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Next very interesting land record leads me to believe that James P Griffin's wife Nancy
was a Williford.
     Williford family to John Atkinson: Clarke Co, July 30, 1849.  Heirs:  William E. &
     Sina Williford, Thomas J. & Nancy Williford, Jackson A & Sarah Williford, Manson
     & Elizabeth Atkinson, John & Mary Harris, Mary Williford, Penelope Williford, Jane
     Williford, Caroline Williford, Blankenship Williford of Clarke Co, MS and Nancy
     Griffin, James & Charity Baxter, Benjamin & Unity Woolard of AL.  Land:  Div. 13,
     frac. sec. 35, T3, R15E (28a);  Div. 3 & 6 frac. sec. 2, T2, R15E (78 4/100a).
     Augusta Land District.     (signed) W.E. Williford, Sinae (X) Williford, J.A.
     Williford, Sarah (X) Ann Williford, Thos. J. Williford, Nancy Williford, Manson
     Atkinson, Elizabeth Atkinson, John Harris, Mary (X) Harris, Mary (X) Williford,
     Penelope Williford, Jane B. Williford, Caroline Williford, W.B. Williford, Nancy (X)
     Griffin, James W. Baxter, Charity (X) Baxter, Benjamin Wollard, Unity (X)
     Wollard.     John N. McRee, J.P.     Bryant J. Denmark, Green Co,