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Small Wind Generator
110 Watt Solar Panel


Michigan's renewable energy sources: Wind and Solar

The prices for grid powered energy is climbing every year with no signs of relief in the near future. Now is the time to act, whether your powering your garage, house or your cabin in the north, Michigan Wind & Solar has the application to fit your needs.

Wind Powered Systems

Wind generators will bring you most bang for your buck in the winter months and maybe even year round depending on your situation. Unlike solar panels,  wind generators take up little room and can produce the most return for the amount you put in. More...

Solar Powered Systems

Solar energy here in Michigan? The place that if you wait 5 minutes the weather will change... Yes it is possible to use solar energy here in the great lake state. I do recommend that you couple your solar powered system with a wind generator. Because when the sun isnt shinning, the wind is blowing! More..

The Rest of the Story

Ok, you have an alternative energy source, your producing power like the big energy companies. Now you need to harness that electricity and put it to use. You will need the following: Charge Controller, Battery Bank (unless your tying into the grid) and a power inverter. More...


Michigan Wind and Solar
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