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Here are a selection of Didgeridoo Exercises from the Tribe:

1. DutchTreat's Exercises:


Here is the latest exercise, massive amounts of tongueing. Basically i just tongued the riff:


Sit up straight and get that diaphragm a pumpin' for this one because it's the only way you'll be able to get a breath in!


Here I am just playing mocking bird copying David Hudson riffs, but they are great fun to play with and are good exercises for learning how to breathe and subtly control your mouth and tongue.

This Choogil riff really pushes me. I find it very challenging to transition from drone to toot to drone and keep breathing properly

2. Woody's Exercises:


This is an exercise in high harmonics on didge in the key of F. As an exercise, this sample is played more piercingly than I would normally play, in order to bring out and strengthen the high harmonics. It begins by stepping up and down the three high harmonic notes and then goes into the high harmonic effect called the "Boomerang" which is used to mimic a boomerang in flight. David Blonski also has an excellent example of this technique on his Didge Tutorial page, as well as other animal and bird sound effects.

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