before being bred from.  

Most of my puppies have, like those of most breeders, been bought by families to live in the household as a pet. 


My dogs and the puppies I breed represent the whole range of shades of gold which the Breed Standard allows, from cream to deep golden.


To see more of the Kennelridge Goldens click here. See my photo album page to show the original Kennelridge Goldens and some of the later ones. 

To contact me telephone 01908 506030 or e-mail me by clicking here. 

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