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THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 341 (30/12/2002) #4637
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 30, 2002
SOME POSITIVE DEVELOPMENTS IN AMBON – Paulien Joel-Parera, local contact person of the Royal Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, perceives in her latest report (always in Dutch) some positive developments in Ambon. The initial tenseness following the incident in Batugajah on Christmas Day (see Report 339) seems to have been overcome (the police arrested the culprit yesterday), and there is an increasing socializing between Christians and Muslims in the town and in several villages on the island of Ambon. Christians do much of their daily shopping at the Muslim markets (where food is much cheaper), whereas many Muslims buy electronic devices in the Christian areas.

Papua Police conduct field inquiry into border shooting (30/12/2002) #4636
The Jakarta Post, December 30, 2002
Nethy Dharma Somba and Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura/Jakarta. The Papua police conducted on Sunday an on-site investigation into Saturday's shooting which targeted three women, including the wife of a human rights activist who accused the military of involvement in the Aug. 31 ambush at an American-owned company, PT Freeport Indonesia.

Canadian embassy warns of terrorist threat in Indon cities (30/12/2002) #4635
The Jakarta Post, 12/29/2002 6:15:02 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Terrorists are planning imminent attacks on a range of targets, including churches and hotels, in four cities in the country, AFP reported.

Web of terrorists ready to wreak havoc (29/12/2002) #4633
The Herald Times Sunday, 29 December 2002
By RUSSELL GOULD. BEFORE the events in Bali on October 12, Jemaah Islamiyah was known as a radical Muslim group believed responsible for a series of bombings throughout Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia...Until the Bali attack, JI's motivation for bombings was religious, specifically the massacre of Muslims by Christians in the Indonesian cities Maluku, North Maluku and Poso in 1999 and 2000.

Wife of human rights activist shot at Papua-PNG border (29/12/2002) #4632
The Jakarta Post, December 29, 2002
Nethy Dharma Somba, The Jakarta Post, Jayapura. JAKARTA (JP): Unidentified men shot the wife of a human rights activist near an immigration post near the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. The woman, identified as 40-year-old Elsie Rumbiak Bonay, is the wife of Johanis G. Bonay, director of the Papua-based Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy (Elsham).

Maluku separatist leader released from detention (29/12/2002) #4630
The Jakarta Post, 12/28/2002 3:03:18 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Leader of the Maluku Sovereignty Front (FKM) Alexander Manuputty was released on Saturday from detention at the National Police Headquarters, El Shinta reported.

National Police HQ Releases Two FKM Leaders (29/12/2002) #4629
TEMPO, 28 Dec 2002 20:51:36 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Alex Manuputty and Samuel Waileruny, two leaders of the Maluku Sovereignty Front (FKM), were released from the National Police headquarters detention center in Jakarta at 00.00am on Saturday (28/12).

Shooting of Papuan Human Rights Activist's Family (29/12/2002) #4627
May Be Related to Timika Incident
TEMPO, 28 Dec 2002 20:54:13 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Three close relatives of human rights activist John Bonay, executive director of the Human Rights Advocacy and Research Institute (ELSHAM), were injured in a shooting in Wutung, 20-km from Jayapura, Papua, on Saturday (28/12) at 09.30 am Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT).

Two women shot in Indonesia's Papua province (29/12/2002) #4626
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Saturday December 28, 2002 4:41 PM
Two women, one of them the wife of a human rights campaigner, were shot and wounded in Indonesia's Papua province, an activist said. The women, Else Bonai and Merauje, were travelling on a public minivan near the border with Papua New Guinea when shots were fired at them, said Aloy Renwarin of Papua's human rights group Elsham.

Govt delays lifting civil emergency in Maluku (28/12/2002) #4624
The Jakarta Post, December 28, 2002
Violence in the province of Maluku has abated since warring sides signed a peace accord early this year and Islamic militants left the province, officials said, adding, however, that the civil emergency was still necessary for now.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 340 (28/12/2002) #4621
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 27, 2002
FOLLOW-UP OF THE BATUGAJAH INCIDENT – The incident in Batugajah we mentioned in our latest report, took place at 8.00 p.m. on December 25. We have to make an adjustment on this earlier report, namely: the culprit, who is known by name (Simon Saiya) – according to the police – has not been caught yet and he has got 3 x 24 hours to give himself up at the Police. Contrarely, local newspaper "Ambon Ekspress" (Muslim) today has a story that Christian young men from the Skip area came down to Batugajah on two trucks to chase Simon Saiya; they got him and would have killed him, had he not been saved by bystanders and security forces.

Utopian Visions And Kinship Divisions (28/12/2002) #4620
Ideological Perceptions Of Ethnic Conflict In Ambon
Harvard Asia Quarterly, Summer 2002 Volume VI, No. 3
By Kathleen Turner. Kathleen Turner is a Ph.D Research Scholar in the School of Politics & International Studies at Murdoch University, Western Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Asian Studies degree at the Australian National University in 1996. Her current research for her dissertation focuses on ethnic conflict in the Moluccas in Eastern Indonesia.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 108 (28/12/2002) #4617
21 December - 27 December 2002
ACEH * Head of the Joint Security Committee (JSC), Major Gen. Thanongsuk Tuvinun, at a press conference on Tuesday (24 Dec.) expressed regrets on the continued atrocities occurred in the province after the signing of the peace agreement. He reminded both parties to refrain from taking violent acts to avoid jeopardizing the peace process. The Jakarta Post reporded that a total of 11 people have died since the government and GAM signed a framework for peace on 9 December.
CENTRAL SULAWESI * Kompas reported on Thursday (26 Dec.) that general situation in Central Sulawesi was relatively calm during Christmas, though one person was killed and another person was missing in Poso district. In Palu, each church was guarded by a combined team of the Police and Army. In addition, church young activists also helped the security team by checking the parish's belongings before entering the church.
MALUKU * Overall Christmas celebrations took place in Maluku without any serious incident. The Police reported that one person was shot and another one was stabbed by an unknown assailant on Wednesday (25 Dec.).
NORTH MALUKU * President Megawati Soekarnoputri made a brief visit to Ternate on Thursday (26 Dec.). During her visit, the President witnessed the hand-over of three computers for an orphanage house in Ternate and a van to an orphanage house in Tobelo.
PAPUA * The Jakarta Post reported on Tuesday (24 Dec.) that GoRI would allow FBI to participate in the investigation of the 30 August shooting at the PT Freeport Indonesian gold mine in Timika, Papua, which killed two American workers and one Indonesian. Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said that GoRI would only allow their participation as part of a team led by the Indonesian police.

Indon magazine names terror suspect "Man of the Year" (28/12/2002) #4615
, Friday December 27, 2002
An Indonesian Islamic magazine has named detained terror suspect Abu Bakar Bashir "Man of the Year" for what it calls his steadfast struggle to uphold Islamic law in Indonesia.

Al-Qaeda suspect being questioned by Indonesian police (28/12/2002) #4614
ABC AUSTRALIA, 27/12/2002 19:26:23
Reports from Indonesia say a reputed associate of the terrorist al-Qaeda group is being questioned by Indonesian police on suspicion of involvement in terrorism.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 339 (27/12/2002) #4612
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 26, 2002
LAND OWNERSHIP POTENTIAL SOURCE OF RENEWED CONFLICT – Town Mayor Papilaya and leader of the Christian Malino-delegation Tony Pariela see disputes on IDP-s' property rights on land and houses as a potential source of new conflict. There have also been illegal building activities on other people's terrains. It will be extremely difficult to settle disputes on these sensitive issues.

Australia warns against travel to Indonesia (27/12/2002) #4611
ABC AUSTRALIA, 26/12/2002 19:00:33
The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a fresh travel warning for Indonesia.

Terrorist attacks: The positive outcomes (26/12/2002) #4608
The Jakarta Post, December 26, 2002
Muhammad Nafik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The devastating Bali bomb blasts that killed over 190 people and injured some 300 others last October was undoubtedly the worst tragedy to take place in Indonesia throughout this year. It was indeed the worst ever bomb attack to hit the country in its entire history.

Terrorism exists and may worsen next year: Analysts (26/12/2002) #4607
The Jakarta Post, December 26, 2002
Debbie A. Lubis, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The country will have to deal with numerous social, political and economic problems in 2003 if the government, politicians and security authorities fail to provide legal certainty and law enforcement in the country, according to the National Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

Christmas passes peacefully despite fear of terror attacks (26/12/2002) #4606
The Jakarta Post, December 26, 2002
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Despite the threat of terrorism, hundreds of thousands of Indonesians across the country packed full churches under tight security in what was regarded as a peaceful Christmas celebration on Wednesday.

Govt to stop feeding, housing refugees next month (26/12/2002) #4604
The Jakarta Post, December 26, 2002
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The government will next month stop providing food and housing assistance for thousands of displaced people who fled religious, ethnic and separatist conflicts throughout the country, a senior welfare minister said here on Tuesday.

Explosive material seized in Indonesia (26/12/2002) #4603
ABC AUSTRALIA, 26/12/2002 03:19:46
Indonesian police have found 250 kilograms of ammonium nitrate - the same material used in the Bali bombings - in Central Sulawesi.

Indonesian police seize bomb chemicals (26/12/2002) #4602
ABC AUSTRALIA, 26/12/2002 11:36:47
Indonesian police have found 250 kilograms of illegally-imported ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in fertilizer that can also be used to make bombs.

Police find 250 kilograms of raw explosives in Palu (26/12/2002) #4597
The Jakarta Post, 12/25/2002 3:03:40 PM
JAKARTA (JP): Central Sulawesi Police on Wednesday found a stash of 250 kilograms of ammonium nitrate in Pau, AP reported.

Indonesia marks Christmas in peace (26/12/2002) #4596
The Jakarta Post, 12/25/2002 11:35:33 AM
JAKARTA (JP): Christians marked peaceful Christmas Wednesday amid tight security at churches across the country.

Tight security in Indonesia on Christmas day (26/12/2002) #4595
ABC AUSTRALIA, 25/12/2002 18:16:17
Tight security has been imposed at churches across Indonesia, as it marks a solemn Christmas Day.

Indonesia to halt all aid to internal refugees in February (26/12/2002) #4594
, Tuesday December 24, 2002
JAKARTA, Dec 24 (AFP) - The Indonesian government is to suspend aid to internal refugees come February because there are no longer any conflict areas in the country, a minister said Tuesday.

Indonesian bombs attack Islamic sect (26/12/2002) #4593
ABC AUSTRALIA, 24/12/2002 19:00:41
In Indonesia's West Java province, mobs have damaged and ransacked almost two dozen houses and two mosques linked to an Islamic sect.

America's FBI may investigate Papuan murders (26/12/2002) #4592
ABC AUSTRALIA, 24/12/2002 14:02:04
Indonesia has agreed to let agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation join an investigation into an ambush near the giant Freeport mine in Papua Province.

Laskar Jundullah untouchable despite Makassar bombing (24/12/2002) #4590
The Jakarta Post, December 24, 2002
Jupriadi, The Jakarta Post, Makassar, South Sulawesi. Shortly after two bombs exploded at a McDonald's restaurant and in front of the NV Hadji Kalla automobile showroom in Makassar on Dec. 5, 2002, the police launched raids on the radical Laskar Jundullah group and arrested some of its activists.

Suspicions in Sulawesi New terror trail in Indonesia (24/12/2002) #4589
TIME Asia, December 30, 2002—January 6, 2003/ Vol. 160 No. 25/26
By Zamira Loebis And Andrew Perrin/Makassar, Nelly Sindayen/Manila And Jason Tedjasukmana/Jakarta. After more than a year of trying to track down Jemaah Islamiah (JI), Southeast Asian intelligence agencies are now also focusing on another group: Laskar Jundullah. Following December's bombings at a Toyota dealer and a McDonald's restaurant in Makassar, the South Sulawesi-based Islamic group has found itself the target of police scrutiny, in part because of the group's own geneaology.

Airports to display travel warnings (24/12/2002) #4585
The Age [Australia], December 24 2002
By Josh Gordon, Tom Hyland. Warnings advising travellers of overseas threats could soon be available at airports and post offices under a Federal Government campaign to begin early next year.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 338 (24/12/2002) #4584
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 23, 2002
AMBON TOLERANCE – Though any fireworks in connection with the New-Year's celebrations were banned early this month (see Report 334), up to now, since the beginning of this month, there has been virtually no end to the exploding of crackers and similar devices, even right in front of the police-station. However, nobody among the Hermandads seems to care.

A'lian government criticised over inefficient travel warnings (24/12/2002) #4581
ABC AUSTRALIA, 23/12/2002 19:06:36
Australia's Federal Opposition has criticised the government for not doing enough to warn its citizens about possible terrorist attacks.

Maluku government denies entry to 67 foreigners (23/12/2002) #4580
The Jakarta Post, December 23, 2002
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. At least 67 foreigners have been denied entry to the conflict-ridden province of Maluku since the civilian emergency authorities there imposed a travel ban on non-Indonesians last April, a local government officer said on Saturday.

Megawati calls for travel bans to be lifted (23/12/2002) #4576
The Age [Australia], December 23 2002
President Megawati Sukarnoputri called on foreign governments to lift
travel advisories warning their citizens not to visit Indonesia, media reports said today.

Australians warned of Indonesian threats (23/12/2002) #4575
ABC AUSTRALIA, 23/12/2002 12:27:52
The Australian government is urging citizens in Indonesia to return home after
new information of a possible terrorist attack this week.

New alert: stay out of Indonesia (23/12/2002) #4574
The Sydney Morning Herald, December 23 2002
By Tom Hyland and Freya Petersen. The Department of Foreign Affairs has renewed its
travel advice to Australians amid fears of new terrorist attacks in Indonesia over Christmas and new year.

Christmas terror alert (23/12/2002) #4573
The Age [Australia], December 23 2002
By Tom Hyland, Foreign Editor, Jakarta. While Indonesia braces for a feared new wave of terrorism over Christmas, suspects in the Bali bombing have been flown to Java for police re-enactments of planning meetings that led to the October atrocity.

Repatriation of 39 Maluku-born people from Netherlands (23/12/2002) #4571
The Jakarta Post, 12/20/2002 8:40:11 PM
AMBON, Maluku (JP): A plan to repatriate a number of Maluku-born people from the Netherlands to Maluku has run into a hitch due to transportation problems, Jopi Patti, chairman of the Maluku-based repatriation committee said here on Friday.

Australia warns citizens to avoid Indonesia (23/12/2002) #4570
ABC AUSTRALIA, 20/12/2002 23:03:40
The Australian government has warned its citizens to avoid travelling to Indonesia over Christmas and the New Year due to a high risk of terrorist attacks.

Bombers Planned Christmas Eve Bombing (23/12/2002) #4569
TEMPO, 14 Dec 2002 21:19:44 WIB
TEMPO Interaktif, Makassar, South Sulawesi:The police are convinced that the Makassar bombers planned to carry out another bombing on Christmas and New Year's Eve this year.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 337 (21/12/2002) #4568
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 20, 2002
CANCELING SENDING OF EXPLOSIVES TO AMBON –, citing two Java based newsmedia, reports that the explosives that were found in Lamongen, East Java, on December 16, and that turned out to belong to Amrozi, one of the suspects of the Bali bombing, were originally meant to be shipped to Ambon. Thus was declared by Amrozi to the police. However this plan was canceled when the situation in Ambon calmed down since the Malino agreement.

Prosecutors seek 5 years jail for Maluku separatist leaders (21/12/2002) #4567
The Jakarta Post, December 20, 2002
JAKARTA(JP): Prosecutors Thursday sought a five-year prison term for two leaders of the Maluku Sovereignty Front, AFP reported.

Indonesia seeks only 1 year jail for Muslim cleric (21/12/2002) #4566
, Thursday December 19, 2002
JAKARTA, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Indonesian prosecutors asked a court on Thursday to sentence a militant Muslim cleric to one year in jail for inciting hatred, well below the maximum penalty he could be given.

Prosecutors seek 5 years jail for Christian separatist leaders (21/12/2002) #4565
, Thursday December 19, 2002
JAKARTA -- Prosecutors Thursday sought a five-year prison term for two Christian separatist leaders on Indonesia's Maluku islands.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 336 (21/12/2002) #4564
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 17, 2002
BOMB FOUND – On December 14 a bomb was found behind the Rehoboth elementary school in Batugantung, Ambon. Passers-by who saw a package consisting of a bottle and a cable, warned some soldiers at the nearby post of the 741/Udayana battalion. These took the package to their post and warned the bomb squad who then secured the bomb.

Time bomb (21/12/2002) #4563
Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), 15 Dec 2002
Pos Kupang also reported that Battalion 741 on Saturday, 14 December 2002, successfully evacuated a bomb planted in an elementary school building in Batu Gantung, Nusaniwe, Ambon. The time bomb was found by some local people living near the school.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 107 (21/12/2002) #4562
14 December - 20 December 2002
MALUKU * Some incidents were reported during the week: on Saturday (14 Dec.), a bomb was discovered near a security post in Batu Meja area (Ambon city); on Monday (16 Dec.), two self-made bombs were discovered at Halong Atas water reservoir at Halong Navy Complex in Ambon city suburb; and on Tuesday (17 Dec.), a suspected package of a self-made bomb was discovered on Jl. Ponegoro, Urimessing village of Ambon Island. However, after further investigations it was found to be firecrackers.
NORTH MALUKU * The election process of the Regent (Bupati) of Central Halmahera district has been completed and approved by both the Provincial and Central Government. Hassan Doa, who is nominated by Golkar Party, will be officially installed as the new Regent next week.

Indonesia Finds Terror Links May Be Wider Than Suspected (21/12/2002) #4561
The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2002
By TIMOTHY MAPES. Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesia's investigation into last week's bombings in Sulawesi indicates that connections among Islamic militant groups inn this sprawling country are wider and deeper than previously suspected. The findings suggest that terrorism here may prove difficult to suppress, despite a wave of arrests following October's deadly attack in Bali.

Report: Anti-Christian Jihad Once Training Ground for (21/12/2002) #4560
SE Asian Terrorists, December 12, 2002
Patrick Goodenough. Pacific Rim Bureau Chief. Pacific Rim Bureau ( - October's bombing in Bali may represennt a shift in focus by al Qaeda-linked Islamic extremists in Indonesia, away from attacks on Christians in the country and onto Western targets, according to a new report.

Indonesia Backgrounder: How The Jemaah Islamiyah (21/12/2002) #4559
Terrorist Network Operates in Poso and Maluku
The International Crisis Group (ICG) Asia Report No. 43, 11 December 2002
If they differed on other issues, JI and the MMI moderates were in total agreement on means and ends in Maluku and Poso. The Laskar Mujahidin, the armed forces of the Ngruki network, totalled at its height in late 1999 and early 2000 some 500 men - much smaller but better-trained than the Laskar Jihad troops, with whom they did not cooperate and sometimes clashed. (A particularly virulent enmity existed between Fikiruddin alias Abu Jibril of Laskar Mujahdin and and Ja'far Umar Thalib of Laskar Jihad, and the two nearly came to blows three times, once in the Middle East, once in Afghanistan, and once in Ambon, according to an ICG source.) The commander of Laskar Mujahidin forces through October 2000 when he was killed in Saparua, was Haris Fadillah alias Abu Dzar, a former Darul Islam figure from Bogor, West Java, but perhaps better known now as Omar al-Faruq's father-in-law.

Jemaah Islamiyah Uses Videos to Gather Support (21/12/2002) #4558
VOA News, 11 Dec 2002, 15:12 UTC
Patricia Nunan, Jakarta. Fears about Islamic extremism in Southeast Asia are on the rise, especially following the terrorist bomb attack on the Indonesian island of Bali, believed by some to have been the work of the regional militant group Jemaah Islamiyah. It appears that extremists are using videos - sold at local markets - to win support.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 335 (21/12/2002) #4557
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 10, 2002
BLOODY INTERNAL CONFLICT – Yesterday two neighbouring muslim villages on the Northern part of the island of Ambon (Leihitu peninsula), namely Asilulu and Ureng, clashed, causing the death of three villagers; 24 were wounded. Some 30 houses were burned. The clash started due to a small incident the day before: a speedboat from Ureng came too close to a sampan (paddle longboat) from Asilulu, causing one of the sampan's crew falling out of the boat because of the big waves trailing the speedboat. The helmsman of the speedboat afterwards was beaten up by people from Asilulu. The following morning the villagers of Ureng --feeling humiliated-- launched a large-scale attack on Asilulu, in which two residents of Asilulu and one resident of Ureng were killed by gunfire. The police has succeeded to put the situation under control.

Two killed in Ambon brawl (21/12/2002) #4555
The Jakarta Post
, December 09, 2002
JAKARTA (JP): Two people were killed, 18 injured and several houses destroyed in a brawl between two villages in Ambon, Maluku on Monday, Antara reported.

Indonesia - OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 106 (21/12/2002) #4553
7 - 13 December 2002
MALUKU * The recently appointed acting Governor for Maluku Province, Hari Sinyo Sarundayang, arrived in Ambon City to take up his post. The event was preceded by demonstrations by two groups who objected to the appointment.
NORTH MALUKU * According to a Government official, thousands of people who were unsuccessful in a recent Government recruitment programme are expected to demonstrate against the Governor when he returns from Jakarta late next week. Over 20,000 people applied for the jobs but only about 300 were accepted in the recruitment exercise.

2 bombs explode as Ambon Muslims prepare for Idul Fitri (06/12/2002) #4552
The Jakarta Post, 12/6/2002 5:56:40 AM
JAKARTA (JP): Two home-made bombs were detonated at a vacated behind a hotal in Ambon, Maluku, on Thursday night as Muslims in the area were preparing to celebrate Idul Fitri, the end of the Ramadhan fasting month.

Police can't determine nature of Makassar's explosions (06/12/2002) #4551
The Jakarta Post, 12/6/2002 5:36:11 AM
JAKARTA (JP): Police remained tightlipped on Friday morning about the nature of the three separate explosions that rocked the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar the previous night.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON / MOLUCCAS - Report No. 334 (06/12/2002) #4549
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, December 5, 2002
BOMB EXPLOSION – On December 3 a low charge bomb exploded at the clinic of the Perigilima precinct police headquarters, Ambon. No significant damage was done.

Sulawesi strife due to Indon. gov. failure: rights group (06/12/2002) #4548
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Wednesday December 4, 2002 10:28 AM
The sectarian bloodshed in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi is the direct result of Jakarta's failure to punish violence when it broke out four years ago, Human Rights Watch said.

Indonesia: Violence Unchecked in Central Sulawesi (06/12/2002) #4547
Human Rights Watch, December 4, 2002
Militias May Continue to Threaten Peace in Indonesia. (New York, December 4, 2002) -- The violence plaguing Central Sulawessi today is a direct result of the Indonesian government's failure to punish the perpetrators of major attacks and protect communities in the province since 1998, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Even After Bali, Sense Of Denial Persists (06/12/2002) #4546
The American Reporter, December 3, 2002 - Vol. 8, No. 1987
By Andreas Harsono. American Reporter Correspondent Jakarta, Indonesia. JAKARTA, Oct. 15, 2002 -- In Jakarta on Monday everybody talked about the Bali bombing, from nice-looking television anchors in their studios to street vendors in the crowded streets of Jakarta. But what surprised me was that many of them subscribed to the conspiracy theory that the bombing was done by "American agents."

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 333 (02/12/2002) #4545
BOMB EXPLOSION - At 9.20 p.m. last Saturday, November 30, a bomb exploded in the Kampung Kolam area, Batugantung, Ambon town. There were no casualties. 
PROVOCATIVE LETTER SPREAD IN TUAL - Muslim run "Ambon Express" local newspaper today reports extensively on the spreading of an unsigned letter with a provocative message among the population of Kei-Kecil, S.E.Moluccas.

UN OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 104 (02/12/2002) #4544
The Jakarta Post reported that on Saturday (23 Nov.), a total of 2,762 soldiers of the Fast Reaction Force (PPRC: a combined force of Indonesian Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel) conducted a war game at Passo harbor and Ambon airport, to simulate the occupation and retaking control of Ambon. The preliminary exercise attracted local communities' attention and was attended by several military and senior Maluku Government officials, including ...


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