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The Civil War in Kentucky

Prepared by Don Rightmyer, Reference Librarian
Research Library, Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky

"Probably to a greater extent than in any other state, the war became literally, tragically, a struggle of brother against brother." --- Patricia Faust, editor, speaking of Kentucky and the Civil War in Encyclopedia of the Civil War

This website is dedicated to the history of the Civil War in Kentucky.

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Cemeteries and Civil War dead buried in Kentucky

Morgan is Coming: Confederate Raiders in the Heartland of Kentucky by Betty J. Gorin. This new 453-page Civil War history tells the story of John Hunt Morgan, Col. Orlando Moore, and the July 4, 1863 battle of Tebbs Bend-Green River Bridge in great detail. This book was released in November 2005 -- hardcover copies may be purchased for $24.95 (hardback)from: Harmony House Publishers, P.O. Box 90, Prospect, KY 40059. Betty J. Gorin was one of the featured authors at the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort on November 12 and participated in a Civil War symposium during that weekend.

New Kentucky Civil War book (Available April 2006)

Contested Borderland: The Civil War in Appalachian Kentucky and Virginia by Brian D. McKnight

Kentucky Regiments Involved in the Civil War
Artillery Regiments -- Union and Confederate
Cavalry Regiments -- Union and Confederate
Infantry Regiments -- Union and Confederate

Kentucky and the Civil War in the Official Records of the Rebellion(OR)

Classic books on the Civil War in Kentucky on the Kentuckiana Digitized Library. Click here to see the listing and then click each title to link to the KDL.

New Biographical Novel about General Simon Bolivar Buckner

NEW Kentucky Civil War biography released by University Press of Kentucky in November 2005

Forts and Military Camps in Kentucky during the Civil War.

Recent Books Published on the Civil War in Kentucky

New edition of Roadside History: Kentucky's guide to its historical roadside markers.
Click here for excerpts from the subject index on Civil War historical markers in Kentucky.

Listing of Battles and Skirmishes in Kentucky

Books on the Civil War in Kentucky.
For a comprehensive bibliography of Kentucky Civil War books, click here

Articles on the Civil War in Kentucky

Chronology of the Civil War in Kentucky

Links to Other Websites on the Civil War in Kentucky

Please visit our sister website "Guide to Genealogical Research on Kentucky Civil War Ancestors". This website contains a listing of books and articles listing Kentucky Civil War soldiers. The sources listed there are helpful to genealogists, students, and anyone seeking to know more about the men and boys from Kentucky who fought in the Civil War.

Photo of Major General Don Carlos Buell
Photo of Confederate Major General Braxton Bragg

Annotated bibliography of books published on the war in Kentucky.
Biographies of notable Kentuckians in the war.
Maps of campaigns and battles during the Civil War in Kentucky.

Suggested Reading Lists on various Kentucky Civil War topics.

Book Reviews on selected publications on the Civil War in Kentucky

Betty J. Gorin. "Morgan Is Coming!": Confederate Raiders in the Heartland of Kentucky.

Charles Bracelen Flood. Grant and Sherman: The Friendship that Won the Civil War.

Doris Goodwin Kearns. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

Concise history of the war in Kentucky from the election of 1860 through the months after the war's end in 1865.
Additional links to unit websites, online Civil War documentation, and other resources for studying the Civil War in the Bluegrass State.

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