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Welcome to my license plate collecting website. Please take a look at my runs. If you have any 1986 U.S.A. passenger plates or current/recent passenger plates from Europe that are not already in my collection please contact me. You will also see a link to the start of my New York collection, I am not yet focusing on my New York collection because first I want to finish my 1986 run. But if you have a NY plate feel free to email me. Or if you have any questions/comments 'bout License plates or my website email me.

If you are interested in collecting license plates I would highly recommend joining the
Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA). It's one of the best things you can do for your collection. Visit them at or click the logo at the top of my page.

I started writting this page 7/27/02 I finished the site 7/30/02. Last updated 9/09/02(All new 1986 page & New links)

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