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My Backstreet Boys Fan Site.

Join The Mature Fan Club For Backstreet Boys Fans. For fans 25 or older.

Welcome to my site. This site is dedicated to the Backstreet Boys. One of my favourite bands in the whole world. I'm 30 years old and I have been such a huge Backstreet Boys fan for 10 years.

Everyone seems to think that because you're aged 20 or older that means that you should out-grow things that you love and have admired for a few short years of your life.

The Backstreet Boys have millions upon millions of fans that are aged 20 or older. Backstreet Boys fans have no age restrictions. It's not just the tweens and the teenagers that love Backstreet Boys. It's also the over 20 crowd that loves them.

Backstreet Boys fans have to know that I may be over 20 but my heart still beats like that of a teenaged girl. I love the Backstreet Boys and I always will. We shouldn't have stereotypical views of some Backstreet Boys fans just because they're older.

The Backstreet Boys have been compared to that of New Kids on the Block, whom I'm sure all of the teenaged Backstreet Boys fans don't even remember, and there have been comparisons to other boy bands of today. But Backstreet Boys are the one and only. There's no other group like them.

I only ask that you not have a stereotypical view of me because I happen to be a mature Backstreet Boys fan. It's those stereotypes that infurriate me.


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