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Click to see my small Kentucky town in the early 1950's.

~My childhood, during the 50's~
When I was just a child, I had no idea what it really took
outside the home. I liked American Bandstand (if any
of you remember that) and to my parents' suprise, I could
listen and watch it while doing homework. Well, off and
on, but it kept the homework more interesting. *S* And on
weekend nights, I loved the "scary" movies! Gaylord was
one that was on Saturday nights., and I never missed it.

Just came to mind---I loved paper dolls, do any of
you remember those? ...and could you imagine children
of today being really into them, and the time of
cutting out the clothes, and some even had punch out
clothes. What fun! Or the small "Barbie" style dolls,
I would spend hours dressing them up.

Well, that was just a little of it. Then there were the
pony tails, the "poodle" skirts, the full skirts with 200
yard slips under them, the Ivy League look, the saddle
oxfords everyone loved... and later, the "white bucks"...
the jump rope, and ball and jacks, Monopoly games and
checkers, and just so many activities. They were so much
fun at that time. And the music! There were Johnny Cash,
Elvis, the Andrews Sisters, Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Patsy
Cline, Red Foley, Dennis Day, and just so many more. And
never to be forgotten, the one and only Bill Haley... Ah,
yes, the days as a child, not many problems, and a lot of
good memories. And the Ed Sullivan show, which would not
show Elvis in full shot because he "moved" as he sang, which
was taboo at that time.

Well, I graduated from school, and entered a new world,
one not as easy, with work and paying for a lot myself.
Then there was to be less TV, and more concentration on
life. I got married and figured I would be the "boss" of
my life then, just one of those misconceptions we all have,
I guess! Oh, I was very much in love.... in fact, I am
still married to the same man, my soul mate, after 37 years.
He is my life and will always be my love, my one and only.
We have survived 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. God has
helped us through a lot of ups and downs in life, and I am
so thankful to Him for such a lovely family, not only my
husband and children, but also my sister and her family, and
and my wonderful Mom and Dad, and both sets of grandparents.
I truly think each person we meet along the way, helps us
to grow and learn more in life.

One grandmother I had was a very good poet, and I have some
of her poems, and they are a treasure to me. My sister and
I spent summers with her, for one to two weeks at a time,
but usually separate. We had a habit of fussing a lot, so
they took us one at a time, and then our grandparents got
help in their general store and garden, and our parents had
the other to help at home, and it kept peace in both homes!
During our stay there, we were taught church songs, learned
verses of the Bible, and even went to all day church services.
Now, if you have ever been to an all day service as a 10
year old, you will know what I mean when I say it was
something else. It was hard to sit still that long, and I
couldn't understand a lot of it. But, we sat quietly . Each
evening before bed, my grandfather would tell us "BearTales",
his own made up versions, of "painters" (panthers) and bears
fighting on logs over the water rushing below them. Oh, it
was wonderful, and every one of us grandchildren loved to sit
by him and listen to them. Then, after the story, they took
out the Bible, and read one chapter of it. Again, we would
sit quietly and listen.

My other grandparents lived only two doors down from us, and
they babysat with me until I started school. My grandfather
had a garden and was usually found in it, working. My
grandmother did all the cooking, and would sit me up on a
stool to help her at the cabinet. She made fantastic "over
night refrigerator cookies". I will never forget them! She
gave us small bites of the dough before she rolled it up in
waxed paper to chill overnight....yummy! My grandmother was,
in a sense, my "bestest" friend for years. She would braid
my hair for school, listen to all my problems, and after
school a lot of days I was to be found there by her. Many
times I slept over on week ends with her. When she passed on,
I felt that I had lost a best friend, and life changed a lot.
I really missed her smile and the touch of her hands holding
me for comfort. She was a wonderful Christian woman with
nothing but love in her heart for us grandchildren. The last
time I saw her, she explained that Jesus had come to her in a
dream and she was going home. I couldn't believe she would
leave me, and I cried and told her "No". But she was taken
to the hospital, and did pass away that night. She knew, and
she told me. That was really hard for me.

(There is more about me on the page Kentucky Lady 4, (likes,
friends etc), so will leave that for the follow up to this.)

I have found a new interest- a computer, and it is a challenge
each time I sit down to see what I can do with it. Aren't
they just the neatest thing since the wheel? I think so.
(And, NO, I wasn't around when the wheel was invented. Think
that was a couple of years earlier!)

I feel real proud to say that I have 4 generations on my sites:
My grandmother, my Mother, myself, and my daughter.
And, I
have also had my sister's support, and help, in creating this site.

I have done a lot of construction on this site, and still working.

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